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EVERETT HURST. 1908 - 2004
In loving memory of my husband.
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2-23-07 Everett's Murder Civil Case Now Going to U.S. Supreme Court

Rita Hurst  will have her husband's case

 sent to the U.S.  Supreme Court

It  has been going on now for 6 years

since I entered into a fight to save my

husband from an illegal guardianship-


Where did it end up?

It ended up with my husband dead. He


 Tortured while under a Court Appointed

Guardianship against his will, and his

wife of 21 years.

An innocent man who went to a hospital

emergency room St. Joesph's in Orange


 He went for help from a nursing home

 and ends up "kidnapped"  and 

"tortured", in yet another nursing home

 never to see the daylight agin.

 While under the watchful eye of Desree

Davis, a public deputy guardian

employed by the County of Orange

working for the Orange County Public

Guardian's office. 

Esmeralda Marquez her co -part  lied and

captured my husband  and for the next 3

years  Desree Davis acting deputy

guardian, and  Ben d Mayo County

Council attorney for the Orange County

Public Guardian's office would have

controll over my husband whom isn't

even a part of my religious belief, I am

Christian , so was my husband.

This undertaking all done quickly and

secretly, and frauduently x parte petition

 drawn up by  Howard Serbin deputy

county council. His boss  County Council 

 Ben d Mayo over the county of Orange ,

 in Orange County California.

What do they make me do when the

Judge signs the order giving them

Temp.  first ,  then  permanent  a few

months  later? 

  Well , they make the wife of 21 years 

 first pay $35.00 to the Desiree Davis

guardian, then make an appointment

ahead of time for a visit at the nursing

home, for the 2 times a month.

 The first year I got to see my husband

about  15 minutes to half hour for only 2

 times a month. The next 2 years, it was

a half an hour

2 times a month.

What happens next, well Desiree Davis

and Howard Serbin get an order to now

"DRUG"  my husband against his will.

 The order is granted by Judge Richard

Frazee of the Probate court in whom I

have listed below as a Defendant in my

$11 million dollar lawsuit. 

(Frazee was forced to retire and is

practing as a lawyer arbitrating

civil cases).

It first started out with a Orange county

deputy guardian by the name of

Esmeralda Marquez. 

She's the one who "LIED" in a

declaration to the court with Howard


Serbin, saying that Mrs. Hurst, interfered

 with Mr. Hurst 's care and it was of their

best intrest to have Mr. Hurst, not Mrs.

Hurst , the wife of 21 years, whom also

worked in the medical field and had


plenty of knowledge and expertise to

take care of her husband at that.

It was there best intrest! 

This is what they go in and tell these

judges , these private guardian's and

public county ones.

 They stand up there and "LIE"  to get

that order signed by a judge. 

The judges always know them one on

one and in the chambers, so it's rigged

the moment the paper work is filed.

 If  you "piss " off somebody, all it takes

is a LIE OUT OF HELL, and your LOVED

one is GONE !!

My husband Everett Hurst signed an

Affidavit  with 2 witnesses, one a very

powerful retired Govt. employee for the

state of CAlif. in front of a Notary.

 I  went to the court and the JUDGE ,

 Judge Richard Frazee stamped it


By the way , the judges all stick

together, meaning the superior court

judges, the appeallent judges, the

supreme court judges.

 Judges don't go up against other


 You have to really know somebody, and

 spend lots of $$$ to win.....Remember

there is alot of corruption going on

behind the scenes in the chambers with

these Judges. 

They do telephone conference calls too.

This led onto the eventual death and

torture of my husband.

 He was given what's called "STAGE 4 




Somebody had hit my husband in the

head and gave him severe hemoraging

inside the skull.

 The nurses let him lie in a bed and


I wasn't allowed to see my husband the

last 3 months of his life.

They knew if I saw those besores with

the bone sticking out of the sore the size

 of a lemon that I would have gotten the

 Governor involved then, and forceably

had my husband removed from that


 Only problem is,  they tell me once the

Guardian is appointed, that's the end of

it. No court, or no one wants to talk

about it anymore.

 Your doomed, no one will un do what a

 lower court has ordered, because there




The Guardian's office gets a cut up front

around $30, to $35, 000 first thing when

 the guardianships go down.

 From there, they freeze your bank

accounts, they use that money for

themselfs, they sell your home next,

your car, jewlery and personal property.

  This is all while they put you in a

"DEATH CAMP" they have selected for


The Orange County Public Guardian's

office in paticular in California have the

highest rate of VICTIMS.


Because there are alot of Victims with

alot of ESTATES and CASH.

Everyone gets to put there hand in the

cookie jar, there are kickbacks for

everybody in these "GROSS"


The deputy guardians get there bonus,


 the county council deputy, the county

council himself, the Judge, the nursing

home administrator, the county itself,

the court appointed lawyer for the victim

(he-she, they arenot on your side, they

lie for the guardian's office to make sure your loved one stays under a false

guardianship) to the court judge.

 He-she will get up there and say , I like

the Orange County Guardian's office , Mr.

 Hurst likes it in the nursing home, and I

recomend he stay.

 Now whatever your case may be, it will


Then after all the paper work is done,

and everything said and done your left

looking at your loved one with no where

to go for help. 

This Judge Richard Frazee is a Crook out

of Hell, he sent back home 10 witnesses

subpeonaed  for my side at the

Guardianship hearing.

 It was a "MONKEY COURT".  Ran by a

bunch of "Monkey's Uncles!"

After they get the body and have control

of it, they are suppose to let the court

know how much they are spending etc.

  They don't. 

They do this at least one time to make it

look like on the record they are abiding

by the rules.

 Not so.

They then send the wife a bill for

$16,000 dollars for their services, that is


the Orange County Public Guardian's


 These figures go up and up and up, that

is just the beginning.

And when you have alot of money

involved, the Guardian dips in, and takes

 hundreds of thousands out if you have

 it , and can so the first year they are


It's a 'SCAM'  a "RACKET". And they are

 allowed to legally  get away with it.

 No federal regulations whatsoever.

No one should have a guardianship over

a person unless they want one and it

should be who they ask for not who the

court says.

No one should be forced to "DIE" under a


No one should be placed under a

guardianship!   No one should be placed

under these DEATH CONTRACTS !!!

A durable health power of attorney is all

 a loved one needs to have his wishes

fullfilled, and not some Vulture running

into court on xparte petitions to kidnapp

and steal what your loved one has

worked so hard to have.

There have been some cases where the

Conservatorship cases guardianship

cases were able to be untied , but it cost

the family member up to a million dollars

 in lawyer fees to get the case stopped.

It is now 6 long years later since Everett

was "KIDNAPPEd".

 He is now "DEAD".

 He was killed by mexican gang bangers

with Tatoo's and Skin Heads hired

illegally inside this Death Camp(nursing

home) that the Guardian had my

husband in.

 He died April 5, 2004, and it is now Feb.

 2007, and it is still going on......

I filed a lawsuit against the Orange

County Public Guardian's office, the

deputys, the County Council Ben d Mayo,

 deputy Howard Serbin, the nursing

home La Habra Convalescent true name,

 but does business as Park Regency

located at 1770 w. La Habra Blvd. in La

Habra California.

I sued a Jewish Cartel,(mafia) Jona

Goldrich, Warren Breslow, Sal Kest, and

 Bob Hirsch, the owners to the nursing

home. They are Hollywood real estate


I sued the Elder Abuse Chief for the

State of California Collin Wong.

I sued the Risk Manager Julie Hernandez

 and her boss attorney Larry Pleiss for St

. Joesphs hospital in Orange.

 (these 2 are going to jail before Im dead

along with Deseree Davis and Esmeralda

Marquez with the guardian's office).

I listed over 50 defendants in a huge


Because I am fighting the  Mafia, they

have there "friends" in 

every office, meaning, the governor's

office, the state attorney generals 

office , the  f b i ,  the  u.s. attorney's

office, the court, the county council,

the board of supervisors office, the

newspaper, the Television, they have

 there "friends" stationed in every single

corner of this country so when

 you try to take them down, you are

spied upon, your paper work is 

intercepted from reaching it's orginal

source, your creditabilty is destroyed

, and they block attempts for you to hire

attorneys , they jabber and say 

things behind your back to the attorneys

your trying to hire so they

 dont take your case. 

Those in the cartel and in high places

stop at nothing folks.

Nothing !!!

I tell you all this to "WARN YOU"

to "EDUCATE" you , so you might

understand what the real truth is when

 these undertakings go down.

My husband is forever gone.........

They tortured him unmercifully and got

away with it.

 All the  - defendants played individual

roles in my husband's death and


There is nothing left for me, but to build

a "Govt. Criminal Case" and put them in


If you can prove they ripped off the

Govt. then the Govt. will assist in there


This is what I intend to do.............


Rita Hurst

Everett's Widow,
2-14-18. Valentines Wish From Everett s Widow
Dear Everett, It s 2018 now. Wishing you were here by my side. Today I drove down to San Luis Rey Downs where I started training the race horses we had together long long time ago. It was so exciting to be back on my home turf only for a visit thou. It made me so sad driving home because I remember the smile on your face whenever I took you to the stables. You are forever in my heart as time keeps movin on. Things are winding down as i m not in good health but I keep on going. I hope to honor your memory in a great way before I go. I love you, I always will. Rita
4/5/17. Everett Hurst Died 13 Years Ago
To My Husband Everett Hurst I Love You so much. It hurts so bad still I tried with all my strength to get justice for you but they all ignored what happened to you. I pray God s wrath on each one and that they suffer like they made you suffer. God sees all. I ll be glad when Im there to see you as I am still living Dead. I love you forever. Rita your Sad widow 13 years now
Everett Lies In The Arms Of Jesus

And  there  will  be  no  more  weeping
for   I   have  come  to  take  you  home
at  last....

2/14/17 Everett Hurst Burried on Valentines Day
Well Im into the 13 th year now Everett since youv e been gone. And 11 years since i actually put you to rest. I am still a Widow , and thats because I Love you so much and grieve on. My health is declining now so I dont know how many more years i,ll be here. I just wanted you to know in the heavens above I miss you so much and I love you more then life itself. You will always be no.1.And I will never forget you. I love you Everett and always will. Your wife, Rita
12/25/16 Everett Hurst - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
12 Years now that my precious husband has been gone. Being a WIDOW all this time has been devastating. I only wish I could see you again Everett. I wish I could go back in time and do things differentially. Time is now winding down and I will be with you soon. Forever in my heart. I love you. Your wife Rita
photos arrange from 1987 -2004

May  21, 2006  Update

On April 27 2006   Rita Hurst , I the widow of Everett Hurst, argued before a Civil Court judge in Norwalk California, that former probate judge Richard Frazee who ordered my husband captive and hostage inside a "death camp" named Park Regency Care Center, located at 1770 W. La Habra Blvd. La Habra California. I argued that Frazee didnot have immunity.

I argued that Judge Frazee was acting in a minestrial position as a commissioner at the time of his order and under Color of Law, he doesn't have immunity,  no matter what anyone says or tries to pull off. But he got away with it anyhow.

I also stated on the record that I had been in contack with the State Attorney General's office to open up an ivestigation as to why the District Attorney's office in Santa Ana had made my paperwork disappear, and no log , record of me calling  faxing or mailing them a request ever, in regards to the neglect and homicide of my husband Everett Hurst.  Detective Centraeras replying , there's no record of Mr. Hurst, and this office is never going to speak of the Hurst matter, it's a closed issue. This order came from high up.  And no investigation will ever take  place.  A man was neglected that's elder abuse, and then struck in the head , forced blunt trauma and that's murder.  And there office isn't going to investigate! You know why ?  Because it would cause a dominio effect.  This one would be found out, this one, and this one,  and all the people in high places, or had power indirectly would have there dirty little secrets revealed, and that wasn't gong to happen in Santa Ana.  Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!  Favors for this favor for that!  I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

I have filed appeals in the appealet court, and two defaults on defendants


Special Notice:  May 12, 2006

Everett had his funeral on Valentine's Day
Feb. 14 2006 after remaining at the El Paso
Morgue for 22 months .

It was a beautiful funeral. He was flown to Florida
where he wanted to be burried, near his mama
and papa and brother.

I his widow will also be burried by Everett. It is
a private cemetary and it is very beautiful. There 
were beautiful Moss Trees and the one near 
Everett had an Eagle with babies overlooking
his grave. It was truly the most touching site
to bestow.

I will always remember my husband on this day
Valentine's  and it will be Everett's day, a day of
remembering him in LOVE. He was taken at
Easter time ,a time of death. But I shall forever
at Valentine's Day remember him with Love.
I Love you Everett, I always will...........
your wife,

May 3,  2006   New Update:

Jona Goldrich, Warren Breslow, from the Goldrich camp
didnot show up for there hearing in Civil Court in regards
to the Wrongful Death Nursing Home Abuse case of 
Everett Hurst.

I am about to expose the dirty dealings and the Fraud they
were involved regarding that Marina Del Rey  Project where
Senator Alan Robbins was cheated out of his share that
Joana Goldrich, stole from him, and then rigged it up for
the Senator to go to jail.

Goldrich is a thief, and a crook, and a liar. Why did the
Feds, take a payoff by him to settle this big case back then, 
and the State of California. Why? 
Can you believe it, our own govt. took a pay off and let him

''''''''''''''Special Bulletin: UPDATE: 2-17-2006 ''''''''''''








UPDATE:  3/9/2006

There's been TAMPERING AND the Goldrich
 Camp are the
suspects in regards to the
Medical Examiner Dr. Corinne Stern.

It has been discovered that Dr. Corinne Stern whom
was fired from the El Paso Medical Examiner's office
in July of 2005 lied to the Press, gave false statements
to the newspaper in regards to the death of Everett
Hurst, to mislead the Public. Total contradictory
to her earlier autopsy report done 18 months earlier.

Dr. Stern sold her house in 2004 one month after
doing an autopsy on Everett Hurst, and was living
in protective custody, of law enforcement. Why?

Billionaire Jona Goldrich and his partner Warren
of Goldrich and Kest corp. has a limited partnership 
with the State of California with the name as
Goldrich,Kest,Hirsch, Stern LLC.

199922410064  Agent of Service is Warren Breslow
his partner. How interesting Warren isn't listed
in the title of this partnership Limited Liability Company,
when he's listed in several others.

Well somebody got to this Dr. Corinne Stern. Somebody
either paid her off to keep quiet about my husband's homicide
inside the La Habra Convalescent, know as Park Regency
Care Center, or they scared her so badly she did what
they said and lied to the press putting herself open
to an indictment.
Dr. Corinne Stern now works in Montgomery Alabama's

 medical examiner's office. She lied, committed perjury to the press,
 and evidently thinks she is protected by the Goldrich Camp,
 and even has law enforcement believing she is telling 
the truth because she is a doctor.

Why is there a Stern listed in one of Jona Goldrich's 
company's , limited partnership??? I wonder if that Stern
called Dr. Stern to change her testimony regarding Hurst's
death? Or if Goldrich himself?

 Or someone from his camp? After all we have to protect 
Goldrich's empire and anything goes including false
statements at any cost by a medical doctor to destroy the 
truth from reaching the people of El Paso or the nation for
 that matter.

Why did the County of El Paso fire  her and put her
under a gag order?

 But yet she talked to a  local newspaper
reporter and gave false statments to lead the Public 
to believe
that Mr. Hurst died of natural causes when her
 Autopsy Report
said he died of Forced Blunt Truma to the head, 
with hemoraging
inside the skull, with Fatal Stage 4 Bedsores. One 
F B I  Agent said
she is suppose to report this crime!

It's time for the F B I  to step in and find out what 
is going on.
Goldrich and Warren Breslow are Strawing, using 
many many
fake names and phony partnerships to hide there
 Fraud under.
The I R S  needs to step in, along with every major 
law enforcement
agency to Audit and inspect every single office this 
man has listed
under a partnership or corp.

My husband was killed, murdered, tortured, inside 
Goldrich's Death Camp, and I Everett's Widow, vow 
to bring this Evil Bunch to Justice.

Dr. Corinne Stern has never returned a phone 
call to me , nor
wrote me a letter. I had to call the Mayor of El Paso 
to find out
where my husband's body was, as it had been 
removed in August
to a funeral home without my permission and no 
log was ever
signed by the funeral director in El Paso to remove
 my husband.
Everything was kept as quiet as could be, until I
 found out. 

The corruption had now and had been, since my 
husband's body was
known to have arrived in El Paso back in 2004 for Autopsy 
yet another Victim in this Conspiracy to Cover Up the truth
the Torture, Homicide,Neglect inside the Death Camp 
1770 w La Habra
Blvd. La Habra California.

La Habra Convalescent true name, but known as 
Park Regency Care Center. A victim of not only Death,
 but of having his body bounced
around from a county morgue to a funeral home 
without even the
knowledge of his Widow.

For the Medical Examiner to flee and sell her house
 one month after
doing my husband's autopsy and go into protective 
custody, into law
enforcement protection house, should tell us all that 

If any Special F B I Agents Reading this would like 
to contact me,
I would love to present to them the Evidence I have, 
on all the defendants listed in this Civil Case....

It's time the empire of Jona Goldrich, Warren Breslow, 
Bob Hirsch,
and Sol Kest of Goldrich and Kest, finally be closed
 down and put out
of business for good. And it is going to take SPECIAL 
OFFICE IN WASHINGTON !!!!   This is not moe and joe 
we are dealing with here folks!!!

Keep the prayers going for JUSTICE to come for 
Everett Hurst, and all the Victims left behind right 
now trapped inside the Death Camp.....

the widow of Everett,
Rita Hurst

April 2005

For the record I want the whole world to

know that Everett Hurst did not die of

natural causes. Park Regency Care Center,

true name La Habra Convalesent located

at 1770 W.La Habra Blvd. La Habra Ca.,

neglected and abused my husband so badly

that it turned out to be not only wrongful

death but homicide. It was intetional. x

gang bangers worked in the facility and would

throw Everett in his wheel chair.

His body while still breathing was sent first

to Whitter hospital E.R., then suddenly sent

to Brea Community in Brea california.  Brea's

owner Mr. Zanfinni had personal connections

with dirty Jona Goldrich the owner of Park

Regency Care Center. The Orange County

Guardian's office had a hospitalist ( a doctor

who goes to a hospital to treat a patient)

Dr. Nguyen Dang lined up to sign Everett's

death certificate because they knew Everett

was going to die.  My husband had only

hours to lie.  Dr. Dang was part of the conspiracy.

Latter he would tell the Process Server

I don't know Everett Hurst, never treated

him, not my patient when being served at his


It is not clear when Everett sustained the

blunt forced trauma to the forehead as re-

vealed on the autopsy report  by Dr. Corine

Stern in El Paso Texas.  I flew Everett there

because  the Orange County Coroner refused

to do a Autopsy on my husband in Orange

County California.

When Everett was taken out of the
 body bag I and a minster witnessed horrible findings 
over his body that pointed to torture.  I wanted to get the 
truth and fast.

Brea Hospital's doors were closed April 5, 2005
the day I filed my lawsuit for $11,000,000.00.
The owner C E O filed a chapter 11 in Jan. 2005
and when the Trustee found out there was some
fraud going on, he forced the C E O into a chapter
 7 and demanded 10. 4 million to be paid to all 
creditors. There currently is a stay on the
bankruptcy due to 3 wrongful deaths civil suits 
filed against Brea.

A criminal investigation is now underway.

The main focus is on the Park Regency Care
Center ( also known as Sun Mar at Park Regency, 
and La Habra Convalescent, also formerly called
 Integrated Health Services ) the nursing home that
 murdered my husband.

I was never told by Brea or the Guardian's office
or anyone from the nursing home that my husband 
was dead. 
They waited one whole day
after he was dead to call me and tell me to come
pick up his body. And nobody would tell me what
caused his death. They kept quiet.
When he was taken out of the Body Bag at the
funeral home, the reason was very clear!!!

Brea hospital, and the Orange County Public Guardian's 
along with the Park Regency Nursing home had 
concealed his
 death, and had prohibited the Orange County Coroner's
 office to 
investigate saying he died of pneumonia, nothing more.

The owner and CEO of Brea hospital had  ties with 
Park Regency 
nursing home and the Orange county Guardian's
 office , he  was 
covering for them on all elderly victims being 
brought to this facility.

You see he was receiving kickbacks to protect the 
nursing home
 and the guardians office. This was a holding tank 
for the deaths 

to occur in to make it look legitimate, when they 
were all really 
homicides being committed in the Park Regency
 Care nursing home.

The owners name of Brea hospital  is Mr. Zanfini. He 
only played a 
minor role thou, he just provided the holding tank 
for the Victims that 
would soon be deceased brought in from Park
 Regency nursing 
home (also known as Sun Mar at Park Regency)

When Dr. N. Dang was called by someone within
 the Orange County circle to see my husband at the
 Brea emergency room. The orange county guardian's
 office had been contacted, and Connie Drexler, and
 Desirae Davis( the young deputy caseworkers) had
 given consent to treat my husband and Desirae Davis
  had put herself down as his next of kin, and had also 
denied he had a wife.

 I was never called by anyone at anytime. Not from
 the nursing home, nor the guardian's office or this
 Brea hospital.

Dr.  Emil Padre, Everett's doctor at the nursing home,
 does not even have a license as a family practice doctor, 
he has a license as a psychiatrist and is from another 

He was under suspension in 2001 one month after 
the Orange County Public Guardian's office illegally 
conserved Everett. Everett was only in this nursing 
home 10 days when this went down.
I was trying to transfer him to another nursing home 
and even had the papers signed for him to be received
 at a different facility when Park Regency's administrator 
Steve McKinley gave false declarations to the court that 
my husband loved it in there and wanted to stay.

 My husband was found on the floor just within a few 
days after arriving at that facility when he was in 
unstable condition after having his leg just amputated. 
There staff dropped him, abused him, I walked in and
 saw this myself. Steve McKinley tried to cover this up.

 Later on in this web of deceit I would discover there
 was major Fraud going on with Medicare etc. at  Park 
Regency, then being called I H S (Integrated Health 
Services). Kest,Breslow,Hearsh,Goldrich leased it to
 I H S they were doing quickie Quick Claims on Title 
Deed in order to borrow millions of dollars.

 Soon I H S  would be off the business license too, 
all the while the real owners were in tact. Where
 was all this money going they were borrowing.
 Did I R S  know ? 

The records are so jumbled it would have to be 
ironed out with a fine tooth comb to get the full 
debt of how much Fraud was being done here. 
They'd stick the facility in a different name, change 
it around a bit, call it Park Regency , Park Regency 
Care Center, Sun Mar at Park Regency, and go
 borrow millions of dollars. 

The real owners, Gold rich Trust, Kest Trust, 
Warren Breslow Trust, Hirsch Trust, were still 
the actual owners, and the true and correct name
 of this nursing home was actually La Habra

(One other interesting factor here, there actually 
is a La Habra Convalescent nursing home and 
it is only a block away from Park Regency on 
La Habra Blvd. It has absolutely nothing to do
 with the real owners of Park Regency. 

 (How convenient for this partnership to hide behind 
a nursing home actually named La Habra Convalescent
  in La Habra California. Let me add that Park Regency 
had police protection by the local police right down
 the street. 

