Everett Hurst
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His legacy
Humility and Love  

                                                "Everett's   Legacy"  

It was "Humility" and "Love."

He was just a simple man, no riches, nothing material to draw attention to himself.

Everett was born with special gifts from God, and only God could have given them to him.

He could memorize a page after reading it, and
could add and subtract numbers in his head, at an amazing fast rate. He was very very smart.

Even with these unusual special abilities, he remained quiet and humble, never boastful or proud.

Everett had an auro'ra about him that  would light up any room he entered.

You could see and feel this deep closeness,
he had with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..
I knew that my husband was placed in my life for a purpose.

And latter on, I would be the one to carry his cross, his torch, his example of Love, the way God had planed all along.

Everett wrote and recited many long poems. Poems about Love. He could recite those poems beautifully, even the last few years of his life.

Those poems mean a lot to me, because they stand for everything Everett was about..


I am going to be displaying some of his writings here on this site for all to see, and you will feel this Love I am speaking about.

It will be a gift from God , to you , Thur

Now go in peace my friends, and remember that
Love  is the answer that everyone seeks!!!

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