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1908 to 2004  / Rita Hurst (Widow)
Everett Hurst 1908 to 2004
People write in to me at the above e mail address  / Rita Hurst (His Widow )
ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com I didnot tell the web site owner to send my mail to him. They also took away the music i had of Gone With Th Wind I play cont. on this site. Donot click and write to the website owner I wont get your mail. Than you
My deepest condolences  / Michelle Gonzalez (passerby)

Dear Ms.Everett:

        I am so sorry that ur husband had to endure that horrific

 treatment at that facility.All of the persons involved in the care of

Mr.Everett should be held accountable.The facilty needs to shut

downI have been a nurse for 25 years in NY and NJ and never

 have I seen such abuse.Mr.Everett is resting now but this people

will face a higher authority and will have to account for the

tremendous atrocities that they commited.Your husband's justice is.

eternal life in heavenon the other hand each individual from the

ones that committed the torture to the ones that watched and did

nothing and the ones that tried to cover it upLISTEN WELLU r all

resposible and ur day of hell will come sooner than u think.Mei

GOD have mercy on ur souls.Ms Everett remain at rest and hold ur

 peace the battle is not ursthe battle is the Lord's.RIP Mr.Everett.


Shocked / Dee (none)
Ma'am let me start by saying how sorry I am for your loss.  Losing a loved one in that manner I am sure is devastating not only for you but to everyone else around you.  I am so sorry that the justice system that men and women fight daily for all americans failed you and that you are having to go thru this. I served in the military for over 11 years to bring freedom and justice to all americans and it is a shame that something like this has happened to you and your husband. I hope one day you get the justice you deserve and that someone will shut down such a terrible institution who could do something like that when they are suppose to be a caretaker.  I once again am so sorry and wish you the best in your future. 
Comfort and peace to you.  / Deborah McFarland (none)
I am so sorry for the suffering your loving husband Everett has gone through. May angels from heaven help you through your struggle. He must have suffered greatly. May he rest in peace. And may God send you comfort and strength.
Warm regards,
Feb. 14, 2007 Still Mourning Everett's Death,( First Anniversary)  / Rita Hurst (His Widow )

One  year  ago  on  Valentines  Day  I  burried  Everett,  my  husband.  He  had laid  in  the  Morgue  for  around  21 months  before  being  burried.

I  tried  to  get  the  F b i   involved  and  they wouldn't .  They were  lied  to  by  everyone  from  the  other  side  to  avoid  any  investigation  or  indictments.

My  pain  is   no  less   today  as  it  was

on  April  5,  2004.   Almost  3 years  

have  gone  by  and  I  still  feel   the  

same.  The  grief,   the  sadness,  it's 

still  all  there.  No  use  in  kidding  

anyone  with  a  happy   face  because

my  real  pain, and  sorrow  still  exists.

The   lawsuit  is   still  going  on,  Im  in 

pro per,  I  have  taken  the  "corruption"

all   the  way  to  the  CAlifornia  

Supreme  Court  by  myself.  One  

WIDOW  up  against  an  army  of  

Vultures.   I  vowed   to  take  down  the

empire  of   Jona  Goldrich  and  his  

conspiractors,  Orange  County  Calif.

I haven't  changed  my  mind  today,  

nor   will  I  ever  change  my mind.  I  

will  take  this  case  all  the  way  to  

the  U.S.  Supreme  Court  if  I  have to.

" Alot of the Lawyers , and Judges in 
this case,(lawsuit) are as corrupt as 
Jona Goldrich and his conspiractors.
It has been discovered. Verified.

One  man Everett Hurst retired  from  the  County of

Orange, (one of it's own people) lies 

in  a grave  without  JUSTICE !

It  hasn't even begun a criminal trial 

for  Homiside, and  it's  a  circuss.

        I   will  remember  my  husband

as  the  Martyr  he  was.  I  am  

remembering  Everett  today  and  

every day  for  the  genuine   "LOVE"

he  gave  to  me  every  single  hour  of

the  day  the  21  years  we  were 

married.  I  will  remember  the  

kidness,  the  gentleness, the  soft  

spoken  "SAINT"   that  Jesus Christ 

blessed  me  with.

There  is  no  Love  that  will  ever  

match,  or  take  his  place.

I  will  LOVE   Everett  Hurst  till  the

day  I  die !!!  To  me  and  to the

world , he  was  the  most  humblist,

kindest  man  that  ever  graced  this


" I     LOVE    YOU    EVERETT  AND  


Your  wife mourns on,
Sleep  on  my  darling,
I will  see you soon..........
your  wife,

Everett Sacrificed His Life For Divine Justice Because Of The Barbarity Of Men  / Rita Hurst (his Widow )
                               In  Honor Of  Everett

  This Thanksgiving 11-22-06

This great "Torment" that Everett has suffered, I his Widow have  endured this torment as if it were more then a thousand deaths.

It deserves both our compassion and our gratitude.

If we can make no other return for so much love, at least let us give a few moments this day to consider the greatness of  these  Sufferings by which I, Everett's widow, have become Queen of the Martyrs; for my suffering of great Martyrdom has exceeded all of the Martyrs.

Mine being in the first place, the longest in point of duration; and in the second place, the greatest in point of intensity. (Everett laid in the morgue for over 18 months for one waiting for justice)

My  precious husband was a "Giver". And he always gave with "Love."  Everett was "Love". 

I had a tremendous delicate love for him, and it never mattered to him what happened in the day, he was always ready with a "Smile" to meet me.

Today people have no Time. They are so Busy, how will your Love for one another Grow, if you don't take the time to "Smile."