Meaning there was corruption inside that dept. There 
were officers protecting the lies and Fraud going on 
at this facility big time. As Kest, Goldrich, Hirsch
,Warren Breslow Trust kept borrowing millions 
against the facility transferring the names ownerships,
 "Quick Claiming" on title deed , the F B I  addressed
 it as what is called Strawing in criminal terms.

This is why the F B I  has to be brought into this case,
 not only have they murdered my husband but there is a 
huge scam going on at this death camp and a blind eye 
is being turned in every agency within Orange County. 
I want to bring in Washington F B I and U S Dept. of 
Justice. to crack this case. There is so much evidence 
\that it's overwhelming, it would take many months to 
go over it all.

 A young barely speaking English deputy case worker 
named Esmeralda Marquez went into court on a x pa rte 
petition to stop the transfer of my husband out of this 
death camp. She acted with false declarations from 
Steve McKinley herself, and Julie Hernandez.

Esmeralda gave false declaration stating that I had 
transferred my husband from 10 different nursing homes 
in 3 months.  And it was in the better interest of the 
Guardian's office to have Mr. Hurst. 

My husband was in an acute care hospital getting 
his leg cut off and this was a lie out of hell.
They all had lied to the judge Richard Frazee to
get this temporary conservatorship order.
Later it would be permanent.

This is how they always proceed when you become a 
TARGET. They committed perjury. They had protection
 from  county council Orange County's elite attorneys.
And because this was an ongoing scam
 (they do this all the time)
 they consider themselves above the law.

I would later find out that the more I got closer 
to the truth 
and the more I dug up evidence on all the 
 the defendants would either disappear, be transferred, 
promoted or flee to another state or to Mexico.

 They knew I was seeking indictments and I was 
going to 
a Grand Jury, and to the Dept. of Justice,and so 
they acted
 quickly and had higher ups in Orange County protecting 
them. I kept records ,of the names, of all the elite
 doing this.

The new administrators at Park Regency would 
soon leave 
when the heat got to hot, they would lie to  the 
Nursing Home 
Administrators Board Office in Sacramento and 
say they were
 there when they weren't, Steve McKinley did this,
Glen Goldsmith lied, and so did Darlene Barkau.

They all claim to be at a facility that they weren't, they switched
 back and forth covering for each other.

Someone within the Dept. of Health Services even changed
 the dates in the computer fraudulently and they were found

This doctor Nguyen Dang  at the Brea Hospital was hired 
by the Orange County Public Guardian to sign a phony death 
certificate stating he died of pneumonia. 

Desirae Davis the case worker deputy and 
the entire staff from the Orange county
 guardian's office had deliberately kept a 

The hidden fact that my husband had been
 murdered, hit in the head causing severe hemorrhaging
 inside the skull , and the fatal bedsores, 
 causing the buttock bone to stick out of the
 massive sore.

 He had been tortured, and forced to lie in
 feces and urine day and night.

 This would now  point to a Homicide Death. A Cover Up 
was in effect.

None of the infections were reported to the Dept.
 of Health 
and this is a protocol on Staff and Strep etc.
 It was kept hidden.

On autopsy his liver had been exposed to some t
ype of drugs
 they'd given him, as they had obtained an order 
by the probate 
judge as his conservator (orange county public 
guardian's office) to permit drugging of my
husband at their free will.

 They do this so the patient can't talk or communicate
 what is going on to anyone so no help can arrive. 
They put the patient out of their mind.

Starvation and dehydration was so evident.
His tongue was like a piece of rubber.

 He had his mouth open and you could tell he 
was crying 
out for HELP. He had  a desperate look, a 
 that is haunting !!! Everett was trying to tell us 
His back was blood raw from lying in wet urine.
 He had 
contusions and abrasions all over his body.

 He had been TORTURED.

The nursing home staff even went as far as to say
 he flipped 
his wheel chair over backwards one month before 
his death ,
 claiming he injured the back of his head.  When 
they really 
injured him in some way.

He had one leg, and was 95, he certainly did not
 flip over a wheelchair. They lied. His head trauma
 on Autopsy was recent not a month ago so he had
 been tampered with at time of death.

One other note, Everett had been sent to the ER 
room of Whitter hospital on two other occasions 
according to the medical records where he had 
been struck in the head , head contusions requiring 
cat scans. And it was never told to me that he had been 
sent to the emergency room for treatment of head 
contusions , Desirae Davis hide this.

Shocking !!!  

They murdered Everett slowly, by torture! And I the 
wife was kept from seeing him , during this  last 3 month 
period of his life. I tried desperately to get Collin Wong
 the chief of the elder abuse unit in Sacramento California 
to send an investigator down and he ignored my calls,
 he is now listed as one of the defendants in my civil 
lawsuit against the nursing home and the orange county 
guardian's office.

 Orange County has on their books right now over
 100 thousand  victims that  have been illegally stolen 
from their homes, hospital rooms, and elsewhere.

Why? For the selling of their estates, personal property, 
and cash. Its a business, not at all
" for protection and to serve". They're hunters, looking f
or prey.  Orange County has a bankruptcy debt they never 
have payed off and their using these victims to help pay
 for some of this debt.

The Orange County Public Guardian deputy case
 workers, Desirae Davis, Connie Drexler, Esmeralda Marquez,
 Susette Smith, Ken Johns often take elderly victims
 from their homes and immediately send them to 
Western Medical hospital Psychiatric Unit on a hold
 and then go into court on x pa rte notice and gain 
temporary orders from a probate judge(most of the time 
it was Judge Richard Frazee) to gain conservator ship 
over that person.

 Then its onto permanent. All the 
while the VICTIM is being abused and drugged
 against their will. Clearly Civil Rights Violations. 
It's kidnapping.

Next they have one of their good old boys (a doc.) 
to come in and sign the patient has (a) mental 
problem (b) Alzheimer's (c) dementia etc. so 
they can keep complete control over that  loved
 one or even yourself.

Then its on to the Death Camp they have selected 
for you, or a mental hospital.

 All the players have to be in their positions, and
 ready for the proper response, to the media, the f
amily member, or other.

The patients are kept kidnapped, hostage against
 their will and cannot get out.

My husband signed an affidavit with powerful govt. 
witnesses and a notary present, to be transferred 
from that nursing home and to be returned to his wife, 
and no one but his wife to have conservator ship over
 his person. The judge  Richard Frazee, signed order 
denied. The Orange County Guardian's office petitioned 
the court just 10 days after he arrived at this DEATH CAMP 
to have conservator ship of my husband.

The  El Paso Coroners report states that my husband 
died of Stage 4 Fatal Bedsore, Sepsis  A Fatal Blunt Forced 
Injury To The Head, Hemorrhaging inside the skull and 
rib cage.

I say, lets find out what happened? I demand
to know what happened. Why was there a large
dent in his forehead? Who did this? What was
this from? Hemorrhaging inside the skull was found
 on autopsy. And this Dr. Dang from Brea Hospital
 doesn't note any of these injuries and tells the
 Orange County Coroners office not to get involved!!! 
Then signs a death certificate fraudulently.

Why wasn't the Orange County Coroner told
about this by Dr. Dang? Why did he lie and tell
the investigator he died of only pneumonia?

A Cover Up !!!  A Conspiracy !!!  A Murder !!!

I could go on and on, and tell you the many abuses
 and threats on my life right now by exposing them, 
but I'm going to end by saying this;

My husband as of this  writing April 12, 2005 is still 
being stored in the El Paso Texas Morgue. Dr. Corrine 
Stern the medical examiner has been told by me, his
 wife, that his body is not to be removed or tampered 
with without my permission until I can get the Governor 
of California and the U S Attorney in Washington to get i
nvolved  to open a Federal Grand Jury investigation.

I have  shocking evidence, documents that I managed
to get covertly the 3 years this illegal guardianship on  Everett took place.

I want to thank you for allowing me to share with you 
the most important person in my life, Everett Franklin Hurst 
my husband, a Saint that was loaned to me by our 
Heavenly Father above......

Look for a book to be released in the near future 
exposing all of the names and their roles in this
 case, and others...

Go to my sister site. Read shocking cases of  illegal
 false conservator ships/guardian ships placed on 
the elderly against their will.


copyright (c) 2005
All rights reserved no photo or contents from any of the
pages on this site can be reproduced or used in any
matter without written permission from the original author.

7/28/16 12 Years Latter Everett's Widow Grieves
To Every One, It's 12 years now since Everett has been gone. And NO justice has never came. As the years and months go by on and on the memory of what happened continues to startle my mind. How a "human being" could be so disregarded by people in high places, and profession. I grieve on. Nothings changed, I've just gotten older and wiser. One man taught me the meaning of "love." Never has there been nor will there ever be a human that has left such an impact on my life as Everett did. I thank God every day for allowing me to have been loved by this great man Everett Hurst. For those who don't know what "love" is. Well it's something inside you that sterns your soul, yearning for it to never end. A feeling of completeness, and beauty. A breath of fresh air. It's waking up to Sunshine every morning. It's an eager to see the face that lights up your life day after day. It's safety in the arms and presence of a Soul that will never let you down. Most of all it's two hearts as one and a bond that never dies. I could go on.........when it's taken from your life, it's place is never filled. This was my beloved husband, and I will always "Love" you. Always and Forever Rita

Here is a quick list of defendants , and judges, and others , that will be included in my "tell all"  book coming in the very near future!

Not all of the defendants are listed, nor the judges, and other parties, there names will be added randomly.

Judge Richard Frazee

Judge Sills,

Judge Hichock

Ben d Mayo    county council Orange county

Deserey Davis      deputy public guardian

Esmeralda Marquez    deputy public guardian

Connie Drexler           deputy public guardian

Susette Smith             deputy public guardian

Ken Johns                    deputy public guardian

Thomas Grey              attorney at law

Larry Pleiss               attorney at law

Julie Hernadez      risk manager st. joesphs

Howard Serbin       attorney at law

Jona Goldrich       owner of nursing home

Warren Breslow   owner of nursing home

Sal Kest           owner of nursing home

Dr. Nugyen Dang   doctor signed death cert.

Dr. Emilo Padre    doctor inside nursing home

Former Sheriff Mike Carona   former Coroner

there are over 50 defendants, and

 many many other parties that will

be tied to the COVER UP MURDER







Write to me ,

rita hurst,


4-5-2016 Everett Hurst Died 12 Yrs Ago 2004
A Note to my husband-Everett Hurst from Rita, It's now 12 yrs since you went to be with Jesus my precious Angel. And I love and miss you so very much still. 12 years and i still have no laughter, no joy, just emptiness, and pain. I had to tell you today on your anniversary death that 12 years has gone swiftly by. That's right 12 years. And your death continues to be the focus in my life. I cannot go into a church still and sit and listen to the service without crying loudly, so I don't go anymore. I stay home and watch it on TV. Your death comes so clear when i go inside a church for some reason. Everything is quiet , and all I can do is see you, and feel what you went thru at the hands of those Vultures. It makes me so sick inside, I have to take to my bed. I have to constantly put it out of my mind, my head, but it's hard to do. I want you to know that I LOVE YOU so very much even if your gone, the Love is still there. It has never gone away. And I miss you terribly. The doctors found a mass on my lung not long ago, and will know in 5 days what the results will be. If it's bad , then I could be seeing you before long. If not, I 'll be here trying to do the Lords will in my life. The corruption surrounding your death was and is something I'll never forget. And I made it clear that the whole world would know about it. As of this writing 125,000 people have wrote in. I want to leave a Legacy of Love, somehow, as that is what you were all about Everett, "Love". You taught me how to Love! You were "LOVE". You were the greatest man alive, that I ever knew in my life then and still. You were a "SAINT". How many people can say they were married to one? I was, and I thank GOD for gracing me with you. What a honor to be blessed by you. Thank you Lord, and thank you, Everett.... I love you darling, Rita
2/14/16 Valentine's Day Everett Hurst -No JUSTICE
iT'S vALENTINES dAY ONCE AGAIN, 2016, As Everett Hurst sleeps on in the Grave, his Widow continues to Mourn. Nothing has changed except alot of years have gone by and Rita Hurst his widow grows older. He died 2004 was held in the morgue 23 months almost 2 years awaitng Justice , he never got from the Grave. It's Valentine's Day 2016, does this make me joyful. I don't think so!!! What it does remind me of , is how much I still love Everett. My Love for him ever unending. I will remember all the wonderful times we had today. Especially the fact that he was a devout Christian man. How respectable he was. A Saint of a person he was. How he was loved by God and his wife. How I was blessed to have been a part of his life, and to carry his precious name Hurst. Everett time draws nearer when we will be together again, I ve been left here to be raptured out of the New World Order coming. The country has no freedom now, and we are in a very scary situation today. I love you my darling, I always will. 12 years have gone by so quickly...... I love you so much still...... Loveingly, Rita
12/25/15 Christmas Was The Last Time I Saw Everett
Christmas Letter To My Husband Everett Hurst Orange County California stole, then sat and waited like thieves, for Everett to pass, because they thought they would get some goodies out of the deal. It took them 3 years to kill him. This Deseree Davis, and Connie Drexler, and of course Howard Serbin, waited like wolves in a "Den" for my husband to be gone !!! When there under one of these phony Conservatorships, they don't stop getting money when there dead. They try to bill you for fraudently large sums of money for looking out for the conservett's best intrest. Doesn't matter if your the wife, husband, whoever. They want that "CASH" the Public Guardian's Offce. And Orange County California is the most corrupt county in the U.S. Everett's death was covered up by Orange Co. It crossed over from a fatal stage 4 bedsore, to force blunt trauma to the head, causing severe bleeding inside the skull. And it was never addressed. It was in fact hushed up, and covered up....... And I as his widow Rita Hurst, still cry to this very day about it all. My precious darling husband Everet. It's 11 years I'm still a widow. That's because I still and will always LOVE you till the day I die. Instead of getting easier as years go on, it really gets harder to bare. I still LOVE you more then anything in this world. I grieve on to this day. I cry. I long to go back in time when I was so happy and that was when you were near me. Never will I love another human being as I LOVE you. You'd think I 'd get over it and move on. I can't. You were a SAINT. You were the most perfect and wonderful man alive. Never have I felt such LOVE as I did from you. I 'll never experience it again. Things aren't going to get normal. There's no justice here in your death. How could it ever be. You have no idea how much I want to join you. Yes , I am in bad health. But the Lord keeps me hanging on. I am the one person that knew what a GREAT man you were. You never raised your voice for meaness in the 21 yrs. I was married to you. You were humble, and so kind, and so giving. I only knew LOVE when I was with you. I thank you for that. So it's another Christmas. Big deal. Honestly, i said it gets harder each year as I get older. You know I dreamed about you and saw you the first Sunday in Dec. 2015. It was such a wonderful dream to see you. But I woke up and it was just a dream. How sad. Please know as you sleep, my heart bleeds for you. I m slowly dieing of a Broken Heart. I love you and always will. I adore you. I cherrish you. Sleep on my precious darling . Will see each other soon. I love you. Your Sad Wife, Rita 12/25/15
This February 14 , 2007 (First Anniversary Everett Was Laid To Rest)

            "In   Memory  Of 


A  message from his WIDOW:










 BE  MINE,   TO   HAVE   "LAID"    SO 



I  love  you  Everett  I  always  will,  I  will 

never  stop  loving  you.

your  wife with love,


9/26/15 Still a Widow After All These Years
Just a quick note to everyone reading this: Time goes on, and it has gone by so fast. Now into the 11 year of my precious husband's death. Life is ever so sad even now, as no time can erase what happened. I'm going to try and record the Lords Prayer in special sound effects in this very near future. As you see , the book didn't get finished, and so much has happened over the years since Everett has been gone. Things happen so quickly. I just want everybody to know that I still love my husband more then anything in this world, and I will always love him, and I hope to honor his name soon in a way that will never be forgotten. As my darling husband was a true "Saint" sent to me my heavenly father above. Thank you Lord for Everett. Always and Forever , Rita

Dec. 1 2006

    Coming Soon!



              SILENT   TEARS

          "The   Everett   Hurst  Story"


A true story told by his widow,


How a hospital attorney and their employee together with the Orange County Public Guardian, and their employees, plotted to "steal" and hold "hostage" Everett Hurst in a phony conservatorship.  Latter to be "tortured" and  "killed."

To add further insult, people in high places of the government would be involved by covering up his "neglect and murder". They made sure that no one spoke a "word" about his death. A huge "cover up". Why?  Rita Hurst his "widow" refused to bury him as he laid in a morgue for 23 months waiting for "justice", that never came!

   "This Story Must Be Told"

It will shock you !  You wll ask a question, how can any human being go thru something like this and be treated as "garbage?"  Why did the "government" allow this to happen, and not do anything about it?  What kind of people are running the "government"?  And could I be next?

(Judges, Top Special Agents in FBI, people inside the State Attorney General's office, the orange county coroner's office, detectives, a police dept; even someone within the Governor's office played a role. And  to top it all , a "hollocust" survivor owned the "death camp" nursing home Everett Hurst was "tortured" in !

This is not just another "injustice" story being told.  But a story where one must draw the "line" between just plain "Evil" and "Sadistik".  Disregard for "human life", by people who seem to not just give a "Dam"!!!




The judges had personal connections with the

defendants in my Civil Lawsuit for Wrongful Death,

and their Lawyers.

Defendants like former Judge Richard Frazee, and

County Council Ben D Mayo  for Orange County to

name just a few.  And Judge Robert  Kwan sitting

over the Brea Hospital bankruptsy case in Santa Ana

California showed favortism toward attorney Ivan

Kallick and denied every single motion I filed to

protect me as Creditor 599 in that matter. Mr. Zanfinni

the owner of Brea Hospital should have been stopped

and charged with Fraud, because he quickly went and

filed a bankruptsy when he knew he had been served

with a huge civil suit in conjunction with Park Regency

Care Center (the nursing home).  You cannot file a "quickie"

when your about to be sued big time. He hide behind the

bankruptsy.  The Feds should have stopped the

bankruptsy.  Oh yes Mr. Zanfinni got away with it.....

I took on all the Courts, Superor, Appeals, Supreme,

and I filed a claim on the County of Orange as well.

Only to find out that the "Law and Facts " were 

irrelevant, and despite mandatory duty "politics"

ruled the courts, not the "Law".  I found out that

the lawyer for Orange County Ben D Mayo, county counsel,

had personal connections with the judges hearing my


When I asked to move my husbands Conservatorship

case I was denied.  Agin Ben D Mayo county counsel

for Orange County  had connections with Probate Judge

Richard Frazee and told the Public Guardian's office what

to do.  My civil suit was moved to Norwalk court in L.A.

county because I named Judge Richard Frazee as a

defendant in my civil lawsuit.  Someone from Orange

County  had my Civil Suit placed before the Norwalk

judge  who was none other then a retired L.A. county

counsel. (wonder who that could have been)?

Talking about corruption, every string that could be

pulled was pulled illegaly.  Scratch my back I'll scratch


These judges didn't read my pleadings, motions,

paperwork.   It was clear at the time of the hearings they

didn't.  And I was " denied due process of law with

no redress."

The judges in each court, Probate, Superior, Appeals,

Supreme, Bankruptsy were protecting the defendants,

the lawyers, the debtor, in one way or another, because

there was corruption.  "Personal Connections."

Probate Judge Richard Frazee, Superior Court Judge Phillip

Hickok, and Bankruptsy Judge Robert Kwan, simply un-

submitted my evidence before him, and left my case forever

in the defendants of the Civil Suit, and the Bankruptsy debtor's

favor.   I quickly realized that trying to get a final

judgment in Everett's favor thru the courts was

hopeless and mute.  I saw that the laws on the books

was a "facade"  to only give the public the impression

that we had laws that goverened our society.  I realized

that if anything was to change it wasn't going to come

from the government but would have to come directly

from the "people"  A goal of Liberty and Justice for all.

Because of Judicial immunity the judges failed in providing

me with my constitutional rights for a judicial remedy,

and ran the court like a "kangaroo court".  All of the

judges contradicted the "law" and violated the Con-

stitution on which it stands.  Because the Judges knew

they were immuned from "redress" to me the injured

party and my husband. They violated my constitutional

rights under color of office.

Did you all know that most government offices who have

direct contact with the people can find immunity to hide

behind?  Article VI, the judges are sworn to support the

Constitution.  Judges contend the authority for immunity

is implied in a Constitutional doctrine that is also implied

called "Seperation of Powers".  Judicial Immunity  they

see comes not from "law" but from  it's own constitutional

seperation from legislature.  It cannot make law breaching

that seperation. That is the basis of immunity. The problem

with that nationalization isnot only that it's premise is

twice removed from the Constitution so that we can't

find it except by "blind faith."

But immunity to violate Constitutional Rights has nothing

to do with seperation of powers.  The issue is "accountability"

to the people for "violating their rights, not accountability

to another branch.  A constitution that "implies" a right

for judges to violate it with "immunity" isnot a constitution

at all, but a license to violate rights under "color of judicial


Another weakness of that argument is that the judiciary

also created immunties for the rest of government that

violates the same seperation principle said to justify it in 4


1.  First, it's extensions of immunity to other branches arenot

     merely making rules for itself, but making "laws" that

     apply to all of government that  invades the legislative


2.  Second, there laws also apply to the people denying them

     "redress" for constitutional wrongs under "laws" de-

      signed by judges that also invade the legislative function

      all but  beyound the legislative powers.

3.   Thrid, by setting the terms and conditions under which

       government in all branches is immune to violate rights,

       it achives the opposite of seperation.  It consolidates

       and organizes government against the people's exercise

       of right.  Example-  Judges created immunities over

       120 years ago then in Congress 1988 the government

       amended 28 USC 2674 consolidating two branches of

       government. The executive branch defends government

       before the courts, consoladating all three branches

       against the people.

4.    Fourth, another seperation principale also violated the

       10th amendment "state of rights". The federal judiciary

       hasnot just created immunity for itself and for federal

       officers but disguised  it as Constitutional doctrine. It has

       created immunity for state officers as well. This not only

       unites the Federal branches against the people , it also

       unites them with state and local governments all against

       the "people's civil rights".

What has happened the judges by granted immunity to them-

selves and to select government officials at all levels have

completely redesigned our Constitution.  This redesign goes

far beyound simple Civil Immunity.  It renders the "People"

incapable of enforcing any rights against anyone judges

want to protect, for any reason or no reason.

And so shall it be that I will speak Constitution from this site

because the judges, and the persons named in my cases will

know the truth is finally out and they would have lost their

case in those court rooms, because the Public now knows

the truth.  Arrogant judges who chose not to follow the

Constitution but made up laws as they went.

If we are to turn this country around and make Judges

accountable for their behavior we must,

1.   Demand your Congressman bring a Bill of Impeachment

      against the Judge for trampling on the rights of any

      American citizen.

2.   Write your congressman and demand he introduce leg-

      islation to mandate that the Supreme Court hear all

      Constitutional issues which was once the law, and

      apply the "Crawford Standard" of orginal intent in

      every case.

3.   Make it clear to the Congressman they will lose at the

      next election, their job.

In closing, the destruction of Everett's case thru the legal

system with judges under immunity, and others under

gag orders, left nothing but "Blind Justice".  I pray that

the American People with voice their Constitutional rights

and any judge that tries to stop the person will be elected

out of office or be inpeached.

The "deceased" must have a voice.

Thank you,

Rita Hurst








4/6/10 Death Of Everett Hurst Now In It's 6 Year

This a image I have to remember for the rest of my LIFE.  Would you want to remember something such as this?

Why was my husband murdered and neglected so badly that he was treated  like garbage.  Is any human being GARBAGE?

His death went ignored and COVERED UP by people in HIGH PLaces.  Even people working for the Government.  Should such a Holy Man a Christian Man forever be put away without JUSTICE ?

 This is what he looked like before he fell captive into the hands of a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. Everett Hurst looks nice here doesn't he? This is when he was with his wife Rita whom loved him very much.

                                  THE  DEFENDANTS

Everett's Death 4-5-04

This is the 6th Aniversary of his death.  Time goes on but we must never forget  what happened to him and those VULTURES  who played a part in Concealing his death covering up his death and even playing a role in his death!

These names and some that are to be added latter as this case will never be burried. Everett may be burried but the faces and names of  the Evil Vile Demonic Vultures will never  be forgotten.  HELL IS REAL.  IT'S  HOT.  AND IT WILL BE THE DESTINATION FOR EVERY ONE OF THEM THAT PLAYED THERE ROLE.   GLORY  HILEILUYA !!!  Just as the earthquakes start to increase around the world  God's anger being shown.  And yes each and every one of these defendants and some more  will split Hell wide open. Because they are all very EVIL........


From St Josephs Hospital

Larry Pleiss   (attorney)

Julie Hernadez ( risk managment)

Orange County Public Guardian 's Office

John Williams

William Baker  (both the Administrators)

Esmeralda Marquez (the Dirt Bag Deputy some little piss ant with a badge in her pocket.

Susette Smith ( Dirt Bag Deputy some piss ant with a badge in her pocket)

Ken Johns ( Dirt Bag Deputy piss ant with a badge in his pocket)

Deserey Davis (Dirt Bag piss ant with a badge in her pocket)

Connie Drexler (Dirt Bag piss ant with a badge in her pocket)

Vickie Laundrus (Former Secretary to the Administrator Guardian Williams & Baker)

Nancy Petraborg ( A secretary  deputy inside the camp)

             "  i call it like it really is folks"

Nursing Home Staff  Park Regency Care-La Habra Convalesent  Sun Mar at Park Regency Intergrated Health Services  ( some of the frauduent names used)

Steve McKinley (former administrator

Steven Goldstein (former administrator)

Darlene Barkau (former administrator)

Gamila Youseff ( phony social worker)

Nancy Alamo ( nutrition)

Julie Bradon

Jose Diaz ( a illegal nurse)

Robin Rubinshaw ( a nurse a liar caused alot of trouble)

Brea Hospital  (where Everett was sent to die less then 24hrs.)

Doctor Nguyen Dang (doc who signed the death certificate)

Doctor Clifford Liu (the other doc. who treated Everett both are Hospitalist )

Nursing Home Doctor

Emil Padre (doc inside the death camp who treated Everett)

Owners to the Death Camp Park Regency-La Habra Convalesent nursing home 1770 w La Habra Blvd La Habra California

Jona Goldrich  ( Goldrich & Kest Corp.)

Warren Breslow (partner Goldrich & Kest corp.)

Sol Kest(partner Goldrich & Kest)

Bob Hirsch ( partner of Goldrich & Kest corp located at 1550 w. Overland  Culver City California)

Orange County Coroner Deputys

Mike Carona (former sheriff -coroner)

Mitch Sigal ( deputy inside coroner's office)

David Ralstein ( deputy inside coroners office)

Ernie Coleazo (deputy inside coroners office)

Probate Judge

Richard Frazee ( judge who held Everett hostage and sentenced him to death orange county california)

Court Investigator

Mary Beth Muller ( court investigator who tampered with transcript and lied in report)

Court Appointed Attorney Conservatorship

Thomas Gray  (slime ball who lied in tapes and covered up his death ordered by Judge Frazee-corrupt attorney)

Hoag Hospital

Neola Bye Biza ( a nurse who lied for Larry Pleiss there attorney)

La Habra Police

Jason Forgash ( a liar who ignored and played a part in covering up his death.

Steve Polly ( the dectective who said can't do anything natural causes covered up his death and ignored it)

Mel Reiz ( police man who lied and covered up  Everett's death)

County Council  for the County of Orange  California

Ben Mayo ( county attorney who covered up Everett s Death protected all the players from the guardian's office )

Howard Serbin ( attorney under Mayo directed to enslave and hold Everett hostage  and forever be sentenced to death)

Orange County Supervisor

Cynthia Coad (former supervisor who ignored plees for help from Everett's wife Rita Hurst.

Council on Aging Ombudsman Orange County

Tony Sanders ( ombudsman who took his check and ran)

Dept of Health Services  State of California

Jan Walden (manager)

Orange County Insurance Clerk

Pattie Gilbert (manager of Everett s insurance she lied )

State of California  Elder Abuse Chief

Collin Wong (ignored and covered up Everett's death)

State of California Special Agent deputy under Wong

Paula Seiberli ( she lied and ignored Everett's death)

There are more people to be named that are not on the defendants list in which I sued in Civil Court Pro Per  from 2001 to 2007 all by myself.

Only by the grace of God was I able to keep going to keep this case open and to make each and every one of them sweat for there lives.

Justice never came. I may never see Justice in my life time. But one thing I can assure the Evil Vultures they will never rest. I will be haunting them for the rest of there time.

Everett I love you I honor you and I will forever fight for you !!!

Your widow

Rita Hurst

7/22/09 Albert Einstein Said:
The world is a dangerous place
to live in not because of the
people that do evil; but because
of the people that stand by and
let them do it !!!
UPDATE JAN. 23 2006

Howard Serbin  to  the  left,  and  former  Judge  Richard Frazee

to the  right.

Serbin  said it was better for the Guardian to have my husband then

Everett's wife of 21 years. He made up all sorts of lies against me.

I couldn't believe an attorney was lieing on me and doing this.

It was my first bad expierence with lawyers.  I thought they

told the truth.  He was  fishing for "gold" people.  And his bosses

couldn't be more prouder for him.  They all have their hand in

the cookie jar with these conservatorship  SCAMS!

That's what it's all about these phony consservatorships.  "GOODIES".

Howard Serbin waited till Everett arrived at the Death Camp

Park Regency Care Center La Habra Ca.  Then he rushed

into court on x pate for temp. conservatorship. He was like a

cobra coiled up ready to strike, this  Donkey's Ass.  The last

nursing home let his foot rot with gangree under the covers

where no one could see.

When  Everett went  almost into a coma , they called me up and told me

he was not responding.  I rushed and sent Everett to the hospital.

I never saw his foot under the covers at the 1st  nursing home. This

had nothing to do with why Serbin and Frazee  stole my husband.  It was

like I said about fishing for  "GOLD".  They all thought since I was

a young person married to an elder man they were going to find

a "jackpot".  They latter found out  they failed. Attorney Larry Pleiss

attorney for St. Joesphs made up the first inital lies to the county.

So Pliess started it all first.  He and his goafer Julie Hernadez.

They were mad at me because I stayed in Everett's hospital room

and complained and threaten to sue them over each and every

mistake they did on Everett.  I was like a bulldog on a bone. One

eye opened. That's what started it all.  And then

of course when Howard Serbin saw a nice ripe opportunity to

leap, he did.  He really thougt he had caught a big "Fish".

  Serbin got a order to drug my husband at the nursing home

Death Camp, but he did not have a order for those  workers

in the Death Camp to strap my husband down.  They did that on

there own.  That's why he got the Fatal Bedsores to the bone.

My husband was a gentle and quiet man he wouldn't come out

of the bed or cause a fuss. No way!!  The workers="gang bangers"

tortured my husband.   And all I could do was look on and  "WEEP",

because  crazy Judge Frazee ordered if I said one word to the

workers , anyone inside the Death Camp,  I 'd never see my

husband agin.  I was only allowed to see him for a half hour

2 times a month.  When I'd leave, I 'd  be so distraught and sick,

I would have to go to bed  and I couldn't talk about it for days.

It made me very sick, so sick , that it gave me  DIABETES.

I have the deadly -uncontrolled diabetes, where you need to

be on a insulin pump.  I've been in I C U  two times now with it.

Slick Willy risk manager attorney Larry Pleiss for St. Joeshphs hospital (also

on my defendant's list) sent my husband to Park Regency against

my wishes, and discharged Everett from St Joeshps before it was time

for him to leave, I was trying to transfer him to St. Judes but all of

them stopped me.

Howard Serbin filed a emergency quickie x parte next day and

got Crazy Frazee  to sign  the Temp. Conservatorship, then the permanent.

All against my wishes, the Power of Attorney on Everett. 

That's all it took.  My power was now gone and for good.  Everett

would die now under these evil vile creatures.  He not only died,

he was tortured and murdered, and all of Orange County covered

it up , his death.  Not just one, but all of them in high places.

And their lives went on. Oh yeah,  Serbin left the county council

job, and Frazee  left the bench all carrying a " great big dirty secret".

That they each played a role in  Everett's death.

 They knew he was being "TORTURED".   They all knew, they

would write in the papers , Everett's fine and doing well.  A lie

out of HELL !!!

These two"Creatures"  are as about as Evil as you can get.  They are liars

that use there power to obtain access to your "loved one".   By

obtaining illegal , phony conservatorships over Victims that become

a target  for there wallet. These two  individuals amassed large

sums of money over the years.  By snatching them, robbing and stealing

from them. Elderly that worked all their lives to enjoy what they accomplished.

They had back up from County Council Ben D Mayo , Orange County

California's county attorney.  And the district attorney of course .

                        People  it is a SCAM

Conservatorships in Orange County California is a

huge SCAM !  This is a huge business.  Howard Serbin

will go into court on a x parte motion to his buddy "Crazy Frazee"

 and just type up anything he wants to for Frazee to stamp

you awarded to the court.  You are not there to defend your

self, you don't even know it's happening,

 and your relatives don't even know it's happening.

Because he makes up "LIES"  to the judge and the

judge moves forward, and slams the hammer.  Your

now forever held against your "WILL".   You will be

locked away in a "DEATH CAMP" or some other secure

dungeon until you are DEAD!   And they have used up

all your money and asets.   It's a rackett big time. 

 These two Snakes got away with it for a long time,

but cases like mine, my Civil Suit, etc... people fighting

back , and the Register reporters,  have put a dent

in there SCAM !  Now Rita Hurst is going to make

it her business  to expose these two SNAKES (it's not

just these two doing it, their are more)  so they

don't get the Victims, like they use to. They work

as a team.  Can't you just see the "coniving" spirit in

Serbin's picture.  He advertises for clinets , let me help

you with your loved one and do a Conservatorship.

                          Yeah, Serbin, were going let

                                you help allright.  Were going

                                to help you get right on out of

                                your office up before a law board

                                to have your license taken away.

                                As long as there is a internet I

                                promise to be yours and Frazee's

                                ugliest shadow.......


People , since I put this site up, I have had hundreds

of people either call me or write to me asking for help.

They were victims of these  Creatures.  And there loved

ones went on to die within a few months or years under

the phony made up - conservatorships by this "Donkey's

Ass".  Doesn't Serbin look likea "Donkey's Ass"?

It is so sad when you hear the heartbreaking   

storys of people that are now, or were victims,

 of Serbin and Crazy Frazee. Over 70,000

people have now visited this site and I have tried to

educate them, and give them emotional support. They

had no where to turn.  I did the best I could to help

the Victims that wrote in  because my husband Everett

died in one of these phony conservatorships,

 and he knew I was a "strong" woman

 and that I would fight back, and would be

there dreaded nightmare forever.  Everett was about

"Love"  well, Im about "Justice".  When the last chapter

is finished,  and the book comes out , you will see,

and learn clear cut details about these "CON  Men  & these

phony CONSERVATORSHIPS " that are windfall  

money making "SCAMS"  in this country.  How a pieace of

paper can be a "fatal blow".  Donot let their title or

smile fool you into believing they are good old boys

that do no harm.  Yes they are good old boys allright.

Yes they are good old boys of a Band Wagon of

Dragons sticking together in a "stink hole" in a county

that is full of " stink"!

        (update and story continues below)


Orange County California deputy county council Howard Serbin 

resigned in Nov.2005 and is now in private practice as an attorney.

This man is a real slick willy.  He lied in the Conservatorship

trial that crazy probate judge Richard Frazee handled.

Probate Judge Richard Frazee had to step down

in 2005  from the bench in Orange California

because I sued him in a Civil Case. He had to step down.

A big lawsuit is going on and he's a defendant.  How does

that look for the County of Orange?  He didn't retire on purpose.

He was forced out.  He and Serbin or no longer around to do

harm  except on there on time, not the countys time.  I love it.

This crazy judge lied and made a mockery-joke about my husband

during the conservatorship trial.  It was very painful to sit there

and take it.  It's all in the transcripts. (that is if they haven't been

 tampered with).

In Dec. 2001 Howard Serbin and Judge Richard Frazee conspired

to have me falsely ticketed by two dirty sheriff scanners who

worked at the court house.  I was given the ticket while "walking"

towards the courthouse.  Yes , you heard it right, I was walking

when they gave me a ticket.  Details will be in my book. They tried

to delay the Conservatorship hearing and if I wasn't there then

the other side won.  The sheriff that did the ticket quit the sheriff's

department a couple of months afterwards, because he knew he

was now going to be in trouble and I would file a pitchess motion

on him and his partner.  He's not able to work as a Sheriff from

my understanding.  He got a job as a dispatcher.

It's truly sickening the lengths the other side will go too.   How

low can you go?  The sheriff deputys sold there badge  to do

dirty work for people in high places, not caring about the fatal

harm it did to a innocent man and his widow!




4/5/15 Everett's Death Now Into 10 yrs. Gone......
Dear Everett, It's now 10 years since your death. A long time has gone by. I still remember everything. I want you to know I love you still, very much. There is a lot I want to say , but will write more latter. California has been one abuse after another to me for 10 long years since you passed. I can't believe what all I have had to endure. I miss you more then ever. And I will love you till the day I die. You were the most loved man on this earth. Nobody has your character, etc...It has been a long dark weary road all of this time. I hope it will soon end for me. I love you darling. Your wife, Rita p.s. I m so sad this happened to you like it did, and I will be sad till my last breathe. I will remember what they did to you, forever....It hurts so bad. The pain of remembering it all is horrible. sleep on my precious one.
Valentine's day 2006,Everett Hurst was buried after resting in a morgue for 18 months. His widow Rita Hurst, waited for "justice" that never came. It has been 11 years of waking up every single day remembering a man that was tortured, and spit on, by the County of Orange in California. Everett Hurst was a "Saint", and that isn't to be taken lightly. My husband was a kind, and gentle Christian man for 21 years that I knew him. He never did any wrong when were together. He was soft spoken, "wise" and humble caring "soul". A man of "great character". I was so very "blessed" to have been married to him, and graced with his presence every day of my life for the 21 years we were together. It is now in the year of 2015, and 11 years has past. It is no different today then the day it all happened. I have gotten older, and my body is starting to break down, but one thing remains, this widow woman will never forget what happened to Everett, and she will never stop loving him, not ever! Everett was led like a pure white Lamb to slaughter by the County of Orange, it's corrupt elite officials that hide behind a veil. There co-parts hide behind closed doors and pretend to be good old boys. It trickles down the ladder as low down the pole it can go. And all who partake in the "EVIL" don't care if they sold their soul to the "DEVIL". Their destiny "these evil ones" is that clock that ticks, tick tock, every second of the day, month , year. The time when it won't tick anymore and they face eternity with the "Devil" themselves. "Hell" is there resting place! This is their "legacy". For awhile, their fat paycheck, there names, everything they have gotten, and built would be no more. And all at the price of one man Everett Hurst. They sold their soul to the Evil One! With "PRIDE" I can honor my husband. His "Legacy" lives on. With great "joy" he is remembered forever and ever. Valentines Day to me is special. It's about "LOVE". In case you haven't found it, or experienced it, let me tell you for sure. It's what everybody on this earth is "looking for". I was blessed to have this "love" for 21 years. Thank you Lord Jesus for presenting Everett Hurst to me and allowing me to be "loved" for at least one time in my lifetime !!! Forever in love & peace, Rita Hurst
12-24-14 A Christmas Letter to Everett
My Dearest Everett, It's been 10 years now since my life suddenly changed forever. Time has gone by so fast, it seems as thou I've been asleep, just drifting along, day by day, month by month, year by year. Nothing has changed about how I feel. I love you more and more the longer it goes on. The pain continues to eat away at the core of my being, and I will never snap out of it, I've tried but I can't. You were the only one in my life that was "true blue". The real thing. Holy, saintly, next to perfect. I sit here and cry inwardly every day of my life over what happened to you. I can't even go inside a church service anywhere without crying so loud it disturbs the service. So I don't go anymore I stay home and watch it on T.V. You'll never know the sorrow in my life, there is no happiness to this day 2014. It's the way it all happened that has made me suffer for so long. You got no "justice" in this country. They all ignored your "death". The people in power, the rich, of course, who had a part in all of this,go on to toot their horns, and live in a world of make believe. But one thing is for sure their day is coming. The Lord God Almighty will have the last word in this matter. Woe, be unto them, thus sayeth the Lord. I just sit back and watch as they continue to make fools of themselves, flaunting their phoniness. I don't know how many years I have left in me now, as the diabetes is eating me up, destroying most of my organs. I 've gone deaf, I have to wear two hearing aides now, and my sight is leaving me too. My pancreas is in a very bad way, and there is trouble with my heart, stomach, and kidneys. But I press onward to the mark set before me, the high calling from my Lord and Savior, my purpose for this life. No matter what may come or what may go, one things for sure, the memories you left with me will never leave my "mind" or "heart". Your wisdom you taught me is the most precious thing I own today. Your character, your persona, your humbleness, your kind and gentle voice, your compassion, your giving, and "love" I will never forget and I will carry with me, the remaining days of my life. I never "tire" of you! Never!! You were the greatest man I ever knew!! So again, I wave you on in time, my beloved Everett. I'll see you soon. I love you, I always will. Your wife, Rita
4-5-14 Death of Everett Now Into 10 Years
A Letter To Everett, Your death now into the 10th year, and the pain of you being gone continues to hack away at my most inner being. Life goes on, but has no meaning with you not here. I realize your age now would make it impossible for you not to be here naturally, but the thoughts of what happened, keep, churning away at my soul. Everett, you made me so happy every day of my life when you were alive. I woke up praising God for every word you uttered, as it was always words of wisdom to me, and they meant so much, and they were priceless. I am now 61, soon to be 62, and my body has weakened in this state of much confusion, and unrest. I've slowed down a lot now, and I eagerly await my turn, when I can arrive into the open arms of Jesus, and to see you again. It amazes me how many places I was able to race the horses, and all of the people we meant along the way, and how happy I was, and it was all because of you. You were the back bone to it all. It's all gone now, but the memories will never go away. When I rode my beloved, P.S. I Love You onto the end gates at each track I was on, it made me feel so "happy" so "free" so "thankful", that I had been blessed with not only the best horse in the country, but a loving man, that stood behind it all, with a big smile, that kept me going each day. You could say I died, the day P.S. I Love You died, and your death was like another nail in my coffin. I can't believe it that you never got "justice". I'm still waiting and believing, that thru my gifts from the Lord, that I will be able to honor your name, and your legacy. By recording the Lords Prayer. My next vision. That hasn't happened yet, and I wonder if it ever will? Sleep on, my precious one, the time is drawing nearer, when I shall hold your hand, and once again be so happy. Only this time, in the heavens above, embraced by our Lord, Jesus Christ. I love you Everett, I always will. Always and Forever, your Widow, Rita
4/5/14 Ten Years Everett Has Been Gone
My Husband's Death Remembered, My precious darling Everett. As the years go on by I continue to grieve your death. No time can erase that horrible day of April 5, 2004. As I get older, I am getting wiser. It has taken many years Everett for me to slow down, and grasp everything that has happened. It has gone by so fast 10 years that I will be a 100 myself before I know it. No JUSTICE ever came for you in this country. But darling, many went by the wayside, because of it. The Lord saw to that! Please know that I love you as much today, as I did when we first met. I will Love you till the day I die. And I hope to leave a legacy behind that even the undertaker will be taken back. I love you , Everett. Forever and always, Your wife, Rita
2-14-14 Valentine's Day-A Day I'll Never Forget
A Valentine's Letter To My Husband Everett 2-14-14 Dear Everett, I am loving you just as I always have. When you left, my heart went to. My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears flow. What it meant to lose you no one will ever know. No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before I knew it and only God knows why. Since the day I met you, your love touched my heart. I knew that my life would never be the same. No matter where I go, the pain is scorching in my heart and I'll always remember you. As I travel along this treacherous road, the mysteries of life start to unravel. And all I will ever know is your love in my heart I take with me till the day we meet agin, never to part. It has been 10 years now since you've been gone. And 8 years since I laid you to rest. And my every awakening has been of you. I still see the twinkle in your eyes, and that warm and loving smile. And the Godly man that stood strong, meek and humble, I will never forget. What a blessed 21 years I had with you. Your always on my mind, and forever in my "heart". Lovingly your sad widow, Rita
2-9-11 Orange Co. Calif. Covered Up MURDER

Friends across the globe

I'd like to bring to your attention once agin the autopsy of my precious and beloved husband Everett Hurst. Why? Because my husband was ignored by high ranking Govt. officials  and disregarded as a human being !

My husband was retired from the county of Orange by the way. Lets don't forget this very important pieace of information.

Here's part of the Autopsy report and I quote it  ver batim from Dr. Corinne Stern- El Paso Texas where Everett's body was flown to from Calif.

Pathologic Diagnosis

1.  Sepsis

   A. Stage 4 decubitus ulcer right posterior medial thigh

2.  Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

   A. Cardiomegaly (460 grams)

   B. > 95% stenosis left anterior descending coronary artery

3. Resolving Pneumonia

4. Cirrhosis of the Liver Early

5. Blunt Forced Injury to Head




6. Intercostal Muscle Hemorrhage

7. External Contusions and Abrasions

8. Left Above the Knee Remote


Forensic Pathologist

Corinne E. Stern D.O.

I  ask this Govt. that I live in of the United States of America as a resident of the state of california.  Where is JUSTICE FOR MY HUSBAND EVERETT HURST?  Why is the death of my husband being COVERED UP?  It is now 7 years latter and the county of Orange still ignores refuses to give any light on my dead husbands name or factor.

Many of the defendants I listed in the law suit are guilty of conspiracy to cover up and conceal the death of Everett Hurst. Some  have been fired or removed from there jobs and have fled the state disappeared without a trace.

Why did a Homicide dectective from Orange County tell Mrs. Hurst nothing was going to be said or done about Mr. Hurst that his name is a name that isnot going to be mentioned in Orange County.

Why did one corrupt agent from Orange County F B I Agent Rose tell Mrs. Hurst not to call F B I  ever agin that nothing was going to be done or said about Mr. Everett Hurst ? She is now GONE from Orange County  F B I and is now in Washington transfered why ?  Why did her boss allow her to say this to me and to hush this matter up air tight ?

Why did the district attorney's office in Orange County Calif Tony Rackcukus office make  letters and documents disappear with no trace of being recieved regarding Everett Hurst's death to open an investigation ?