Everett lived his life serving filled with a Heart of
Love. He never asked for material things for himself but wanted them always for others.

The act of Faith was noticed and it made many people help him willingly.

Both Everett and I treated the humiliation of the  poor with Compassion, not pity.

Everett wants me to tell you all this. I have died a martyr and has offered his "Life" to God.

" You  would have reason to pity me if I died in punishment of a crime; but since I   "Die"   for my religion, and those left behind in the Death Camps,
you should envy my happiness; for I only quit the earth  in order to reign eternally in "heaven."

I  love  you  Everett, I  always will.
                                   your wife,
Wishing you all the best.  / Elizabeth Tomlinson (none)
Just wanted to say that Everett's story is horrific. I can only imagine what you and he went through. I lost my husband to cancer in 2004, but to have a nursing home actually do what they have done to your husband beggars belief. I wish you every success in your fight for justice for him. This is a story I will not forget. Keeping you in my prayers. x
Contact Rita  / Rita Hurst (Widow)  Read >>
Contact Rita  / Rita Hurst (Widow)
ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com Close
Everett Was Sacrificed For Divine Justice By The Barbarity Of Men  / Rita Hurst (his Widow )  Read >>
Everett Was Sacrificed For Divine Justice By The Barbarity Of Men  / Rita Hurst (his Widow )
Peace be to You  / Great Sorrow   Read >>
Peace be to You  / Great Sorrow
I encountered a similar situation, fighting a "nursing home" to see someone I loved. They wouldn't allow me to see her because I "helped too much" because they weren't doing their job. Alhough she was sound of mind they would not release her from the institution and she degenerated into nothing. I can't compare my pain to yours. God bless and take solace that your beloved husband is free from that hell and in the Lord's arms. Close
my god  / Carol Grigg (none)  Read >>
my god  / Carol Grigg (none)
i am so sorry for your and your husbands agony. I can not beleive that these people let this poor man degenerate to this level of disgrace...how can anyone let alone doctors and nurses overlook this kind of torture these people all deserve the death penalty...and i hope that they all get what they have coming to them....and if the old adage what comes around goes around then they will...if they did not want to care for him then they should have let you take care of him...it is a sorry atate of affairs when a loving spouce is forced to let the love of her life be put through this my prayers are with you...and again please except my condolences...carol Close
I can't believe it !!!!  / Amy Myrick (none)  Read >>
I can't believe it !!!!  / Amy Myrick (none)
It's the worst case of abuse I have ever seen. I hope the people who did this to him BURN IN HELL !!!!! I am soooo sorry for your loss and my family's prayers are with you and yours.

I know you will win the fight, and Everett has won the battle. He is sitting in Heaven with a new body !!!! Close
Everett's Wedding Poem To Me / Rita Hurst (wife)  Read >>
Everett's Wedding Poem To Me / Rita Hurst (wife)
Love is in what makes this world go round we often heard it said,
And thou sometimes we may think that other things may help us get ahead.
Love is what rules the universe and has and always will.
Love is what makes a nation move or keeps it standing still.
Love is what stands behind a man and drives him ever on.
When all the other things he had have vanished and are gone.
It builds new courage in his heart and makes his muscles strong.
It keeps him on the path of right and from the path of wrong.
Love is what gives a lady strength to bear a burden great.
Love is what keeps her fighting on to help her chosen mate.
It brings her children into life and it shines within her eyes.
It's warmth is like a lasting flame, that burns and never dies.
Love has given us a name ,of father and of son,a mother brother daughter too, it's given everyone.
The great demand of human hearts that go to him above, but not so much for other things, it's just for lasting love.
When LOVE is taken from our life's it's place is never filled.
It leaves us dry and withered up and our body chilled.
So lets don't be moved for the newer things that we think we may have found.
For the truth will always bring us back.
Love makes the world go round...........................

Everett wants you all to know that it is LOVE that makes the world go round. And nothing, no, no other thing can take its place. Money, nor material things or any other thing but LOVE can get you ahead in this life, without LOVE you are nothing.

Love is really what all the universe is looking for , it's the one thing everyone wants and needs.

If you show LOVE it will drive you on to be what God intended you to be, and your reward will be great, LOVE is power.

When everything you have owned are gone, the one thing that can't
be taken from you is LOVE. It will drive you on and lift you up when
everyone and everything else has failed you.

LOVE gives you new courage to fight on, and it builds you up so you
can complete the task sat before you.

Having LOVE keeps you on the right path, and won't allow you to do any
wrong. Your heart won't allow wrongdoing if there is LOVE in it.

LOVE is the force that will keep a woman strong  to bear any burden and
it will keep her strong so she can help her chosen mate in any times of trouble.

With LOVE, it will shine in your eyes , and people will know it when they look in your eyes, it'll show because it has a flame a certain sparkle that shows you have LOVE.

LOVE was birthed into everyone, and It is LOVE that we all go to our
Heavenly Father for, not for things, but its for his LOVE to be graced
upon our requests.

If LOVE is ever taken from your life after you have been gifted it, you will
find out it's place will never be filled. The LOVE of that person or pet that was taken, will leave a hole in your heart and you will never be the same again, not ever! It hurts to have LOVE taken away.

So be very careful in your life when you think you might have stumbled on
to something that might be better then LOVE, nothing can replace LOVE.

LOVE is priceless and its free..............

Everett, this is your wife speaking, your LOVE
has made such a profound impact on my life
that I will never be the same again! You will be
the only man I will ever LOVE for the rest of my
Life!   I  L O V E  Y O U.
                             my darling goodbye,
                                       your wife always,
                                               Rita Hurst