Why did faxes disappear from other Govt. offices???

People Feb. 14 th  will be Everett's death anniversary.  Why did these Govt. agencys and the people working in them do this to me and deprive my husband a man that was tortured to death j u s t i c e?  Why ?

Where is the F B I ?  What happened to them?  Who would go to the F B I  for help after  knowing and finding out you can't trust them 100 %.

I welcome any reporter are publisher that would like to get ahold of me. Write to me ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com


Rita Hurst ( the widow of Everett Hurst )

12/25/13 Merry Christmas Everett I Love You
10 years have gone by, can you believe it. And I love you as much now as ever. I will never stop loving you. Everett Hurst, my darling I will never forget you, I will always love you till the day I die. It won't be that much longer now honey. Sleep on my precious angel. I love you, I always will. Your sad widow, Rita
12/10/13 Rita Hurst to have Heart Surgery
Everett's widow Rita Hurst will be having a serious Heart procedure on the 11th of Dec. 2013. It has been discovered that I have a problem with the heart muscle itself, ischemia, dystolic heart dysfunction-(heart failure) and coronary artery disease. The ischemia, from the left ventricle not pumping the heart muscle has damaged the heart muscle severely, and the heart is therefore failing. The clogged arteries will be fixed, or bypassed. I want everyone to know , that the real reason the heart is failing is because Rita Hurst is really dieing of a BROKEN HEART. The grief over her long lost husband Everett Hurst and the injustice that never came for him. Everyone what I'd like you all to know before I do go. I don't know when that will be yet. Well, is to please if you haven't yet, surrender your, mind , soul, and being, your life, over to the one person who can save you, the Lord Jesus Christ, our savior and Lord. If it is God's will for me to go, then I will be gone, if not I will be returning and continuing my work here. I wanted everyone that has wrote in, that 9 yrs. of this has taken it's toll, and I fought a good fight, and I hope to fight on, but if I can't then I wish you all , the love and peace that comes thru a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Go with God in all that you do, and in everything you encounter, and thy will , will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. God bless you all, and thank you for your prayers, support and letters, for my precious Everett, it meant so much to me, to hear from you all. You cared!!! I pray you don't become a Victim, like Everett did with the county of Orange in CAlifornia. May it be a lesson and warning to you all. Everett was about Love, let your life reflect Love. God Bless You, Rita Hurst 12/10/13 p.s. see you soon ....
Oct. 10-2013 Everett Hurst 1908-2004 UPDATE

Hello Everyone,

It's been awhile now since I've posted anything here.  So let me begin by stating how upset I am in regards to this site being down alot of the time, along with thousands of others who have paid there money to have it lifetime here. 

If  you happen to not see Everett's site here at some time or another, it is not because of his widow Rita Hurst.  The owners to memory-of.com are responsible for it not being up alot. In other words, there is alot of micky mouse going on behind the scenes.  I am going to start looking for another more secure place to put Everett's site so this doesn't keep happening.  One day it is here the next it is gone.  We weren't told this when we bought in to  memory-of.com .  And no contact phone number of anyone to be reached anywhere. 

Friends of Everett Hurst, and new people dropping by, if ever you need to reach me for any questions, please send a e mail  to ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com and I will get the letter. 

Everett Hurst my husband is never going to be a closed issue.  He is never going to go away as long as their is air to breathe in my body. I am still a widow and it is 9 years now.  And I am going to start working on the book some more very soon, so it can be finished once and for all.  It has taken a very long time , and so much has happened along the way.  And I pray that in the very near future his story will be on the press for all to read !!!

God bless you all,

Rita Hurst

June 28, 2006

(picture is of Jona Goldrich to the right)


UpDate On  Dr.Nguyen D. Dang 1211 W.La Palma Ave. Suite 207  La Palma, California.  And, Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow, 5150 Overland Dr. Culver City California.


         " Dr. Dang hides, falsifies knowing

           Everett Hurst as his patient."

Quick note regards Dr. Nuygen Dang in California. Dr. N. Dang, the Brea hospital doctor who signed the death certificate fraudently on my husband, lied right in front of Rita Hurst, Everett's wife while she stood in front of him in a disguise while the process server was serving him as a defendant in the wrongful death civil suit in Norwalk Court California.

He stated to the Process Server, I don't know Mr. Hurst, I never treated him. Never saw him. This was in front of his office where he keeps his medical records. I took my wig and sunglasses off and said , you know who I am don't you Dr. Dang, I'm Rita Hurst the wife.  He ran back into his office and sulked. Can you just imagine that?

Dr. Dang signed the death certificate fraudently as Pnemonia. The true cause of death was a forced blunt trauma injury to the forehead and stage 4 fatal bedsores with the bone sticking out of buttock, sepsis, blood poisning.

Now about Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow two of the main owners of the Park Regency Care Center La Habra California nursing home. Address: 1770 w. La Habra Blvd. La Habra California.

How much do you think Jona Goldrich is paying out to protect everyone in his circle?  How far will he go? Because there is alot of DIRT on Jona Goldrich. He is a real scum bag to say the least......How many would go down if a Grand Jury did indictments?  Who's going to tell on who?  Would this case be bigger then ENRON?  It's reported Jona is a billionaire.  And it seems that the I R S doesn't even care what crimes he did with them, because Rita Hurst turned over a great big thick file on him that she got covertly and two of the agents turned a blind eye to it, did nothing about it.  How much were they paid off? One of them a supervisor in L.A. California at that well known name, works with the FBI. It's a lady .

                  "Rita knows to much".


Rita Hurst knows that Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow are hiding there millions behind there personal foundations and in off shore bank accounts, and in Poland especially. She has knowledge of this fact.  Rita Hurst went with the process server to 5150 Overland Dr. Culver City Ca. to serve Jona Goldrich the Civil papers  in regards to the Wrongful death of her husband Everett Hurst.  And guess what she saw when she got there?  Rita and the process server walked down a hall  on main floor and saw the biggest wheel on a steel door with Jona's name ontop and it was a safe where all the money I guess is put in, all the goodies until he gets it laundered somewhere out of the country.  How many people who have buisnesses,  have "Safes" ceiling high with big wheels on them like a bank has in there offices.  He's certainly hiding something in there. And oh yes, you have to be voiced into the compound. His staff is trained to act quickly I guess if the Feds come a knocking.


The helpless victims that are killed in his death camps never see Justice because he can afford to pay off anyone who tries to shut him down, or investigate him.

 These criminals have gotten away with these crimes for so long now. There is no telling how much money they have hidden away and then openly brag about it, I'm a billionaire, you can't touch me, all of the sweat of hard working other people's money. Blood money people.


It makes me sick to know my husband was "Tortured" inside that "Death Camp" with a bunch of thieves working in there, and criminals who own it.  And the government isn't stopping him.  Has MediCare paddlocked the doors? I don't think so.  Has  FBI gone in there and did anything? I don't think so.  Why is this?  I think and know he has friends inside the FBI, that 's one of the reasons.  And Goldrich has strong ties to Israel. So what !!!  It makes me sick. 


         What is Mr.Blackford and      

    Goldrich's connection?


Goldrich and Mr. Blackford the CEO of California Trust Bank in Irvine.  Well now people let me tell you , there's a big problem here.  Alot of stinky stuff.  Somebody better know how to sniff in there. Better send in a Bloodhound sir.  If you know how to snif, you will find something. If your a dummy , why you certainly won't find anything wrong with Mr. Blackford and Jona Goldrich.  Hint: Dig deep.  Anybody remember Senator Alan Robbins when he went to prison and was cheated out of millions by Goldrich and Goldrich paid off the FBI to stay out of jail?

Dirty high power wouldn't you say?


You can write to me,







2/14/2013 Valentine's Day-A Sad Day For Rita Hurst

                  This is to Everett

And to the people around the world that have wrote in.........

I am now into the 9 th year that I have been without my husband.  It is Valentine's Day today.  The year is 2013.  It was 2004 when his last gasp for air was snatched away in an agonizing and torture death, that only he could have known and felt.  It would be 2 years latter when he would finally be surrendered into the grave, where he would be no more.  Yes, he was held all that time in the morgue, on my request.

Has anybody out there ever loved anything or anyone so much you just couldn't say goodbye? Holding on for dear life, every second of the day Everett was dead, lieing in that El Paso morgue. I desperately wanted it to be not true, that he was gone.....I was hurting all over my body, the pain of it all  was just to much to bear.  I only wanted silence. Not a hint of noise anywhere at anytime.  Yes, I had a Civil Lawsuit going on in Los Angeles county, and Everett's body was being held for Evidence per his widow's request.

And secondly, I didn't want to let him go.  I knew once he was in the ground, it was final. I loved him and still do to the very core of my being.  Never has a man captured my heart such as my precious husband did.  I had somebody who "loved me" for me, not for what I looked like, or how smart I was, or who I knew, or some power click.  Everett loved me for me alone.  Do you know how pure a love like that is?  If you've never had it,you haven't really lived.

Under the Moss Tree, in Florida my precious husband awaits for me.  He is sleeping for now. His pain is over, forever no more. Rita will soon arrive, and the grave will be complete then. My spirit will unite with Everett and we together will meet the Lord in heaven, when all the Dead will rise first, in the end time.

I love you so much Everett. I will always love you. I still cry when I think of you. And silent tears flood the inner most of my being. Days , months , years , can keep going on by, but I will never forget you my darling.  You will be with me every where I go for the rest of my life.  Never will I stop loving you.

To all of you on Valentine's Day, may at least one of you, find the kind of "love" that I had, and may that "love" be with you too, "forever" and "ever" amen.

Sleep on Everett, I 'll see you soon, I have something left to do here on earth, that my Father in heaven has requested of me, then i'll go to sleep too.


A thousand kisses I send today, I love you,  forever  and always,


9-28-2012 "Warning"


Take heed,  never, never make fun, or do harm to a Widow Lady!  The Bible says, if you do it will displease "GOD", and his wrath will be upon you !     

12/15/12 Destiny ! Rita Hurst Soon To Reach Hers

God has a plan for my Life.  Rita Hurst may have been tied up all these years, but I 'm no longer at the Crossroads.  A change is about to occur in my life.  A new beginning.  The Lord took away the friends because he wanted me to know that it was him and only him , who took me, is taking me into my destiny soon.   The final chapter is about to be finished. God, he didn't get voted in, he can't be voted out. He is God. I thank him for what he is about to do in 2013. The purpose of the Lord will be done anyway. He is working out his plan in my life. I'm just progressing on into God's plan for me. I can give God praise for the Little Things. I stayed Humble while others were Proud. I thank God for the Little Things.

When God has a plan for your life he ties you up while your trying to do your on thing. Nothing will work when God has you tied up. Things not going the way I wanted them to.  Tied up.

Im praising God for being tied up. I m glad he tied me up. He stopped me from doing things that would have messed me up. I thank you Lord for tieing me up.  I thank you for the people who stopped speaking to me. Thank you for tieing me up.  People don't know me. But God does. God at the right time loose me at the right time. It 's only a matter of time.

Time , Time , Time is going to fix it. Time is going to turn it around.  Praise God !

I fight my battles in Jesus name. When I say Jesus , Liars have to bow to it, back bitters have to bow.

Just say Jesus, heal my mind, Jesus heal my soul, Jesus touch my finances, Jesus move that mountain, Jesus bring me out. I 'm not praising  Confusious, Buddah, or any other.   The Lord is about to do something.  The Lord is saying Im about to ride into my destiny. Hold on the ride of my life is about to begin. He didn't bring you, or me this far to leave us. 

Crosses are just interuptions in your life. The cross you bear, tied up in a situation. The Lord has a Plan in your life, and he is about to untie you, me. He knows about the things that have you tied up. He is about to set you , me free. It may not look like it right now, you may be at the Crossroads right now, he kept you tied up because he wanted you to know he is about to set you free, he has a plan for your life, he is going to take you into your destiny.  God is going to show me, you, his Glory.  Your breakthru, is soon to happen.......................

Merry Christmas to you all,

Rita Hurst

1-23-2006 Everett's Body Is Still In Morgue

Update:  Everett's body still lies in the morgue in El Paso Texas.  Dr. Corine Stern was replaced with new coroners and their salarys have been doubled to over 300,000.00 a year.

Dr. Stern who did my husbands autopsy in El Paso Texas after being flown from California remains under a gag order by the county of El Paso.  They fired her and paid her off and told her not to talk to the press or  Rita Hurst, or anyone in order to get the money they paid her. 

I know they fired her for helping me keep Everett's body there, but they will say other reasons.  Everett was in the morgue for 23 months.  I refused to bury my husband while the Civil case was going on, and I tried desperately to get a homocide investigation  to open up but that didn't happen.  I wanted Everett's body for evidence and I didn't want to bury him and then have to have him dug up all over agin.  The authorities never helped me.  The F B I, the State Attorney General's office , the Santa Ana District Attorney's office, the La Habra Police Dept. nor the Orange County Coroners office.

What they did to me and my husband is an atrocity.  No human being should ever have to go thru what I and my precious husband went thru.   We are living in a country where a human life means nothing from people in high places.

We are sheep going to slaughter...............


7-9-07 Hello, My name is Everett Hurst and I am DEAD !
I did not want to die and I fought for my life. I had to fight doctors, 
Nugyen Dang, Clifford Lu at Brea Hospital, doctor Emilo Padre  and unlicensed nurses inside the nursing home Park Regency , and the orange county deputy guardian Deserie Davis, to TRY  TO LIVE and I lost the fight.

They held me down and hit me in the head and gave me fatal bedsores that  rotted so bad the bone in my buttock area come popping out , it HURT SO BAD, and I couldn't tell anybody, they gave me drugs so I couldn't cry out for help. They gave me a SORE on my heel too, that hurt me alot. I was so afraid, because I had already had one of my legs taken off because they let my foot turn black with gangreen.

I could only lay there and sliently cry out for my wife Rita, in whom they would not let me see. I cried so much, I was so alone, and so afraid, I had no body to rescue me.

My wife has written a STORY for me so people can know the last moments of my life, what happened and how I SUFFERED..............

3 months before my death on Christmas day Dec. 2003, I saw my wife, I feel her kiss my cheek, my forehead, my hands, then she moves away........RITA....DON'T GO... DON'T LEAVE ME... I AM AFRAID..... WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME.......RITA.......RITA......RITA....

3 months later, I feel my body being lifted and put on a hard table. The sheet is hard and covered like plastic or rubber. Then I feel the sides of the sheet go up over my side as the sheet covers my face completely. I can feel a long zipper being zipped over me. I am moving and being rolled somewhere.  Oh good , they are finally taking me somewhere to make whatever has happened to me stop.
The moving goes on and on, stopping, a slight bump.... then I  am lifted again and I am thrown down on another hard table.

It seems that I can feel a slight  tingling in my hands.... maybe this is almost over. I feel more  rough moving and pulling and pushing.  STOP THAT ..... I wanted to say.... STOP HANDLING  ME LIKE A SACK OF POTATOES.... Then everything is suddenly still......no movement at all.... only total  stillness... stillness....stillness.  I must have gone to sleep and do not know how much time has passed.  I am awakened  again with more rough handling and then I am dropped on another hard cold table.  My feet are very cold and I want my booties on.  I can slightly move my hands and feet now, but I still cannot open my eyes. I feel the opening of the zippered bag that my body is in and I feel a rush of air. Then there is more rough handling.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING.... DO NOT TAKE MY  GOWN OFF.....STOP IT... STOP IT..... Finally I get my eyes opened just enough to see a blinding spotlight right above me. I see alot of people standing around just looking at me. I have use of my arms and legs again and I start  to raise up off the table but, I am very weak and they push me back down. I see Dr. Dang coming toward me with  a huge hypodermic syringe  in his hands. For a moment I feel relief.... OH THANK YOU GOD.... HE WILL HELP ME.....DR. DANG HELP ME......HELP ME..... He plunges the hypodermic needle into  me. 
I feel myself floating..... then total blackness.

I am startled with a bright light that almost blinds me. I feel relaxed and so happy. I try to get closer to this comforting light .... then, I am literally flying  in this comforting , bright light.....the light dims a bit  and I see beautiful blue skies, green grass, fields of bluebonnets and other flowers, birds and trees.  There are some people coming toward me.....as one gets closer I can see his overalls and straw hat.... IT IS PA...... GRAND PA...PA.... I AM SO GLAD TO SEE YOU.... then I see MA MA  and we all three embrace. WAIT A MINUTE.... I CAN HEAR CRYING  and I look in the direct of the cries and SEE MY WIFE RITA.........OH RITA..... I HOLD HER AND KISS HER  and she smiles with joy.  There are the animals I loved and missed so much.

We all hugged and kissed, and cried and I knew I was no longer on earth, my body was dead, and my spirit had moved on to the higher plane of heaven.
A young man in a long white robe with glow around his head approached me, held me gently and said, "welcome, my child..... you will never "HURT" again....... you will miss the physical presence of your wife on earth , but know this...... someday you will all be reunited here."

I turned away for a moment, feeling a great loss and deep sadness. I would miss my wife.  The man in the white robe saw my sadness and said, " my child, you can be with your loved one left behind on earth at any time you choose..... your spirit can be a part of her everyday life on earth untill  she finishes her earthy learning.... she will sense your presence and will know of your contentment in my home."

TO BE CONTINUED..................................

"the deceased must be protected and given a voice"

The world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people that do evil;  but because of the people that stand by and let them do it"   

4-29-12 Vote Out The Vipers

Attention Everyone:

Many high officials within orange county california have been fired, transfered, quit, retired or sent to prison since the cover up death of my husband Everett Hurst.

When election time arrives, lets make sure we remove the same corrupt officials, D A,  Judges, Lawyers, Administrators, Board of Supervisors,  anyone that has been known to be a link to any of the past scum bags that concealed and covered up the death of Everett Hurst.  Alot of the Vultures are now gone, true. But we must finish up the job and do a complete sweeping.  Names will be posted as the election draws near.

It is important that if you were a "victim" of Orange County in California, to VOTE this year, and the next and the next."Get your friends to vote. Tell everyone you know to please vote. Vote out these Snakes" holding high offices that have abused their power all these years, and any new ones within Orange County, that have destroyed and crippled innocent people, that became a Victim of there lethal, corrupt, disgusting actions.


May 26, 2005

Conservatorships in this country must be banned.  They are unlawful and are done only out of "GREED".  No one should have control over another person thru a court order.

A Health Power of Attorney is all that should be necessary and only signed by someone you can trust. 

It has become a huge business, profit, for certain people to show up at the court and nominate thereselfs as a Conservator over a person who is being held by ex parte petitions. Quickies.  No county guardian or govt. employee within should ever have control over a person as a Conservator. Nor nursing home or hospital employees.  Nor  intrested parties such as outside attorneys etc.....

Conservatorships are dangerous, and they cause GRAVE damage to the person being conserved, and to there loved ones as well. They affect alot of people.  It's not just a slam dunk deal.  It leaves behind a lifetime of mental and emotional damage, and even death.

Conservatorships must be stopped now in this country.  Judges, people running for offices that approve these proceedings must be elected out .  They have to be inpeached , and removed from postions now.

Only your vote can do it.  Sign petitions coming your way ,  to make sure this happens.

write to me,


Sept 4 2012 Slum Landlord Jona Goldrich







                                  Part One

Inside look at Slum Landlord Jona Goldrich.


Dangerous David vs. Gluttonous Goliath


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 and Blackmaill

How to Fight Back: Evidence and Demands →May 23, 2011 ·

6:39 pm ↓ Jump to CommentsBeck Park Apartments and G & K MisManagement Co

G & K Management Co., Inc.
Beck Park Apartments — managed by G & K Management Co., Inc., a subsidiary of Goldrich & Kest Industries, LLC — is one of the worst breeds of Goliath known to man. It is an apartment property of 120 units, managed by a fairly large corporation that has stakes in several different areas, including both residential and business property management, as well as construction and other industries. Generally, that translates to it being an overly large, fundamentally inefficient business entity whose concerns are bottom line only, with little or no regard to the moral and ethical responsibilities of housing real, live human beings.

California Tenants Law tends to side with the tenant in a lot of ways, and certainly some of the reasoning for this stems from some pretty terrible treatment in the past. The good thing is that it takes management companies and landlords a lot of effort to really screw over the tenant, should the battle go to court. But the bad thing is that all that extra effort leads to extra costs for the landlord or management company, costs that are passed on to the tenant up-front, and also lead to said landlord/management company looking for every possible opportunity to cut corners, which ends up screwing the tenant on the back end, too. Pun intended.

Beck Park Apartments happens to be a shining example of this, a true standard upon which all other devious companies aspire. Beck Park happens to be the low-income, red-headed stepchild of G & K Management’s properties, and that means it’s making even less money for the company than any other properties. More corners must be cut in order to make a buck off this place, and if the company’s large enough — and Goldrich & Kest is certainly large enough — they can even absorb the legal costs of doing things downright wrong (read: illegally).


Because tenants are foolish people, and they rarely ever fight for what’s theirs by law.

But all is not lost. Join with me on this somewhat long, sordid tale, and soon you will find some of the most effective ways to get your money back when you move out. Not just from Beck Park Apartments, but from nearly any apartment or rental unit in California (and maybe even the U.S.).

General Problems & Complaints with Beck Park Apartments:
Beck Park was billed as a quaint, scenic little place in the heart of North Hollywood, complete with several amenities you wouldn’t normally get at similarly priced apartments. The reality is that you get grounds that have been torn up and look like they could have been nice, if they just left the plants and trees alone instead of sawing them all down. You get a pool and hot tub that are said to be warmed year round, but are, in fact, rarely heated and only maintained in the vaguest sense of the word. And worse yet, here’s a few issues we dealt with during our year-and-a-half stay:

■Water shut-off usually at least once per month for about 8 hours, sometimes longer over a couple days. The water heater units are said to be very old, but replacements have been slow. Furthermore, there’s evidence that the maintenance and replacements that have been done have caused mold to go airborne, and also uncovered some asbestos problems that were never brought up to code.
■Gates leading off the grounds were often broken or had their locks jammed so that the doors would remain open for grounds-keeper crews, but allowing anyone onto the property at any time for weeks on end. Multiple complaints about this issue went with answer, and at least once I was directly lied to by management, saying that the doors were repaired when they hadn’t been.
■Toilets in all 120 units upgraded in a single day by a small outsourced work crew; our new toilet was in our bathroom but never installed, so I had to have the maintenance manager do it around 10:30PM (on a weeknight, of course). Next day, at least a half-dozen apartments experienced burst pipes and flooding problems.
These things are simply indicative of the general situation at Beck Park Apartments. There was much more that went wrong, and many poor decisions when it came to outsourcing work in and around the grounds.

Our Specific Problems with Beck Park Apartments:
We stayed at Beck Park Apartments for about a year and a half, mostly due to the hunt for a new place being severely curtailed by time and money. Plain and simple, Los Angeles and Hollywood are not the cheapest places to live. But when you read the following list of specific complaints and issues we faced, you’ll certainly think twice about getting stuck in an apartment lease you don’t want to sign:

■We moved cross country in August 2009, and on the first night found over a dozen cockroaches in the apartment. Luckily, we hadn’t even unpacked our Uhaul, so we promptly got out of there and stayed with family nearby until fumigation began. What we weren’t prepared for was that fumigation treatments would continue for the next 6 months, and dangerous chemicals were given to us for use in-between treatments. We are talking, “chemicals that require a license to handle.” Simply unspeakable. In at least one instance, we were served less than 24 hours notice for pest control treatment (which we denied them entry for).
■At one point, I took a day off of work in order to remove my dog while they did treatment, only to find out that they never showed up for the appointment. A complaint called in to management wasn’t returned for several days.
■Nearly 5 months passed in between maintenance requests to have leaking and molding fixed in our bathroom.
■In one of the most frightening displays of negligence, we discovered that management’s copy of our apartment’s keys were stolen from the office, and it was inferred by management that our key — and several keys for other apartments in the complex — had been stolen. To “reassure” us, the manager told us that, “it’s okay, because we know who it was, so there’s nothing to worry about.” At our request, our locks were promptly changed.
This next one bears it’s own section.
When our lease ran out — which would normally make us month-to-month tenants — we received no notice. Per the terms of our lease agreement, that seemed fine; nothing existed within that lease stating that we would pay any different amount of money for rent until we signed a new agreement. However, approximately 5 months later we discovered that a credit on our account was now gone, and we owed money (tellingly, the letter that made this known to us was stuck in the door of a different apartment, even though it had our apartment’s unit number on it). Not knowing why, we contacted the manager, only to find that we owed backpay on a higher rent price for the past 3 months.

After a series of emails with the manager, we finally received documents that were supposed to have been delivered to us when our lease agreement term ended. Of course, these documents spoke of a higher price. The problem is that there’s only two legal ways for your landlord/management company to serve you documents such as these:

1.Hand delivering them to you in person (i.e., they can’t just be shoved in or under your door; they have to be given directly to you, in person).
2.Certified mail to your apartment’s mailbox, thus proving delivery and receipt.
Most smart landlords/management companies will do both, that way they have 100% proof that the information was legally delivered. After all, it’s very easy to argue having something delivered to you in person. This error in management’s judgment proved beneficial in helping us argue later on, but it wasn’t without a lot of emails and following up on our part to find out when we’d get that credit back.

No Light at the End of This Tunnel – Attempting to Move Out:
We quickly discovered that it wasn’t just our credit that had been eaten up by this (illegal) higher rent, but also many of our neighbors were dealing with the same problem. That was the last straw. We found another place, and gave our notice to move out.

Something to consider: we gave our 30-day notice, the standard amount of notice when you are month-to-month. But we planned on moving into our new place about 10-15 days before the end of that time period, because that would give us just over a week to move, clean the old apartment, and have an inspection done. Giving yourself this leeway time is like providing yourself with a giant safety net, one you can use to maximize the probability of getting your money back.

We scheduled an Initial Inspection Walk Through when we gave our notice. This walk through is not required by law, but if you request it, the apartment’s manager has to comply by law. Also by law, the walk through has to occur at least two weeks BEFORE you move out. The reason is that it gives you that amount of time to make any repairs and get the necessary cleaning done, thus nearly ensuring you’ll get your full Security Deposit back. As an aside, Beck Park’s manager gave us a sheet of paper saying that the Initial Inspection Walk Through should be scheduled within two weeks of the move out date. There’s nothing against the law about them doing that, but it’s obviously a tactic they use to give you that much less time to handle the cleaning and repairs, thus practically ensuring that you won’t be able to do the repairs, and they get to keep a portion (or all) of your security deposit. Brilliant. I just sent an email to the manager saying that it’s our legal right to do it before the 2 week mark, and they immediately complied and scheduled it.

At the end of the initial inspection, you must be provided an itemized receipt of any potential charges against you, thus giving you everything you need to know in order to make the appropriate repairs or cleaning. At the end of our walk through, we were simply given a sheet of paper entitled “Cleaning Guidelines – Move-out,” which lists normal cleaning charge to your security deposit as $90.00 (plus unstated amount for carpet shampoo); and by signing the lease, you are accepting an unstated Flea Fumigation fee (quoted in our Final Account Statement as being $85.00). Those were the only fees we could potentially incur; any other charges beyond that would be illegal (unless we trashed the apartment after the walk through) whether or not we actually followed the cleaning guidelines. If we followed the guidelines, of course, the assumption is that they could only charge us for the flea fumigation, because that was part of our lease agreement. We took pictures at the time of the walk through, and also took pictures after we moved everything to the new place and cleaned the heck out of our apartment unit.

We still had to argue for the full credit on our account, as well as get the charges for the higher rent removed. That sorta happened…

On the Final Account Statement we received 21 days after moving out (which is the standard time, and is perfectly legal), we did not receive full credit ($79.84 was reduced to $20.40 without explanation on the bill); we were charged for carpet replacement rather than simple carpet shampoo (though the carpet was not replaced; I have photos up through Sunday May 23rd of the carpets being the same ones we lived with until we moved out in March); we were charged cleaning fees (even though we had photos of the cleaning done to the specs on the “Cleaning Guidelines – Move-out” sheet); we were charged for painting (painting was not itemized to us during our initial inspection walk through, and constitutes normal wear & tear, and is therefore illegal to charge); the statement was not signed; and ultimately we also have video from outside the window showing none of this was even started by the time the Final Acct Statement was sent to us…nor has it been two months later.

Services used or quoted:

■Remus Services Pest Management
■Nova Refurbishing Contractors, Inc.
■Inland Management in Encino, CA
■Carpet USA in Inglewood, CA / Culver City, CA
Ultimately, we looked like we were screwed. Money taken from us was not credited back in full, additional charges above and beyond the itemized receipt we received after the initial inspection walk through were placed on the Final Account Statement, and the entire document was unsigned, and therefore might not even stand up in court. In fact, we not only didn’t have any money coming back to us, but we owed money on top of our security deposit!

Get Your Money Back!
So how did we get almost every red cent we were owed back?

Following some of the advice in our article on Hotels.com and Expedia, I gathered up all the contact info I could on G & K Management Co., Inc. You can find much of it below, including their corporate phone directory and some of the people you should call and leave messages with.

After that, it was simply a matter of asking for a few things, and showing our evidence (photos) that we’d followed their guidelines for cleaning, and had done everything we were supposed to do.

■We asked for a “full statement of our account” which will include every single monetary transaction between us and them since the day we moved in till the day we moved out. We requested that they send us this within 7 – 10 business days; it’s our right to see all of our transactions as a “receipt,” after all. They can either give it to you or you can take them to court, where they will have to give it to you.
■I talked to a lawyer, even though it seemed pointless at times (the amount of money was relatively small in the grand scheme of things, after all). Many lawyers can be found online, and will be happy to field a 5 minute phone call about the issue, no charge to you. Unless a lot of money is at stake, they’ll probably tell you very nicely that they can’t help, but the thing to remember is this: you can now truthfully tell the management company that you’ve spoken to a lawyer, and if you do end up going to court, the lawyer already has an idea of what’s going on. Even better, they may give you some legit advice to point you in the right direction.
■I always made a point to tell G & K Management’s employees that I will follow up on each communication, and when, via email. Chances are, by giving them timelines that are strict and tight, they will act fast to get rid of someone like that. I basically would give them between 2 and 5 business days to do whatever it was I wanted them to do. If they knew they couldn’t deliver in that time frame, they were very quick to tell me, and I wasn’t a jerk about it. I let them have 7 or 10 business days when they needed it, but I damn sure contacted them exactly at the end of that time frame to get an update.
A much more in-depth article will appear in the Take Action portion of our site, but this information, along with the resources listed and linked to below, should give you a good idea of what you need in order to prepare yourself for a fight against your landlord.

Other Resources to Aid You:
■A Guide to California Tenants Law (PDF download!) – This PDF actually does a pretty good job of making the law clear to people who aren’t lawyers. It provides examples and illustrations for almost every aspect of the law, so you can see how it actually affects you and your situation. I can’t claim it’s 100% up-to-date, but even so, it is an excellent document.
■County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs – Mediation request – this organization allows you to file a dispute and attempt to have it mediated, which means you don’t (necessarily) have to get lawyers involved.
Contacts at G & K Management Co., Inc.
■Beck Park Apartments Management (Monica Zurita) 818-980-5150
■Corporate main number 310-204-2050
■extension 888 for phone directory by name
■x. 316 Ron Penrod – handles Final Account Statement disputes
■x. 319 Letitia Hines (works for Ron Penrod)
■Other random employees:
■x. 456 Randy Castillo
■x. 738 Stephanie Newman
■x. 240 Stephanie Cushner
■x. 428 Steve Lun
■x. 368 Joel Franklin
Principals at Goldrich & Kest Industries, LLC
■Warren Breslow x. 404 (wbreslow@gkind.com <- unverified)

■Peggy Amenta (secretary to Warren Breslow?)
■Jona Goldrich (CEO?) – probably reached through x. 401, but that is unverified
Resources on the Enemy
Beck Park Apartments
These are all excellent sites where you can review Beck Park Apartments, or read other’s reviews of the apartments. Reviews are a powerful tool in the arsenal of Dangerous David, and it’s through these sites that some of the most visible and lasting reviews can be found, damaging a company’s public image for as long as the internet works.

■Beck Park Apartments @ Yelp
■Beck Park Apartments @ Apartment Ratings
■Beck Park Apartments @ Google Places
■Beck Park Apartments @ Yahoo Local
■Beck Park Apartments @ North Hollywood / Toluca Lake Patch
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The following links and websites all lead to G & K Management Co, Inc., or their controlling corporation, Goldrich & Kest Industries, LLC. These links serve as a great resources for research, and most importantly may lead to other places where you can review the company, or uncover contact information to get in touch with the people within the company that screwed you (or can help you get somewhat less screwed). These are the footprints of a most Gluttonous Goliath, so tread lightly the closer you get to this monstrosity.

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One Response to Beck Park Apartments and G & K MisManagement Co
June 7, 2011 at 4:44 pm
The following message was sent to me by a fellow former-tenant of Beck Park Apartments, and offers some excellent insight:

You give some excellent advice on everything but I especially agree with carrying a camera and moving into the new place before you have to be “out” of the old place. There is an extra challenge when you are moving across the country though. We chose to go ahead and “pay” for the cleaning services including the extra bucks to clean the refrigerator. I still vacumed though. And well maybe we should just start from the beginning.

My boyfriend and I lived at Beck Park for 2 1/2 years…we hate moving. We had all the same problems, cockroaches, water shut off, overly chlorinated pool, a similar issue when the lease turned to a month-month, and a constant change in management. Not to mention the crackheads who used to live in Tim and Laurie’s apartment! But here’s how our move out went down.

We turned in a 30-day notice and did a two week inspection. I also talked with the friendly maitinance worker who informed me, “Don’t clean, don’t paint you won’t get your money back.” (I had painted a 3 foot wall orange and was asking him for paint, I did re-paint) I did take his advice on the cleaning. Other apartments I’ve been in cleverly say that no matter how well you clean it it’s their policy to have a “proffesional” crew come in anyway and I figured Beck Park wouldn’t be much different. They did make it easy by explaing to me the exact cost of cleaning if I did not make the place sparkle. So we moved and we left the dust. I did vacuume up the dog hair as I feared it would make the carpet seem worse than it was. And here is what happened. About 20 days after we moved out we received a letter from Beck Park including copies of reciepts for new carpet, new paint, and cleaning. Our total deposit money was just over $1100 and they gave us $350 some back. They charged us for the entire portion of carpet and the entire portion of paint.

Now I lived in this place for 2 years and they used crappy paint that looks worse when you try to clean it, of course it needed a paint job. Yes the carpet wasn’t the brilliant white it was when I moved in (who would guess?) This is where CA tenant law is handy. They can only charge you for what is left of the life of the material. So crappy paint? Had met it’s lifetime of 2 years. The manager of Beck Park had informed me that the carpet is supposed to last 5 years. So I wrote back to Beck Park, sending it certified, saying that they were in the wrong to charge me for the paint job. I also said that they didn’t even try to clean the carpet (which they are supposed to do) before replacing it. I knew this because of those lovely people that lived next door to me…Tim & Laurie, not the crackheads. I dutifully waited the 30 days that they requested waiting for the response. And just before 30 days was up I recieved another letter from Beck Park and a check for $650 some dollars.

In short here is what they said, they were returning to me the money paid for the paint job. The carpet had been “evaluated” and deemed un-cleanable. But since it only had 2 1/2 years of life left they returned a portion of carpet money,I did pay for carpet, just over $100 I believe. This seemed reasonable, shady but reasonable. I ended up getting almost all of my deposit back minus the money for cleaning and minus the money for the carpet. If I had pictures I may have been able to get all the money back for the carpet but I’m still happy with my results.

The reason Beck park and other places get away with these things is people don’t fight back. They are counting on you to say “I’m all the way up here in Oregon and that was almost a month ago do I still care?” well tell them you do! But remember when in Rome, always act professionaly! I quoted the CA tenant’s law in my letter to them and I refrained from calling them scum sucking leeches. I think the cockroaches living at Beck Park must be the ones running the place. Which is a scary disgusting thought but remember, they’re afraid of the light!

Shine on good natured people!

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Sept. 4 2012 A Look At Slum Landlord Jona Goldrich





                                    Part Two

Here's an inside "Peek"

of just how  slumish  Jona

Goldrich really is.                         


Check out what his tenants are saying about Beck Apts.  If he did this to them, what do you think the patients inside his "DEATH CAMP", Park Regency Care Center located at  1770 W. La Habra Blvd. La Habra California have had to endure.  The nusing home where my husband Everett Hurst was killed and tortured to death.                             


General Problems & Complaints with Beck Park Apartments:

Beck Park was billed as a quaint, scenic little place in the heart of North Hollywood, complete with several amenities you wouldn’t normally get at similarly priced apartments. The reality is that you get grounds that have been torn up and look like they could have been nice, if they just left the plants and trees alone instead of sawing them all down. You get a pool and hot tub that are said to be warmed year round, but are, in fact, rarely heated and only maintained in the vaguest sense of the word. And worse yet, here’s a few issues we dealt with during our year-and-a-half stay:

■Water shut-off usually at least once per month for about 8 hours, sometimes longer over a couple days. The water heater units are said to be very old, but replacements have been slow. Furthermore, there’s evidence that the maintenance and replacements that have been done have caused mold to go airborne, and also uncovered some asbestos problems that were never brought up to code.
■Gates leading off the grounds were often broken or had their locks jammed so that the doors would remain open for grounds-keeper crews, but allowing anyone onto the property at any time for weeks on end. Multiple complaints about this issue went with answer, and at least once I was directly lied to by management, saying that the doors were repaired when they hadn’t been.
■Toilets in all 120 units upgraded in a single day by a small outsourced work crew; our new toilet was in our bathroom but never installed, so I had to have the maintenance manager do it around 10:30PM (on a weeknight, of course). Next day, at least a half-dozen apartments experienced burst pipes and flooding problems.
These things are simply indicative of the general situation at Beck Park Apartments. There was much more that went wrong, and many poor decisions when it came to outsourcing work in and around the grounds.

Our Specific Problems with Beck Park Apartments:
We stayed at Beck Park Apartments for about a year and a half, mostly due to the hunt for a new place being severely curtailed by time and money. Plain and simple, Los Angeles and Hollywood are not the cheapest places to live. But when you read the following list of specific complaints and issues we faced, you’ll certainly think twice about getting stuck in an apartment lease you don’t want to sign:

■We moved cross country in August 2009, and on the first night found over a dozen cockroaches in the apartment. Luckily, we hadn’t even unpacked our Uhaul, so we promptly got out of there and stayed with family nearby until fumigation began. What we weren’t prepared for was that fumigation treatments would continue for the next 6 months, and dangerous chemicals were given to us for use in-between treatments. We are talking, “chemicals that require a license to handle.” Simply unspeakable. In at least one instance, we were served less than 24 hours notice for pest control treatment (which we denied them entry for).
■At one point, I took a day off of work in order to remove my dog while they did treatment, only to find out that they never showed up for the appointment. A complaint called in to management wasn’t returned for several days.
■Nearly 5 months passed in between maintenance requests to have leaking and molding fixed in our bathroom.
■In one of the most frightening displays of negligence, we discovered that management’s copy of our apartment’s keys were stolen from the office, and it was inferred by management that our key — and several keys for other apartments in the complex — had been stolen. To “reassure” us, the manager told us that, “it’s okay, because we know who it was, so there’s nothing to worry about.” At our request, our locks were promptly changed.
This next one bears it’s own section.
When our lease ran out — which would normally make us month-to-month tenants — we received no notice. Per the terms of our lease agreement, that seemed fine; nothing existed within that lease stating that we would pay any different amount of money for rent until we signed a new agreement. However, approximately 5 months later we discovered that a credit on our account was now gone, and we owed money (tellingly, the letter that made this known to us was stuck in the door of a different apartment, even though it had our apartment’s unit number on it). Not knowing why, we contacted the manager, only to find that we owed backpay on a higher rent price for the past 3 months.

After a series of emails with the manager, we finally received documents that were supposed to have been delivered to us when our lease agreement term ended. Of course, these documents spoke of a higher price. The problem is that there’s only two legal ways for your landlord/management company to serve you documents such as these:

1.Hand delivering them to you in person (i.e., they can’t just be shoved in or under your door; they have to be given directly to you, in person).
2.Certified mail to your apartment’s mailbox, thus proving delivery and receipt.
Most smart landlords/management companies will do both, that way they have 100% proof that the information was legally delivered. After all, it’s very easy to argue having something delivered to you in person. This error in management’s judgment proved beneficial in helping us argue later on, but it wasn’t without a lot of emails and following up on our part to find out when we’d get that credit back.

No Light at the End of This Tunnel – Attempting to Move Out:
We quickly discovered that it wasn’t just our credit that had been eaten up by this (illegal) higher rent, but also many of our neighbors were dealing with the same problem. That was the last straw. We found another place, and gave our notice to move out.

Something to consider: we gave our 30-day notice, the standard amount of notice when you are month-to-month. But we planned on moving into our new place about 10-15 days before the end of that time period, because that would give us just over a week to move, clean the old apartment, and have an inspection done. Giving yourself this leeway time is like providing yourself with a giant safety net, one you can use to maximize the probability of getting your money back.

We scheduled an Initial Inspection Walk Through when we gave our notice. This walk through is not required by law, but if you request it, the apartment’s manager has to comply by law. Also by law, the walk through has to occur at least two weeks BEFORE you move out. The reason is that it gives you that amount of time to make any repairs and get the necessary cleaning done, thus nearly ensuring you’ll get your full Security Deposit back. As an aside, Beck Park’s manager gave us a sheet of paper saying that the Initial Inspection Walk Through should be scheduled within two weeks of the move out date. There’s nothing against the law about them doing that, but it’s obviously a tactic they use to give you that much less time to handle the cleaning and repairs, thus practically ensuring that you won’t be able to do the repairs, and they get to keep a portion (or all) of your security deposit. Brilliant. I just sent an email to the manager saying that it’s our legal right to do it before the 2 week mark, and they immediately complied and scheduled it.

At the end of the initial inspection, you must be provided an itemized receipt of any potential charges against you, thus giving you everything you need to know in order to make the appropriate repairs or cleaning. At the end of our walk through, we were simply given a sheet of paper entitled “Cleaning Guidelines – Move-out,” which lists normal cleaning charge to your security deposit as $90.00 (plus unstated amount for carpet shampoo); and by signing the lease, you are accepting an unstated Flea Fumigation fee (quoted in our Final Account Statement as being $85.00). Those were the only fees we could potentially incur; any other charges beyond that would be illegal (unless we trashed the apartment after the walk through) whether or not we actually followed the cleaning guidelines. If we followed the guidelines, of course, the assumption is that they could only charge us for the flea fumigation, because

9/16/08 AIG

AIG And Jona Goldrich            

If the F B I  will pull the complete file, all the recorded transactions in regards to the DEED OF TRUST from the very beginning to current year they will see AIG listed in there as the libality insurance holder for the nursing home located at 1770 W. La Habra Blvd. La Habra California.  I believe Jona Goldrich may own shares of AIG, have some connection with stocks.  This is my thinking.  Because surely AIG  must have known that Goldrich and Breslow leased out the nursing home (Park Regency Care Center in La Habra) illegally to Intergrated Health Services back in 2001, when my husband was first in this DEATH CAMP.

Latter I H S  would file a fraudent bankruptsy.  There home base is located in Delaware.  My understanding when a Corp. is located in Delaware you can't sue the business here in California. How convienent for Goldrich to hide yet agin under an umbrella with the lessor being a Delaware company.

AIG specifically says in the contrack when Jona Goldrich borrowed several million dollars against the nursing home, that you cannot lease it out and you have to maintain the building and many other requirements .  Well, Jona Goldrich certainly didn't abide by any of these requirments.  Go read the list !!!

                 Jona Goldrich uses the little "FISH BOWL" nursing home to borrow millions against. It's called "strawing" in FBI terms. (because he changes the name of it alot.)

             AIG is in trouble and asking for 85 billion and Jona Goldrich has ties with A I G.   I R S better get in there and do an audit on Intergrated Health Services (aka Park Regency Care Center)  IHS at Park Regency, La Habra Convalesent, Park Regency, just a few names he hide under. Real and correct name is LA HABRA CONVALESENT -1770 w. La Habra Blvd. La Habra California.   There's also another one down the street named excatly the same name, but that isnot owned by Jona Goldrich.  Goldrich uses that one down the street to deter people from finding out who he really is, by changing the name of the nursing home and borrowing millions illegally against it.

Or is Jona Goldrich exempt for a audit investigation, because he is a holocoust survivor?  Goldrich uses the holocoust  monument in L.A. to hide behind, so eyes will be taken off him as a "CROOK" and the focus to be put on him as a "good old boy" instead

write to me -ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com


September 26, 2005 UPDATE

 In  july 2005 Everett's body was illegally moved from the  El Paso Morgue where Dr. Stern was guarding it after the autopsy she performed. She had been protecting the body since April 2004.

Dr. Stern was asked to resign from the county of El Paso medical examiner's office and $79,000.00 was paid to her by the county in which she was told to keep quiet about her departure.

She never called me or wrote to me regarding this event ever.

Everett's body was not signed out of the morgue , but taken illegally without my permission to a funeral home that the funeral home director claims Dr. Stern requested quickly in July, latter he changes his story to say a county employee told him to pick up the body.

It is very doubtful if all of Everett's body is actually in the coffin. I believe that  some of his parts may have been stolen and sold on the black market to a tissue bank somewhere..... They don't won't anyone to look inside the box !!!

Dr. Stern's lawyer will not return any of my phone calls. And she has lied to the press and gave false statements which is very shocking to me.

I am currently trying to find Dr. Stern so a subpeona can be handed to her to force her to testify under oath.

She is making her where abouts unknown.

I have sent faxes to the U S Attorneys office in Washington demanding a Criminal Investigation into the Death and Cover Up of  my husband.
Public Corruption and Civil Rights violations Units.

My husband's body remains on hold in El Paso Texas where Im prepared to battle this out to the end  what ever and how ever long it takes to get Justice.

A lawyer in Texas who wanted my case against the county of El Paso Texas and Dr. Stern had a heart attack  in court and was not able to continue to work.

Many people don't understand why I didn't get my husband out of the nursing home.
I wasnot allowed to move my husband , he was under a illegal guardianship by the county of Orange in Calif. They had all the power and say so, not I the wife of 21 years. They obtained the Guardianship under false pretenses as so the hunderds of thousands  they already have control over.

It is my goal to see that they are brought before  a federal grand jury, and a local grand jury , and prosecuted  for the perjury , conspiracy , cover up and homicide that was done on my husband

Brea Hospital the hospital he died in less then 24 hours, in Brea California closed it doors on April 5 , 2005 the very day my husband died the year before.
They were forced into Chapter 7 bankruptsy and are under criminal investigation for lieing to the Federal Court.

A 11 million dollar civil case was filed pro per by me Everett's widow in Santa Ana court , in Orange County. But the case was quickly sent to L A county due to the fact I named Probate Judge Richard Frazzee as a defendant. The case is currently pending......

July 20 2012 Mr.Zanfinni Former Owner of Brea Hosp

Everyone, For Your Information:

Lets address the Brea Hospital Bankruptsy today. You know it's still going on as of today and it's 2012.  In 2005 Mr. Zanfini filed a chapter 11 bankruptsy on his hospital that Everett died in. This happened immediately after I had him served with a LawSuit, in conjunction with the lawsuit against La Habra Convalescent,aka Park Regecncy Care Center. 1770 W. La Habra Blvd. La Habra California.  He filed this Bankruptsy fraudently, he knew he couldnot do this when a pending Civil Litegation was in effect. Rita Hurst is creditor 599 on the list.

After he was into the chapter 11 , he tried to comit some Fraud. In which it was discovered by the Bankruptsy Court. And , soon it was then converted to Chapter 7.  There Trustee Brea, Richard Diamond , and his attorney Ivan Kallick, lied in the bankruptsy court over and over agin when I fought to secure my postion as creditor 599.  The more I tried to fight them to get Justice, the more these people, the attorney Kallick would file motions to block me, and lie some more. I was in disbelief that Kallick would keep on, and on, lieing.  He played around with me as if I were a jo jo on a string, and would laugh on every opportunity he got to make it clear, that NO, I wasn't going to prevail in collecting anything from Brea. Not a dime he said. Never.

The Bankruptsy is a FRAUD, and the FBI , needs to go investigate it right now. It needs to be haulted in its tracks right now. Stopped immediately. This man Zanfini , cannot file a bankruptsy , and comit fraud, when a huge Civil Wrongful death case has been filed. This was April 2005 I'm speaking about.  I want to be paid my share, and I need to collect what is rightfully mine. And I need the help of the Authorities to  do something about this to day, July 20 , 2012.

The whole bankruptsy is a total Lie, and Zanfini needs to be stopped, Richard Diamond , needs to be investigated, and Ivan Kallick , he 's protecting them all as the attorney.

There are dead people that have been wrongfully killed, and a widow left behind without a pot to piss in because of these Vultures. Will I go to my grave saying this govt. did nothing to stop Zanfini , Brea Hospital, Ivan Kallick, Richard Diamond.

you can write to me at,



Friends Of Everettt and Rita Hurst,

I reported back  in Aug. 12 2010 that a mass had been discovered on my pancreas. It was believed back then that it was just a "Fatty" pancreas and as of this day have not addressed that issue with a pancreatic surgeon yet.

Now , new developments on the lung and neck. Since 2010 a total of 5 tumors or nodules have been recorded by Cat Scan. 3 on Right and 2 on Left. Latest scan being as of March 2012.  A new scan is in process for July 2012. This is of course the Lungs. One is sitting in an area where you would have to take part of my lung to biospy it and that could cause my lung to collaspe. So Im in a pretty dangerous situation right now.

Next, the Neck.  I have a total of 5 nodules in the neck, deep rooted inside in very difficult places.  One is being called a mystery because I had my thyroid out in 99, and radiation to the neck so no tissue is there, but on cat scan there is a growth that is looking like part of the thyroid , but the neck surgeons say , they can't tell what it is until im cut open.  Agin I go for cat scan in July now, 2012 to see if it has grown.  To then see if any can be biospy and sent to pathology.

Next, my Heart, I have developed coronary heart disease, narrowing of the arteries and hardening. Its a pretty scary development too.

My diabeties is in the critical zone, and I have what is called uncontrolled diabeties which has caused my Kidneys to fail, so now I only have 30 percent useage, when it drops to 10 percent I have to go on Dialayis.  The Diabeties is litterally eating me up, and causing organ failure.  Liver is enlarged to 21 cm. and Fatty.

Now , regardless of what may come or go in regards to my condition. I am still very much alive.  And I did VOW to get Justice for Everett before my death. Please know everyone,  that I have never stopped believing that someday I might.  And no matter what happens in the end, I want you all to know , that I will never stop loving him, and that my heart will always be with him, no matter how the road turns , or comes to a fork.

It is my desire to let the world know the Truth, and nothing but the Truth. I am the one person who knows and has the answers as to who said what, when , and where.  I donot know who killed Everett, that is my wish to know who?  And to find out , was it at the Nursing home, or at Brea hospital . He died less then 24 hrs at Brea hospital. Who and where did Everett get hit in the head? We know he had the Fatal Bedsores, wrongful death. But it crossed over to Murder when the head was hit.

Please continue to pray for me , and please never forget my precious husband who was a Saint sent here by God to wake the whole world up, so in the end , some may find Christ in this horrible nightmare that I his widow have been burdened with for several years now. The wicked will be forced to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ  because of Everett's death.

God bless you all,

Rita Hurst

4/5/12 Everett Hurst Death Now Into 8th Year

Everyone Around The World,

Today is the 8th year since my precious husband took his last breathe.  8 years ago the telephone rings  a nurse from Brea hospital tells me to come pick up my husbands body.  Or they will dispose of it themeselfs, as if he were garbage.

What has happened to Brea hospital since that day, that call?  They were put out of business, shut down.  Filed bankruptsy, tails wagging between there legs. CEO's.

Is the nursing home still in operation?  Why of course it is. Why isn't it shut down? Park Regency Care Center La Habra Caliornia.

Can you believe to this day " no govt. official has done anything to put Park Regency out of business "?  There doors arenot padlocked .  Lives , human beings , I 'm being told are still be tortured beyound belief inside this "DEATH CAMP"  and nobody cares !  

The owners are the Jewish Mafia from Beverly Hills with ties to Israel,  nobody 's going to touch Jona Goldrich, Warren Breslow, get real !  Slum Landlords, at that.

I did manage to get John Williams fired from the Public Guardian's office in Santa Ana Caliornia, he's gone. Overhall was supposed to have occured.  Don't believe it folks.....

The sheriff coroner Mike Carona is serving 6 yr prison term, and county council Ben d Mayo was forced to retire, althou the board of supervisors brought him back for a year or two to get the public guardian 's office over hauled.  What a joke!

Many people are gone, from my defendants list. But not all. And that still matters.  As the widow of Everett Hurst I want a clean sweep.  Every single name on that list to be held accountable , for however many years it will take to get it done.

I will grieve Everett's death till the day I die.  Why?  Because I love him just as much today, as yesterday, or the day before.  When you LOVE someone you never forget!

The only hope I can ever reach for this late in the game is, if they can't be brought down , the rest of them that is, by some act of there own, then maybe thru a message so powerful they will be forced to fall to there knees , weep, cry out, surrender, when I  finally pull out the last straw in the hat.  Me singing the Lords Prayer , recording it in special sound effects, performing it in such a matter, that not one dry eye will ever leave it's viewing.  Maybe by the power of the holy spirit, thru Jesus Christ, when I finally release the Lords Prayer on the internet, and on CD, when they get wind of it and listen, and view it, will they then, (the evil ones surrounding Everett's death, the defendants) maybe just then they will be forced to there knees, not by my power, but by the power of Jesus Christ himself, when this song is released and they find out about it.

Maybe then , I'll get justice.  Maybe then, it will be all over, once and for all !!!

I love you Everett Hurst, sleep on my precious darling, I'll see you soon.

Your loving wife,


12-25-11 Merry Christmas Everett
Merry Christmas Everett,
Never will there be a Love as strong as I have for you again.
Only the grave seperates us.
It's 7 years since you've been gone. And it's as if it 
happened yesterday.  My love and loyality is deeper then 
any sea.  Your smile remains in my heart forever. Your 
kindness, humality, and gentleness engulfs the air that I 
breathe.  A man  sent from God himself into my life. 
How blessed could one woman be? Such an honor.  I will 
remember you. We, the world will remember you! Your name
shall live forever. Your widow will never let the flame 
go dim. You were a light unto my feet. God bless you darling.
                             I love you, I always will,
8-26-11 Public Guardin John Williams Fired Calif

Orange County California Public Guardian John Williams was finally fired in May 2011.  Others fled within that office as well.  The monster behind the holding of my beloved husband in that Death Camp in La Habra Calif. Park Regency Care Center has finally recieved God's wrath which I warned would happen.

Sheriff Carona is serving prison time now 5 and half years he was the sheriff coroner that turned a blind eye to my husbands torture.  John Williams big fat pay check is no longer. No more goodies for the theif.

Mark my words people every single one of those names on that defendant's list will find there fate in disaster before it's all over with.  Not one of them will ever live a normal life agin there reputation will be ruined along with what ever else God chooses to do with them........

Touch a hair of Widow woman do harm go ahead play around with evil and see where you end up in the end.......And never never think you'll get away with doing wrong to a Saint  in which my precious Everett was blessed to be.

write to me


Rita Hurst

5-28-11 Headquarters of I R S to be Contacted

People Around the World  

I will be sending an inquiry to headquarters soon in regards as to why a 5 inch thick file was ignored destroyed or hidden.....  The file of evidence was given to 2 very top Special Agents within the   I R S   in L. A. California.  The file contained shocking evidence regards to Jona Goldrich and his partners the owners of the nursing home my husband was killed in and his death covered up in.


I am sending the correspondence all the way to the top and asking for the chief and internal affairs to look into the matter in which obstuction  of justice  of Everett Hurst 's  death in which a  criminal serious I R S matter was covered up  by none other then 2 Special Agents themselfs in L. A.


I intend to get to the bottom of this and will not stop until a full blown investigation  such as that of the recent A I G  scandal that went down is under way.  These agents seem to think they are above the law and why they are doing this is beyound me. I know that Jona Goldrich is a Jewish mongal jewish mafia but this is not going to stop Rita Hurst from taking down his empire as promised.


Please remember my precious husband this memorial weekend and take a moment to pray for Everett , for justice to come, no matter what!!!


peace be with you,

Rita Hurst


4-5-11 Everett's Death Now Into 7 Years

People around the world !

It may be 7 years now that Everett Hurst

is gone. But he certainly isnot forgotten by

his widow Rita Hurst by no means.

What has Everett's death accomplished

this last year?

Well we have the Orange county Public

Guardian John Williams  under

investigation by the county of orange and

is being ousted out of his job. A job that

pays over 100 thousand a year.

A man that is guilty of murder.  A man that

 is one of the defendants in my lawsuit.

Yes he and his co defendants are all guilty

of MURDER.  The murder of Everett Hurst

a man retired by the county of orange

himself. A man that the county of Orange


Is this an atrocity an act of injustice or

what? And to this day the defendants

scatter run hide. But it 's catching up with

them as the years toil on.  People in high

places are kindly and not kindly being

asked to leave by there bosses. Due to

embarassment  and the fact they cost the

county millions of dollars . So the county

wised up. But then we have all the other

defendants that are still around.

I m soon going to be making a list of all

the defendants that have slidden into

darkness into a pit. A hole that they can't

climb out of ....

You know why? Because they harmed the

hair on my precious husband Everett Hurst

 and God's wrath is upon them. I love

it !!!! Yes I do!!

If you are not saved if you donot know

Jesus Christ as your personal savior I ask

you to accept him today. Ask him to come

into your heart and forgive you of your

sins and to clean you with his blood. Be

born agin.  Everett was a  man of God a

Saint.  Look at what they did to Everett . 

Then look at your own life , you don't

know when you will die .

But you need to be ready. I ask you today

to ask for forgiveness of your sins make

right what you did wrong in your life and

start over.  Be a person that will be loved

by everyone you meet. Everybody loved

Everett, they can love you too , if you turn

your life over to Christ right now.

Let's all remember Everett Hurst my

beloved husband on this 7 anniversary of 

his death.

I love you Everett I'll always will

your wife

Rita Hurst


Peace be with you all..........


Dear Everett

It's now 7 years without the warmth of your smile.

7 years without the twinkle from your eyes. 7 years without your embrace. 7 years without the wind beneath my wings. 7 years of devastation still glides on.............

I want you to know first how much I still "love" you!

Time may go by but nothing changes how I feel for you. You remain the "one " person in my life that lives in the very core of my being!!  Your memory how it was what you were a ever unending shinning light into my heart and soul in which God above arranged from the very moment I meant you.  What a honor and blessing that was and still is to this day.

I "love" you Everett I always will !

You know I'm the luckiest person in the world because I was the one who was married to you. You taught me so much about life people and the word of God! You were one of God's angels. A saint walking amonst us.

I promised I 'd never let your name your memory die so as the days the months and years go on I continue to let the people around the world know what happened. I'll be so glad when the day comes when you finally get "JUSTICE". Then we you and I can just sit here at this place this site and remember the good times we had and I won't have to cry any more.

Princess Tear Drop has become my nickname. I drop "tears" whereever I go. Just know for ever tear drop that has fallen I have birth another idea another thought in how I can get "justice" for you. My mind never rest! Because I "love" you so much. You are the only man I will ever "love" in my life time. I'm sending you a thousand kisses today it's valentines day the 14th 2011.  And each one is sealed with warmth "love" smiles  and memorys. Hold on tight honey cause I'm holding on tight on my end. Not even the "grave" can seperate us. That's how deep my "love" is for you. No darkness no light not even a "grave" can keep me from you! That's how much I "love" you Everett. Everyone I meet along the way knows that it is you darling that I really want back in my life.

I am so lonely and so sad Everett because you are not here. And sometimes I feel like I just can't go on another day. The pain in my heart hurts so much.  A pain that is only a memory an ache that has broken pieaces of my heart that can never be mended. A "love" so strong only my "DEATH" can fade the memory the pain of a man that I shall never forget !

I "love" you Everett I always will.


your wife

Rita Hurst

2-9-11 Ben Mayo To Cover Tracks of Williams

Notice to Everyone

Some of the Orange County Board of Supervisors gathered in a hezzy in a panic when Public Guardian Williams was ousted recently. Corruption and fraud in Williams office was discovered so they had to hurry and dump him before the FEDS got there. Meanwhile most not all of the Board of Supervisors voted to bring back C R O O K   COUNTY COUNCIL   Ben d Mayo on the payroll  to clean up Williams "TRACKS "so the FEDS  wouldn't be able to figure out what was what from that office.

Orange County Board of Supervisors are guilty of Conspiracy to obstruct justice in a forth coming federal investigation.

Ben d Mayo was put on the books for a short time and is being given hundreds of thousands of dollars to T I D Y up the mess.  Meanwhile they are miss leading the people into thinking it's about district to district and only "Ben baby"knows it best.

Yes he knows district to district allright.  The man has a nose that grows in every district he enters.  People reading this post. The real reason Ben d Mayo is back is to get the DUCKS IN ORDER from the office of former John Williams the Orange County PUblic Guardian who was Conservator over thousands of Victims in Orange County.  The man that has stolen homes jewlery cars cash  and lives from the helpless he preyed on with the help of his slimy snakes!!

write to me



Rita Hurst

p.s. As soon as I can find a picture of Ben d Mayo it will be up on this site. 


Ben d Mayo former County Council (Orange Co. Calif. attorney)  is O U T  out  !!! Either leave or be fired ! So he left with his tail between his legs just like all the other idots that have been destroyed for playing a part in Everett Hurst's death.

As you all know Ben D Mayo county council was a defendant in my huge law suit in Orange County Calif back in 2005.  The case actually started in 2001 but snaked it's way on till my husband was finally D E A D (murdered).

Ben d Mayo was a Jewish attorney that cost the county of Orange hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees cost and debt.  I m being told the figure is in the millions.  This man was part of the deep rooted C O R R U P T I O N   that Orange County  soaks in.  He laughed whiled he raked in  millions  of dollars  for his own pocket personal use at the expense of others  while hiding behind the Oath of Office he took to be a attorney.  An attorney folks that gave the go ahead to see one slaughter after another, one human being after another being  tortured, killed, maheimed to death.

Why ?  For the good old $$$$$$$$$$ bill.

Why?  For prestige, for glory honor and praise from his fellow partners. Guess that over hundred thousand dollar a year pay check that's G O N E,  must hurt alittle bit huh?

Well thank God Almighty above his time finally came. The pot he stirred and toiled with finally boiled over !  And  he met his maker.  Yes  he is gone. Gone with no character in tact.  Gone never to return. Gone with a cloud over his head. And forever knowing that RITA HURST  will be as "warned,"  a chasing shadow that will forever torment until he is not only G O N E  from the county of Orange but G O N E  from this earth all together. 

Goodbye Ben D Mayo  now go find an iland to live on with all the rest of the defendants  on my List the good old boys,that have been destroyed  from touching that "one hair on my beautiful precious  husband's head" !!! 

See Ya !!!!

p.s.  I 'll be making a list name by name of all the people that were listed on that defendants list that are  now G O N E !  Defendants  that arenot G O N E, such as Desree Davis, and Susette Smith the dirty vile disgusting  deputy's that are still wroking at the Orange County Public Guardian's office. There next. They gotta gooooooooo.

check back  for  updates.....

you can write to me  ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com

12/24/10 John Williams Public Guardian A Crook


John Williams is still the Orange County Public Guardian folks. He is gone from the Orange Co. College Board of Turstee's. But he is still on duty as the guardian.  This is an atrocity.  They have brought back Ben Mayo former county council yes, but to tidy up his office to converse with him etc. Because the board has hired an overseer , a baby sitter over him.

How much sugar coating can this get? It makes me sick. I knew it was to good to be true that John Williams the Crook was gone!

People this is so scarry. The ties he and Tony Rackuckus the     DA have.  Talking about corruption and murder, just say those 2 names. And you'll find a link between them and my husband Everett Hurst.

Who can we call for help? 



Rita Hurst (Everett's widow)

12/24/10 Memory of Everett Hurst

Everett Hurst was one of the greatest human beings ever lived ever graced this earth.  Life has no meaning unless you are with the person you love.  Years have gone by so quickly and nothing has changed about how I feel for this man.  Everett will always be the most important person in my life even from the GRAVE.  Never has one person ever held my heart captive as Everett has. 

Until one has expierenced this Love the bliss this happiness the Joy  the unending warmth in your heart you will never know what I'm talking about. Everett Hurst gave me all of this and more.

6 yrs. have gone by but my unending LOVE will never die will never go away. Not a day goes by that my thoughts are on him what happened and if the day will come I ll finally get JUSTICE.

I love you Everett and I 'll always will......

Your wife


Merry Christmas darling sleep on  for now.


Rita Hurst who asked for Board of Supervisor Todd Spitzer to investigate the Orange County Public Guardian's office back in 2001 to 2007 has been fired by his boss District Attorney Tony Rackcukas. Rita Hurst is demanding a  F B I  investigation into the death of her husband Everett Hurst whom was murdered in 2004 in Orange County Calif. and whose death was covered up by the D A 's office  Tony Rack... and in which the Board of Supervisor Todd Spitzer  in charge of that district never opened an investigation into the matter.  In fact paper work inside the D A's office was actually removed disappeard no record of and Rita Hurst was told the Hurst death was a closed issue nothing was going to be done nothing was going to be looked into.


Since then Todd Spitzer had left the Board of Supervisor's position and became a asst. D A under Tony Rack....  Now he's been fired by his friend and is ousted as the next D A so he won't be running for that office -positon.  Corruption in it s deepest core has stricken  the former State Assembyman himself Todd Spitzer.

I told you folks they are all falling by the wayside. God's wrath is upon each and everyone that covered up hushed up ignored and conspired to conceal the DEATH AND MURDER OF EVERETT HURST  a former Orange County employee himself. The widow Rita Hurst vows to get JUSTICE  this could be the rip time to  just get it.  Everett screams from the GRAVE fight on Rita and I shall do  just that my beloved darling Everett.

you can write to me


9/19/10 When Lord Returns Everett Will Get Justice
Everyone reading this, Will Everett Hurst ever get JUSTICE? No, not for now. But when? It will finally happen, when the Lord Jesus Christ returns in the Rapture, and all of the Christians are caught up in the air to be in heaven. Then , God's wrath will be poured down on each and every one that thought they got away with the murder of Everett, or the torture, and the dirty underhanded dealings, that went down during the conservatorship, and after, those persons, yes, they know who they are. Just read my defendants list. It will name each and every one. Yes, they will be cast into HELL, for eternity. HELL is real, it's hot down there. And this will be the time, the moment I've waited for a very long time. Those liars, those defendants, creatures, vultures, snakes, will split HELL WIDE OPEN. And Everett's widow, will be saying, See Ya !!!!!!!

The Orange Co. Calif. Public Guardian's office is totally corrupt. This office is being illegally protected by D A  Tony Rackauckas who is known to have ties with the Mafia.  Recently he fired Todd Spitzer a former Assemblyman and former County Supervisor. He was with the D A 's office for 18 months recently and was thought to become the next D A in Orange County Calif. but Tony Rackauckas wasn't going to let that happen.


Todd Spitzer was trying to investigate the Public Guardian's office for a lady whose mother was a Target.  Tony Rackauckas shut down Spitzer's investigation.  The county hired a independant attorney Timothy Kay to report back to them in a Confidental Report. 


   You mean it's not open to the public. Why NOt ?  This attorney i s actually hired to protect the county of orange. He's the attorney you get when your in hot water and need to cover you ASS.  People around the world we won't get the truth from any attorney that Orange County hires. Get Real!

What's got to happen as I have said all along is we have got to bring in the  F B I   and the State Attorney General's office to go over go thru each and every FOOT NOTE every pieace of  SCRATCH PAPER  MEMO  from  not only  PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR JOHN WILLIAMS  but the former one as well.   Also the paper work of JOHN MOORLACH'S  office along with County Council BEN D. MAYO.  All of these people are scratching each others back.  Including the D A himself TONY RACKAUCKAS.  This is "scary" because we are dealing with CORRUPTION  here in its deepest level.  It's all about MONEY- POWER - GREED.

Why has it taken 6 years for anybody to investigate the Orange County Public Guardian's office and there dirty rotten deputys that work for them.  The SNAKES  they hired to do the dirty work have now been transfered  or fled the state to avoid indictment.  There Names are  ESMERALDA MARQUEZ   KEN  JOHNS  DESEREY DAVIS CONNIE DREXLER.   The only snake still there is  TIM BEASON and SUSETTE SMITH.  Well they gotta have somebody that knows the inside scoop to cover all the basis for John  Williams and when the F B I  comes knocking.  County Council Ben d MAYO, he has it all planned out he feels secure that everybody is in there place and nobody will find anything. That the office is squeaky clean. 

Further more County Council Ben Mayo believes that the         F B I   or State Attorney General 's Office won't even come looking or knocking folks.  Why?   Because he of course has friends in those places.   Places such as F B I and the state attorney general's office.  All it takes from him is a phone call and any attempt of an investigation is shut down immediately.

Why has Rita Hurst for 6 years been trying to get help from those agencys and no help arrived. Why ?  Well it's because of phone calls behind my back people. That's why.  I would love to see John Williams and the former Public Administrator  Guardian and Ben Mayo and the little worms deputy goafers  go to jail.  It would make my day. And it would finally get JUSTICE for Everett.

I tell you what I'm going to do.  Rita is going to work now behind the scenes and call on Congress to do something and agin somebody some AGENT within the FBI that has any character and guts to do something about this critical situation.

A man is DEAD he's been MURDERED I was in a CIVIL TRIAL for 6 yrs . in which it was railroaded it was a complete JOKE.  I sued Former JUDGE RICHARD FRAZEE  and took him off the Probate Bench in Orange County.  I listed the  board of supervisor in my law suit as a defenant at that time it was Todd Spitzer and now he's fired. Ha Ha. Unbelievable. 

You see people what GOD is doing.  One by one they are falling by the way side.  God is doing this. They think it's all happening because of circumstances.  But GOD is lining it up so it'll be in  Rita's favor once and for all.  What a JUST GOD I serve.

Now getting back to DA TONY RACKAUCKAS for those that don't know.  I had mailed a file over to his office and spoke to this  woman Susan Schroeder back when Everett was killed inside the PARK REGENCY NURSING HOME (goes under several different names that's another story) located at 1770 w. La Habor Blvd. La Habor Calif.  I never heard back by telephone or mail  nothing.  Such as in Todd Spitzer says in his report when he tried to get an investigation into the Public Guardian's office.   I   then called the Homiside Dectective Chief as to why no correspondence from the Chief  D A 's office regarding my husbands death.  As there was a FORCED BLUNT INJURY TO THE FOREHEAD with severe bleeding inside the skull along with a huge fatal bedsore with the bone sticking out of the hole of the area which is elder abuse and neglect the other is homiside I consider it all murder myself.  I was not at the nursing home the last 3 months of Everett's death  I didnot know this had happened and even if I did the Orange County Public Guardian John William knew and they did nothing about it they did not protect my husband. Deserey Davis the little mexican deputy did nothing.She reported that everything is fine.

The homiside chief told me my file was gone , disappeared , no record of it, no record of any phone calls from me to D A Tony Rackauckas 's office.  And after a second call to him, he said my husband Hurst case was a closed issued , no investigation was going to take place, and he was sounding so distant like, he had been gotten to. Ordered not to investigate my husband's murder.

I was not allowed to say a word it was ordered by the Corrupt Judge Richard Frazee that if I uttered one word to any of the Orange County Public Guardian Deputys I would NEVER SEE MY HUSBAND AGIN.  I was TERRIFIED and so afraid and I cried all the time because he was being held hostage against his will and mine. I filed emergency MOTION after MOTION, in Frazee's court and he dismissed all of them.  My Durable Health Power of Attorney had been stripped from me and the Orange County Public Guardian John Williams now held it as the former one I dealt with had retired William Baker, he was the first evil corrupt vulture to do the snatching and hold Everett hostage against his will.  Everett's fate was in there hands.

And so be it he was TORTURED. SUFFERED under the hands of EVIL VILE  CRUEL  and GREEDY VULTURES.  Cries for help were ignored. It was the worse torture ever. Only some of the pictures I have tell the story, living it is unthinkable.

What has to happen is this, the F B I has to investigate not only the Orange County Public Guardian's office but they have to shake down the PROBATE COURT, THE PROBATE JUDGE,  who works for Orange County too.  His secretary ,his COURT REPORTER,   and all the files of Conservetees that fall VICTIM  to the Orange County Public Guardian's office. Lets don't forget the Court Transcriptionist. She's being told to alter some of her transcribing too. Shocking but true..... I have proof.

Yes it's going to be a huge case.  But if they had investigated when I first asked them to back in 2001 not even 2004 when Everett died but 2001 this could have been stopped. I started going to  F B I back when Everett was first Conserved illegally.  And Agent Rose from Orange County said to me Rita don't call this office anymore,  don't come down here anymore ,the HURST MATTER IS A CLOSED ISSUE WE ARENOT GOING TO DISCUSS IT.   Strange that the Homiside dectective ending up saying the same thing for Orange County under D A  Tony Rackauckas.  I told Agent Rose, you will end up being investigated yourself by Washington before this is all over with, I promise. And so that looks like what will soon happen when I get this case rolling agin. I latter learned that Rose was pulled from Orange County location is now relocated to Washington, of all places. How about that one? Is there Justice anywhere in this country?

Is this CORRUPTION and  INJUSTICE  or what?

I  demand as the WIDOW of EVERETT HURST that a panel from F B I  headquarters in WASHINGTON  be brought in to over see this investigation.  To make sure that Agents from California are not scratching the backs of people like county council Ben D Mayo, Tony Rackauckas,  John Moorlach, or any other of the criminals that are now a target of this foregoing investigation.   Agents from State of Calif. called me a few years ago and told me we can't help you Rita it's a  F B I matter.   Why not?  And my question is how many lives how many more people will die will be tortured and be ruined for the rest of there lives, before somebody in the highest agency in this govt. steps in. The  F B I  &  State ATTorney 's office.

Would you want to be in the positon  im in right now. I m Rita Hurst the grieving widow still ,of Everett Hurst who is laying down her life for a cause for justice, that may come only from the grave !!!

you can write to me


I welcome any reporter that would like to see actual evidence that is vital to indict each of the individuals I've spoken about.

You will see a face to the right that is the face of A EVIL LIEING MISLEADING GREEDY THIEF WHO SEEKS NOTHING BUT POWER MONEY AND PRESTIGE. HE'S A FAKE PEOPLE. NOTHING ABOUT THIS MAN IS REAL. IT IS THE FACE OF      JO H N   W I L L I A M S.   the current orange county public administrator guardian.  The former one William Baker was  even worse............. they love stealing people's goodys and killing them off after they have what they want.........

write to me,


8-12-10 Update on Rita's Condition


The pancreas was scoped EUS no biospy  was taken. The Dr. said the areas where the mass are is fat.  He said Scientist don't know why this happens. 

So I assume all is well with the pancreas.

Next the lung will be biospy but not for 3 months. The neck nodules will be addressed as soon as I can  get time to do so.

Right now I want to continue to focus on getting justice for Everett.  And finish the race I began in 2001.

There will be more news latter on regards to Everett 's unending saga.

God Bless You All

Rita Hurst

7/24/10 Rita's Current Health-Mass On Pancreas

To My Friends Around The World

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that a mass has been found on my pancreas in the unicate area and head  area. Also a mass has been found in my left lower lung and several lesions have been found deep inside the neck area.

These findings were discovered recently on M R I Pet Scan and Cat Scan.

A biospy is to be performed in the next few days of the pancreas. The lung and neck will addressed  afterwards.

I want you all to know that I am going to refuse all treatment if the news is grim.

However I am more then determined to finish what I started 9 years ago in my quest to get JUSTICE for Everett my beloved and cherished late husband.

I thank God for substaining my life this far  so that I could expose and let the world know that NO you can't hide you dirty crooks you dirty murderers you scum you high power officials that are all in for the POWER & MONEY.  G R E E D was there legacy.  They will all be remembered for there GREED  the EVIL they did  and they will all burn in HELL.   I  was a good soldier. I never quit. I fought on. And I will fight on until the coffin closes.

Pls. know everyone that I am not afraid of the news I'm about to get. We all have to die . I don't know how long I have left just yet but I will give you all updates as the reports come in.

I will continue to pull out all the stops to expose all of them as I know now there will never be any justice in my life time. F B I and U S Dept . of Justice is planned as last ditch attempt to get justice but  after what I ve seen with the I  R  S   Agents I surely put no faith in any of them even on my death bed.

Pls . know that I will never stop loving Everett Hurst and I will never stop grieving over those left behind in the death camp owned by Jona Goldrich and his camp. Park Regency Care Center 1770 w. La Habra Blvd. La Habra Calif. ( true and correct name is La Habra Convalescent) remember they are hiding under a psedo name to avoid  the I R S . I went to I R S agents and what did they do?  They protected the bunch they were corrupt people. Why ?

Wonder if the truth will ever be told?

God bless you all

Rita Hurst( the widow of Everett Hurst)


7-15-10 The I R S Agent & His Boss are Corrupt

Friends around the world

I am having trouble with the special agent assigned to investigate  Jona Goldrich and his camp.                                                   

His supervisor also is in on the band wagon. The so called chief.

Without saying there names I can tell you that what appears to be happening  I believe is

1. There either actually protecting the man his camp.

2. They have orders to ignore the evidence.

3. They are getting paid kickbacks to stay off of the investigation etc...

4. Or power power from Washington  to slience this case.

Whatever it is  it is pretty shocking .  I R S  Agents that from Los Angeles that  are putting  my life at risk  even further by having to cause exposure to the public to the enemy and up the totem pole to Washington.

They think they are untouchable because Im a Widow trying to take down a  Empire.

I'll die blowing the horn as long as it takes and as far as it takes until somebody in Washington comes forward.

Justice for my husband will be a

quest I will drag on until there names are dirt they are exposed and they no longer have a job.

Mess with a Widow and watch God's wrath  in action.

People please pray that Everett

Hurst  will get Justice and the

corrupt agents  are fired and exposed for there wrongdoing.

Never to work agin as a good old

boy - girl.

They are protecting the Jewish Mafia  people.

We are doomed in this country

we have no rights anymore. The

New World Order is soon to begin!!!

God bless you all for writing in.

Blessings and peace be with you

Rita Hurst (Everett's widow)

2/14/10 Remembering Everett Hurst, With Love
My  Dearest  Darling  Everett,
Time goes on and my "Love" for you remains strong. We are now going into our 6th year since your passing and 4 th year since your burial.  It seems so like yesterday my love.
The other day I was thinking and I spoke to someone about it.  Why did God choose me to be with you?  The only answer I could come up with, was that he knew I would stay by your side and do everything in my power to protect you, and he knew that I would "LOVE YOU "till the day I died.
And when others would have thrown in the white towel I d keep beating the drum. I was the "STRONG" woman you needed in your life.
My precious darling Everett it's valentine's day today and I want to tell you how very much I "LOVE" you still.  You know I often think about all that you taught me when you were here and the tears stream like a river because there was so much I learned from you, but it took death to make me realize the importance of all these things ,these memorys you left with me. And that is what is so sad.........
I remember that cute little song we use to sing on the road when we took a trip. I love you, you, love me, were one happy
f a m i l y. Cause you love me, and I love you, that's all it takes to be a f a m i l y. 
Everett I promised to write you a letter every valentine's day until I come to join you dear. You see my work here on earth isn't finished yet.  It only just begun.
Loving you was the most important and most cherished moments of my life. Time with you was time well spent. And every hour of every day was  always a joy even in our aches and pains. Why? Because I "LOVED" you. You were the "GREATEST" man alive !
Never did I ever care what the outer layer looked like. It was your inner beauty your soul your heart.
People often say send a picture let's see a picture of someone. You didn't have to send a picture of you, see your picture. The beauty and warmth the purity of a saint the compassion and humality you radiated could be felt just by hearing your voice alone. No picture was needed to confirm who you were. It was solid that a great man existed.
My precioud baby, my darling sweet husband.  I "LOVE" you dear. I 'LOVE" you so much still, that I still hurt. I ache for you. I search for you. I desire for you to be here.
My love for you is deep. Deeper then any sea. The concept of this "LOVE" only I can understand. No one has ever "LOVED" the way I "LOVE" you.
People die and people go on.......but not I,
no not I.  I'm only here because God still has work for me to finish. If I had my way
 I' d be with you.  But you must wait on, it's not time yet.
Everett you know  I put a nice wooden bench at your grave site,and when I come to see you I can sit there and remember all our cherished memorys together. I put alittle wind chime too. And when the wind blows it, it will be you speaking to me, your making a fuss.
The dog the horse the piggy there all gone too. But there memorys live on in my heart like yours. Your poems you always recited to me and to those you met along the way. I 'm putting them up in a large beautiful frame, with a little night lite ,to shine on your loving memory, your presence.
Today we are in the year 2010 how time rushes by. It was 1983 when we first met.
I had no idea never would I'd dream that
I 'd meet a man that would leave this kind of inpact on my life forever. Never did I know another human being could steal my heart away like you did. What a blessing from "GOD". Thank you Jesus.
I'm out and about planting little seeds in the garden, just as I am planting seeds in the minds and souls I've encountered along the way ,in this journey this path im trodding.
If you were here everything would be allright. I've been left here all alone. And I'm sad.
You know when I go into church now Everett I don't sit on the back row and sob ,make noise, cry aloud ,and disturb the other folks.  I just sit there like a "Prop" ,numb ,unable to speak dead like. Wonder why? What has happened to me?
Making your name last in the history books is all I really care about these days. Seeing justice bestowed-restored ,and peoples lives changed for the good ,is all I really care about each day. You laid the foundation, and I 'm the one to finish it.
While your asleep just know that I'm loving you. And I 'm waiting to hold your precious hand agin ,and to look into the twinkle of your eyes to tell you how much I "LOVE YOU when you awake in that heavenly garden. Where there are no more "TEARS"
but only the "LOVE " of God, and the "LOVE" of one woman that will live on into enternity.
Remember Everett I "LOVE YOU". I always will !!
your loving wife
1-8-10 Park Regency La Habra Ca. Is A Death Camp

Friends in Calfornia

If your loved one dies in Park Regency Care Center La Habra Calif.  please contact me right away.  If you happen to see this message while surfing the net please write into me and tell me your story.



Let me help you.

God's speed.......go with you.


1/15/10 Stephen Garcia Attorney Is A Liar Beware

Stephen Garcia Elder Abuse Attorney is a Crook and a Liar. If your loved one dies in a nursing home " d o  n o t "  I repeat  "donot"go hire this man.   I  understand he is all over the internet now  puffing up like a Peacock.   But that is because he used my husband's lawsuit that I filed in Pro Per as a tool for him to succeed in filing that Class Action a few years ago. 

People he nevered sued the "True and Correct Name" La Habra Convalescent he sued the fictious names Sun Mar etc. Park Regency.   I bet he and good old boy the owner Jona Goldrich rubbed hands under the table before he collected on the  Class Action not to mention his name or let it be known who the real Death Camp owners really were. 

Stephen Garcia you know what I think of you.  You are a Big Pile of ShIT that stinks all the way to China and back.  You better have your office nice and clean as I know I R S Agents would love to go in there and sniff around you dirty slimy Jack Ass.

People around the country please donot hire this man please shop around for any attorney but this Crook.

If you want to know more please E Mail me for the details.

Thank you

Rita Hurst

P.S.  Folks I'm sorry, I just can't stand this man, look at his face does he look like somebody you can trust?  If Rita says don't hire this man, you can bet that there's a reason  why !!!


12/18/09 There's A Problem With The I R S Agents

Two top agents in  California from I R S did nothing when a thick file of evidence was turned over to them by Rita Hurst the widow of Evertt Hurst in regards to the underground information in which she knew of on Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow.  Two of the main owners of the Death Camp - Nursing Home , located at 1770 W. La Habra Blvd.  in La Habra Caliornia have gotten away with yet another victory with protection from inside the department.

When I contacted the I R S agin in Los Angeles California another agent said , why don't you send the file to me.  Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow will never be touched. There empire isn't going anywhere.  They have paid protection , inside protection -friends, to make sure there name is protected, there cash remains, and there dirty works carrys on.

People of america , we are just like sheep , being led to slaughter, you get no justice with any agency in this country.  Read my story, other people's story.  Isn't that proof enough!!!




In a freezer in a morgue Everett waited for Justice that never came........ see photos on this site !!!

write to ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com  leave a number I'll personally call you back.

8-23-09 Everett

Everett Hurst my precious beloved husband is still screaming fom the grave for "JUSTICE".  He never got it from anyone. None of the agencys that are labeled with high integrity never gave him or his widow any "RESPECT".  It is 2009 now and Everett's widow still wails on.......

Christians around the world please pray for Rita and Everett.



7-21-09 The Crooks Got To The Texas Coroner

Everyone reading this latest report                                             

What went down is this!!!  The Texas Coroner Dr. Corine Stern who did the private autopsy of my husband Everett Hurst in 2004 was called paid off told to tell who ever F B I Media Newspaper TV reporters whoever when called that Everett Hurst died of natural causes. Therefore making the FBI shut down any investigation into the REAL Homiside of my husband Everett Hurst.

Dr. Stern released a report stating my husband died of a Forced Blunt Trauma to the forehead causing severe hemorging inside the skull. And multiple brusies and contusions were over his body. And he died of Stage 4 septic bedsores on his buttocks ( the bone was sticking out of the sore).  She kept his body in her morgue in El Paso Texas where he was flown there from Riverside California for 18 months. My husband was in a freezer for 23 months.

The billionaire Jewish Hollocust Survivor Jona Goldrich who was a defendant in my lawsuit of 11 million dollars along with the other 50 defendants I named got together and put pressure on Dr. Corine Stern to never talk to never tell the truth to the FBI or MEDIA. After all she's a doctor and the FBI has to listen to a doctor and one that is acting as a Coroner.  Keep in mind folks that the former Coroner of Orange county California Sheriff Mike Carona has since been found guilty of corruption and is being sentenced to prison this month. He was the one who was suppose to order my husbands autopsy in Orange County Calif when his deputys refused to do an investigation into my husbands death. He was the acting Coroner back then. An autopsy by no doctor at the Orange County Coroners office never went down regarding the murder of my husband Everett Hurst the cover up death that took place inside Park Regency Care Center in La Habra Calif. located at 1770 La Habra Blvd. La Habra California.

What's got to happen now is the Texas Coroner has got to be hunted down as she was fired from El Paso Texas office and put under a Gag Order regarding the death of my husband she has got to be forced to talk to tell the truth to the FBI and stand by her report that it wasnot Natural Causes that killed Everett Hurst. But that it was MURDER !!!

Michael Jackson's family better heed to what I'm speaking about here because when people in high places are involved anyone at any price can be bought and the truth can be covered up quickly and this doesn't leave out Judges or anyone from Washington anyone can be involved and no one can be trusted.

Jackson's family should doble check everything take no lab report for say make sure that every pieace of tissue and every vial of blood is tranfered under Security watch by an independant top notch guard that you can truly trust that cannot be paid off.

The truth has got to be told and documented at all cost until it takes the rest of your lives and mine. Everett Hurst's death must be made known as to what really happened and Michael Jackson 's death must be known as to what happened not some fake report made up report paid for by the very ones who don't want the public to know.

I release the report to you all tonight in hopes that the Jackson's  follow my advice and to let you all know that Im still working on getting Justice for my beloved husband Everett Hurst.  It still is not over people.

Thank you and God Bless you all

Rita Hurst

ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com  you can write to me, leave a phone number and I'll call you back.

6/27/09 Regarding Michael Jackson's Death

Pls. reference back to the death of Everett Hurst. http://everett-hurst.memory-of.com see Time Line......I am crying and deeply sad that Michael Jackson is gone. I am Rita Hurst, the widow of Everett Hurst. I met the Jacksons in 1970 with a friend at one of there concerts in Richmond Virginia . We were guest . That's all I am saying. 

I can tell you that Michael Jackson doesn't want  Debbie Rowe to have those children under no circumstances. He would turn over in his grave if that happened.  Debbie Rowe , used Michael Jackson for the CASH ONLY.  And she caused him alot of problems that wasn't reported to the media.  Those children must remain within the Jackson compound and be protected from Debbie Rowe, at all cost.  She became an enemy of Michael in the end.

Michael Jackson was not guilty of those charges ever. It was all done to make him look bad, and to ruin his reputation.  It was all blown out of proportion and it was all about getting large sums of money out of him.

Michael Jackson, like myself, was a very private person, only he had the money to stay private, and I didn't.

Michael was a kind and gentle soul, and a geneus. Very smart. He loved those children,  like I loved Everett , my late husband to a degree, that nothing could come between that love. Nothing. Michael Jackson  was in pain  , yes, because what he worked so hard to perfect, was and had been destroyed by EVIL people that stalked and used him for his generosity and his unability to say NO to anyone who needed help or asked.

Michael Jackson will always be remembered by me as one of the nicest , humblest, most kindest, and generous caring human being I ever known.  My  husband Everett Hurst was a Saint as you all know from my writings.

I knew this was going to happen to Michael , the stress of it all took him down to his grave, because of what the Evil Vultures did to him. He desperately wanted to make a come back and regain his status. He never really lost it. He thought he did.

Now in death as is Everett Hurst, they become bigger then Life, and the whole world will never forget !!!!

I wave you on my friend , your journey has ended........

God bless you, and peace go with you,


Rita Hurst ( the grieving widow of Everett Hurst)


Sept. 12, 2012

The Everett Hurst story is ready to be told.  A tell all book as to what really happened, in Orange County California.  The cover up by people in high places who went to all lenghts to make sure his story was never told.  And that  no Judge or Govt. agency would ever acknowledge his death, but would  continue to cover it up, and obstruct justice.

Rita stumbled across various shocking criminal acts while trying to find out who neglected her husband and hit him in the head.  Unbeknowing to her she found out some people not directly involved were doing crimes. People in high places and even a billionaire Jew who owned the nursing home.

There are so many key players in this story, and it must be told.

If you are a Publisher and you are intrested in Everett's story , write to me now. 

contack ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com

4/13/09 The List Refering Everett As Garbage

5 Years into the death of my husband Everett Hurst, I still here the shouts from those who play a part in pretending Everett is nothing more then garbage!

Juge Kuawn Bankruptsy Court Santa Ana ( should be inpeached)

Ivan Kallick  Attorney for Trustee Richard Diamond (liar and a coward)

Richard Diamond  Trustee  for Brea Hospital Bankruptsy ( big time crook)

Larry Pleiss   Attorney for ST. Joesphs Hospital Orange CAlif. (liar and a crook)

Julie Hernandez Risk Manager for St. Joesphs Hospital (liar, perjuryer, coward, and a snake)

Esmeralda Marquez  Little Deputy inside the Public Guardian's Office ( Liar, crook and a thief)

Judge Hickock Norwalk Court Civil CAlif. (will correct spelling of his name latter.  Coward and a Crook, Corrupt, needs to be inpeached)

Jona Goldrich  Owner to Park Regency Care Center ( death camp that Tortured Everett. This billionaire has gotten away far to long with his crimes, and needs to be brougth to Justice , a liar, a fraud, a crook, and a coward)

Howard Serbin, Attorney Santa Ana CAlif. ( hangs around with gays, probally is one,  a liar, a crook.

Judge Richard Frazee  The judge that took my husband in the phony conservatorship.  (the man is a toad folks, a liar, corrupt and disgusting)

Mr. Zanfini  The owner to Brea Hospital whom filed the quickie bankruptsy after I told him I was sueing him. ( another, coward, a crook, and a thief)

Ben Mayo The county council for county of Orange, (a coward, a snake)

Susette Smith, Ken Johns, Connie Draxler, one more , the one who at the end had the power over my husband, will add her name latter.  All little deputys with a few hours training to get a official badge to say they are a deputy, inside the PUblic Guardian's office.  ( Snakes, Liars,Gofers)

You can see the list is quiet long, and this isn't made up , it's real.  These people holding key positions in high places all spitting on a dead man.  A man that was tortured to death, and whose death was covered up and protected by none other then , them alone!!!!

I DARE anyone to try and get JUSTICE from any of these names mentioned above.  Go be a VICTIM  and see if you'll live to see justice or get it. They can say and do what they want and get away with it,  "they think". ( for the time being that is)

Oh  there are alot more names, I 'll include them soon, these were for starters, because I want them exposed to the world, to be know for the EVIL CREATURES they are, and for the positions that they actually hold.

I'm here to tell the world it may be 5 years now into Everett's death, but it's not over.  I'm going after them one by one criminally , when I think the time is just right.

Will see if any dirty F B I agents spring up and out when I come forward to take them down.  Let's see if any IRS Agents are dirty!  Let's see who'll be dirty in Washington!  Let's see if anybody is dirty at the capital, I believe Jerry Brown will help me.  Moles are blocking it so Brown doesn't get communication from Mrs. Hurst, but that communication will come.

JUSTICE, yeah a word these dirty bunch are laughing about. And worse yet,  they are refering to my husband as nothing more then Garbage!!!

Will see if Everett Hurst is nothing more then Garbage when this one widow lady  hands over evidence to the FBI, and IRS Agents, and if that won't be enough, then the U S Attorney , will have to be brought in.  Will see how much more Everett will be refered to as Garbage!

Anyone can write to me, Rita Hurst ,ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com  I bring this matter up tonight as a reminder that it may be 5 years people around the world , it's not over, I haven't dug a hole and crawled under a rock. I'm still very much in the picture, and Everett's death will not be forgotten. Not as long as there is breath in my body.

thank you and God's peace  go with you all........

4/5/09 Five Years Today Everett Was Tortured

Today is 5 years since I recieved that phone call from the Vultures that killed him , your husband is dead, Mrs. Hurst, where do you want to ship his body? If you don't come and get it we will dispose of it ourselfs by allowing the county of orange to do as they wish!


Yes it's been 5 years now. And it still feels like it happened yesterday.  The pain is never going to go away.  His death isnot going to fade away.  All I think about to this day will I ever get Justice for Everett before I die?


There were over 50 defendants in my Civil Lawsuit in which I had to be in Pro Per . Including the Conservatorship, I was actually in court from 2001 untill 2007.  6 long years fighting a bunch of people that were sold out to the devil.  Yes, and they are all Hell Bound forever.....


Esmeralda Martenez,  the girl worker that lied in declarations from the Orange county Calif . public guardian's office is the culprit who started the nightmare into Everett's torture death, along with the first two defendants, Larry Pleiss a california attorney for the ST. Joesph's hospital in Orange Calif. and his assistant, risk manager for St. Joesphs hospital , Julie Hernandez.  These 3  evil  creatures lied , toiled, plotted,  weaved a webb, and caused one of the most historical lawsuits to ever hit Orange County Calif.


It would cost Orange County CAlif. thousands upon thousands of dollars to fight me in court, and also the other defendants  that were served, there were over 50 defendants, not all of them were present for court.


Everett got no Justice.     Everyone was a crook to some degree.  It was shocking and very painful  to witness this first hand.  I learned alot about the Justice System.  You can TRUST no one.  Not a Judge, a lawyer, a clerk, a cop,  nobody.

Judge Richard Frazee, probate judge in this matter in the beginning 2001 , a defendant in my lawsuit, was kicked off the bench in civil court, they moved him there from probate court, after I started sueing. He was forced to retired , leave the bench or be inpeached.  He quickly opened up a private practice down the street from the court.  Still  acting as a CROOK .


Mike Carona the Sheriff for Orange county  a defendant in my Civil lawsuit was arrested for public corruption, and is being sentenced April 27, 2009 for one felony count. There asking for 6 and half years .  The jurors  were gotten to by the Sheriff, so the Sheriff got off with the other felony counts.


Collin Wong , state of california elder abuse special agent and chief, was transfered out of that department to save his neck. He was a defendant in my lawsuit


Mr. Zanfini, the owner to Brea Hospital had to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptsy  and the hospital was closed down.  Put out of business and Jona Goldrich the owner to La Habra Convalesent nursing home, the death camp, that Tortured my husband, his current status is unknown as of today, further updates will be posted on this site of there current situations, and the other defendants  as well.


I want to say, that my Love for Everett has not died fadded away as the years have gone on. I love him more, not less.  I have developed severe diabetes from all of this trauma, and there goal on there side was to wear me down, take me down  in every way possible.      But Im here to tell you all this.    Someday this case, the death of Everett Hurst my husband will be turned into a Criminal matter, and those defendants who thought  I would never pursue Justice , that I would quit, give up,  will be shocked to learn, no I didnot.  And they are going to have to live in my shadow, always wondering , waiting , when the surprise of there next summons, there next day in court with me, only this time it won't be Civil, it will be for conspiracy , to cover up  a homiside, to conceal a homiside, obstruction of justice, and purjury............  the case of Everett Hurst  lives on,  it is historical, it is very big,  alot of corrupt powerful people are still roaming free.

As of this writing I haven't checked to see where the rest of the defendants have fallen.       I can tell you all this, Rita Hurst the widow is bidding her time, waiting for the right moment to bring them all back into court agin. I will never quit.

I believe there is a God, and Jesus Christ  is on the throne, and that Everett's death will not be in vain, and that ,something will come out of this for the good, because I have faith, and I am a child of God !!!

Watch for the news updates  as I gather information................

Godd bless my friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Rita Hurst (the widow)

2-14-09 A Letter To Everett ,My Beloved Husband
Dear Everett,
It's Valentines day 2009.  The day I said goodbye to you 3 years ago.  I finally did say goodbye even thou it had been 2 years before then. As you laid in the morgue for 18 months, I just couldn't let you go.
I finally had too.  I wanted to tell you today how much you meant to me all of the years that I knew you , and was married to you. That was 21 years I'm speaking about. I wanted you to know that I Love you and always will.
My every thought is consumed thinking about you. I day dream about you every day. My heart aches and the pain goes all the way down into my gut. I see you on your bicycle when I go down the roads you use to travel and I become wretched in my grief because you arenot here.
My love for you is strong. It is real and long lasting. The very root of my existence is totally to be focused on you even in your death.  Never have I Loved anything or anyone  as much as I Love you.  You were so kind and humble, quiet and meek, so compassionate , that you left something with me that no man will ever be able to do agin in this life time. You were nice, you never raised your voice, you never cussed and stayed quiet when others made a fool out of themselfs.  I Love you Everett.  I love you so much.  I Love you much more then people already know. It's alot.
You were wind that put sail in my wings. You were the one who put a twinkle in my eyes. You made me smile, but most of all you gave me Love. You gave me so much  more Love when you were here and I will never forget it.  Never have I known or been Loved the way that you truly Loved me.
What an honor , what a fairytale romance this journey was.
I thank God every day for bringing you into my life. I thank God for allowing me to expierence Love and to see it in it's reality for real, no phonyness, no lies, but real Love that was as perfect as a Rose and as much beautiful.
Thank you my dear for all the memorys that color my mind like a fresh crisp spring garden. God brought you specifically into my life, because I needed Love. I was a dove with a broken wing, and you were my Knight in shinning armor that every woman dreams about.
Life has but one gurantee , I will remember you. And the world will remember me for doing so.
I love you my darling , goodbye.
                                              Your wife,
12/15/08 Park Regency Paid 2 Million Hush Money

write to me, ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com, I'll get the messg.

 Good old boy, Jona Goldrich,(Goldrich & Kest Corp) and his pal Irving Bauman of Sun Mar Health care, well , Bauman paid the 2 Million hush money in the Class Action Lawsuit to the Donkeys Ass Attorney Garcia in August 2008.  (Goldrich being the one who actually owns the Park Regency Death Camp, and Bauman being the donkey who covers for him.

Garcia refused to be my attorney when my husband was murdered in Park Regency and at Brea Hospital in 2004. He supposed to help people , victims of nursing home abuse. He actually helps his wallet instead.

Garcia waited till my lawsuit was discharged illegally a few years later as I was in pro per, no attorney had guts to go up against the  Pulps. He  was like a slimy snake under a rock waiting for my lawsuit to be kicked out of civil court when he made his approach.  Filed the class action suit against Park Regency care center located at 1770 w. La Habra Blvd. La Habra Calif. and got  Donkeys Ass Irving Bauman to settle out of court for  the 2 Million.

Meantime not paying Everett's widow a dime. Not one dime did I get from these Vultures. These Evil  creatures that tortured and killed my beloved husband and then covered it up to say he died just with pnemonia, a falsefied death certificate.

Rotted stage 4 bedsores to the bone , bone protruding out, and a forced blunt hit in the head with sepsis infection , gangreen, maggots, sores as big as a lemon. And they all got away with Murder...........Cover Up, Conspiracy.......

Autopsy out of state from Texas revealed the truth, the injurys were evident at the funeral home. It is scary to think that a death that was covered up such as this at all cost from people in high places of Orange county and such, what in the world could happen to somebody else that falls victim to one of these Vipers?  It's scary to know how much corruption is really out there , and who is who, and what they do for a living,  and they have you think they are just good old boys, and girls  !!!!! 

Pls write or call me  for any questions,

Rita Hurst 




9/23/08 Mistake To Give Paulson 700 Billon Check

Here's one of the reasons why !                                           

Jona Golrich  a billionaire of Goldrich and Kest Industries located at 5150 Overland Dr. Culver City Calif.  is a known Slum LandLord of apartment buildings in Los Angeles.

He also owns the Death Camp-nursing home my husband Everett Hurst was murdered in ,Park Regency Care in La Habra Calif.  He borrowed millions of dollars illegally against it in different names, and then funneled the money to his bank in Poland and his private foundation. Goldrich and Breslow are two of the partners of his corp.  Goldrich has shares in this AIG, and I can bet that Jona Goldrich has  talked to this Paulson, and the money that Paulson gives Goldrich, however Goldrich goes to claim it , will end up in his Private Foundation, Jona Goldrich Foundation, and to his out of the country Poland Bank.

We the taxpayers are going to allow Congress to give Paulson a 700 billion dollar check.


If this happens it will be the biggest mistake this country has done yet!!!

If Everett Hurst's  death can be covered up and a 11 million dollar lawsuit be shut down because of Goldrich 's camp, what do you think will happen to us Sheep here in this country if Paulson and Goldrich get there hands on that 700 billion?


You can write to me , ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com leave your number.

thank you,

Rita Hurst













It has come to my attention that staff inside the facility is being extra nice to patients relatives as they visit.  This is all a "front" being put on while your there.  The reason the staff is doing this now , is because, they know the State, and Federal  authorities are watching them closely.  Because there doors could be paddlocked at any given day. They are working on borrowed time only.


When you go to visit your loved one, undress the person and body check there back, buttocks for any redness, or any stage bedsores. There are Stages 1, 2, 3, 4.

Then look for any bruises anywhere, legs , arms , back, front, anywhere.   Then check to see if your Loved One , is mumbling, drewling from the mouth, or sleeping more often.  If so they have DRUGGED YOUR LOVED ONE ILLEGALLY, OFF THE RECORD.

Please, if you have a

Loved one in this death

 camp, get them o u t 

  now.  Transfer them to

another facility ,any

facilty but this one, or

bring that person home.


Also,  Jona Goldrich and his partners , Warren
Breslow, Sal Kest, Bob Hirsch, of G&K
Industries, located at 5150 Overland Dr.
Culver City , Calif. are the owners to this
Death Camp.  Jona Goldrich, this crook has
stock in the recent A I G Corp. and the billions
of dollars that the govt. is trying to give for
the bail out , well guess where alot of it's
going to end up?  It's going to end up in Jona
 Goldrich's  Poland bank accounts.  These
"Vultures "  build the houses , buy
businesses, and then get the govt. to loan
them millions and now billions of dollars, so
they can get a FREE RIDE  FOLKS.

Jona Goldrich, doesn't care if you lost your home, or your loved one in his death camp. Because he can get a nice fat loan from the govt. to pay him, and your problem is your problem for ever being linked to him .  He's a "ROBBER''  in  a legal form.  What , I don't understand is why is he, and the others are getting away continuesly with these crimes of tax evasion, money laundry, etc.? Who is PROCTECTING THESE CRIMINALS? I WANT TO FIND OUT! I ACTUALLY KNOW, BUT IT'S TO DANGEROUS TO REVEAL AT THIS TIME. TO MUCH CORRUPTION, WITH HIGHER UPS OF THE GOVT.

AIG, gets help, part of

that help is then given to

Jona Goldrich ,and those

billions of dollars ,

Goldrich's cut ,is then

placed in Poland bank

accounts and other

countrys for safe

keeping , all while you are

left hanging , suffering  ,

 money wise, physical

wise, and emotional wise.

 He  doesn't care, or

anyone else!!  It's all

Securities Fraud, money

laundry,  and more.....

This has been a W A R N I N G   and a public announcment.


You can wite to me  Rita Hurst at ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com

leave your phone number, i'll call you back.

Anyone with a Loved One in the Park Regency facility in calif. pls. call the above number and speak to me right away.

thank you


9/11/08 The Launching Of Everett's Foundation

Everett Hurst Save The Elderly & Eliminate Conservatorships Foundation

This foundation is in development stages now, it will become one of the most high tech, and classic foundations ever. The works of the foundation will indeed focus on helping, protecting, and rescueing the elderly , the disabled, whereever they may be, via nursing home, hud housing, or elsewhere.

The foundation will target nursing homes that allow bedsores anywhere form stage one to stage 4. We will send our teams in and document the victim, and contack the District Attorney, and State Attorney General for criminal action and high fines. Assiting in Civil Law Suits for Neglect , and Elder Abuse will transpire.

We will stay ontop of these nursing homes like blood hounds with the money that comes into Everett's foundation.

The foundation will also lobby to congress, to the senate to pass a bill , where the patient can stay at home and recieve treatment without being forced to be placed in a nursing home in order to get care. Med I Cal will have to pay, or some sort of govt . fund for the caregiver to be in the home , 24/7. End of story.

We will go after the county agencys that sneak up and slide there way into someone's private affairs, when they file conservatorship papers on them. Will get the court filings, and we will oppose the conservatorships. We will make a lot of noise, will put up adds in the newspapers blasting the county and private conservators that think they can go into court and snatch an individual and put them in a death camp and steal there assects, and worse tear them away from a spouce or loved one. It will be hard for these agencys to act, once we get onboard. The money will be in the foundation to put pressure on the courts to stop them.  We will go to Washington and lobby and get bills passed to eliminate conservatorships all together, if possible. We will lobby far and wide to make this happen.

Our teams will also focus on the Hud housing , where Slum Landlords get away with highway robbery. Will make it so difficult for these landlords that they will be forced to fix, and maintain these buildings or face continued penaltys from the code enforcements. And Civil Suits will transpire as well. Hud victims , the elderly and disabled will have a voice and someone to fight for them.

Next , we will sponsor once a month one person that has a need, wheather it be new false teeth, eye glasses, or a artifical leg. What ever money is in the pot we will see to it that person gets the help. It could be paying the rent, some sort of bill, whatever. One person per month will get the help.

Over the course  of time there will be many new ideas, and I will take this foundation to the limits!!!

So get ready for the birthing of a foundation that doesn't just talk, but ACTS.  Everett my husband is paving the road so others may have a chance to live, and to live right.

From the widow of Everett Hurst,

God Bless You All,

Rita Hurst

You may contact me at ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com leave a phone number , and I'll call you back.





People around the world , don't be fooled by this EVIL man.

I want everyone to know the truth about this unbelievable , make believe, Holocaust Survivor, who is a BLOOD SUCKING LEACH in reality, and not a" HUMANITARIAN " as he would fool you to think.

HUMANE: WHAT DOES THIS WORD MEAN?       It means having feelings  creditable to man. Compassionate, sympathetic, tenderhearted, kind, merciful.

Who are you going to SIDE with? Are you going to side with the Hurst side which is God's side, an advocate of God, or , the Goldrich side which is the advocate side of the DEVIL?

I Rita Hurst the Widow of Everett Hurst, the victim in this case have absolutely nothing to loose here, I 'm just a little widow with a widow's mite.  Jona Goldrich is a billionaire, where he obtained his riches from Evil works, he has alot to loose. You make your decision, broad is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is the path that leads to eternity into the heavens above, the bible says.

God's way, or the Devil's way?

Lets take a brief moment to look at Jona Goldrich and his empire, Goldrich and Kest Industries, located at 5150 Overland Dr. in Culver City California.

Why are we doing this?  Because billionaire Jona Goldrich owns the DEATH CAMP  my husband was murdered in and he doesn't won't anyone to know the truth. He wants to keep playing his image as a good old boy, a HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, he wants the world to feel sorry for him , so he can LAUGH AT YOU, WHILE HE RAKES IN THE $$$$$$$$$$. HE'S PLAYING THE PUBLIC FOR A FOOL. USING HIS HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS AS HIS TOOL , to win the side of the authorities, the bankers, the universities, the public, so he can keep borrowing those millions and stashing it away in his off shore bank accounts, and his private foundations.  " THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH $$$$$$ FOR JONA GOLDRICH. This man is EVIL. He uses the HOLOCAUST , as advertisment everywhere, so he can continue to obtain graces with higher uppers, and of course the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  Using and abusing the Holocaust to win favor is the most vultureous and degrading matter any human being could do. That's pretty LOW.

Take a look at some of the ways he apeals to the public as SHEEP IN WOLFS CLOTHING.....

THE WEINGART CENTER ,                                                   

There MISSION IS, and Goldrich is on the Chairman's Council, as a member ,

Weingart Center Ass. is to deliver high quality human services and provide leadership and innovative solutions to help break the cycle of homelessness and end poverty.

Let's now look at the Colonnade Apts.  Metro Active News Reports,

He's classified as a Slum Landlord by the tenants and all who know him. He borrowed 4.6 million dollars from the govt. to remodel, redevelop the property , but that never happened. The money never went to the Colonnade Apts. Where did it go? It went to offshore bank accounts, that's where I say and know it went. Im not guessing , I believe it the FBI looked at his Foundation and his Poland bank accounts they would find the money.

What the tenants said at Colonnade Apts. They had no hot water for over 12 days and they were paying then, 1400.00 a month to rent, and the govt. was paying Jona Goldrich the extra when he raised the rent, these were HUD GOVT. apts. And he has the nerve to LAUGH  RIGHT IN THE FACE OF THE FEDERAL GOVT . AND HAS THE POWER TO GET AWAY WITH IT, STEALING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS , WHY?  Who does he know inside these offices? And how much do they get in kickbacks to turn a blind eye to all this fraud.

Another look from tenants,

When hot water was finally restored which was weeks later he had the pressure so low the tenants couldn't take a shower.   That's EVIL.  He asks , why are you all complaining, they said.  Next, the ROACHES were a inch and half , they were everywhere, he did nothing. The electrical box was covered with a PLASTIC BAG from the rain. The city gave him many violations for these housing code violations, he ignored the repairs.  That's EVIL, putting the people's lifes in danger.  At Colonnade Apts. the POWER  went out in the building, and the automatic doors wouldn't open trapping many people inside there garages and inside the compound. No response from Goldrich and Kest. Corp. and the tenants had to break the locks to let the cars roll out.

Jona Goldrich is a member of the Moriah Society. He has lunch once a month there, and is considered a featured LEADER. He endorses the American Jewish University and poses with his picture  for everyone to see with students and what a good cause he created in L A , the Holocaust Monument.  Oh what a ACTOR this EVIL and VILE CREATURE IS !!!  Using students to suck in his belief he's a GOOD MAN, A HUMANITARIAN.  It's sad  that someone could be this sick.

Lets look at some of the worth the billionaire owns. Over 151 apt. buildings , 130 are HUD Govt subsidized , low income housing.  He made his money off the poor while advocating he's a good old boy.

He owns Blossom Hill Apts. in San Jose, another Slum kept property as a Slum Landlord. Another the Hollywood Knickerbock, and that one he uses scare tatics on tenants if they blow the whistle to Govt. on his wrongdoings, even sends workers to victims apts. to threathen them and scare them . One victim said they tried to poison her, and got in her apartment illegally. He uses alot of different intimadations if you try and talk they say.

He's even got inside connections with the LA Board of Supervisors. He got his good old pals inside to extend the Marina Del Rey Lease where he hold control over that entire area and managed to get a 450 million dollar govt loan, in which agin, he  plays SLUM LANDLORD TO THOSE TENANTS THERE. HE FOOLS ALOT OF PEOPLE, HAS ALOT OF POWER AS I SAID.

The L A County friends of his inside the Board of Supervisors and council were happy when he got the lease extended it profitted the county 25 million in annual revenues and that was back in 92 , wonder what it is today folks?

For a man who fled a Nazi war camp he says at age 14, being a survivor of a holocaust , doesn't apear to have done much damage to him as he brags  it was so terrible. Because the damage he is inflicting on human beings in this country by defrauding them, and causing there torture deaths, let alone wiping out there bank accouts, leaving them poor, but paying off and blocking investigations to officials and people in high places,  to keep his $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ market in tack, I would say, well this man is a MONSTER. A FOOLSTER.  HE'S GOT EVERYBODY  ENSNARED IN HIS WEB.




You tell me, is Jona Goldrich God's Advocate or is Rita Hurst God's Advocate for Everett Hurst.

Is Jona Goldrich a Devil's Advocate?  I would say if you want to shake hands with the devil , then you go shake Jona Goldrich's hand.

Justice for Everett Hurst, and those left behind in Goldrich's death camps, and slum apts. now.  It's time the F B I,  did what they are suppose to do. Take this man down.  IRS included.  Tax evasion, and criminal crimes, this man needs to go to JAIL now people.

Who are you going to believe, a WIDOW  who has nothing to loose,  or a Billionaire who has everything to loose?


You can write to me at ritafightingforyou@yahoo.com  any questions.   or

31735 Riverside DR. c 281  Lake Elsinore Ca. 92530

I welcome any REPORTERS THAT WOULD LIKE TO GET AHOLD OF ME. I will document anything that was said here.

God bless you all,

Rita Hurst ( the widow of Everett Hurst)

Sept. 4, 2008 A Letter To My Husband Everett Hurst

Dear Everett,

As time goes on, I realize what you mean to me more then ever.  Every moment that passes I feel myself less able to endure the SEPERATION.  People say it'll get better, no it won't. It hasn't !

My heart HURTS and my distress is acute. I think of you often.  The tears in your eyes and waving me goodbye and blowing me a kiss, while lying  captive in the hands of KILLERS , VULTURES.

I resent the ORDERS that tore me away from you , in whom you are my very HEART.   I face an existence that is NO LONGER SWEET and DEER.  Now I only realize that the certainty for JUSTICE , can I know PEACE OF MIND.

Not one day has passed that I have not LOVED YOU. Not one night that I haven't clasped you in my arms my darling Everett.

You possess my mind engross my thoughts and you continue to hold my HEART CAPTIVE.  My SOUL is SADDENED.  Nature created my soul strong and resolute, and I will never stop LOVING YOU.

If you had loved me less or never loved me then I should become indeed an object of PITY.  You are the one THOUGHT of my life. When I am concerned by the pressures of this life, when I am anxious as to the outcome, and when people disgust me, and when I am ready to  curse  life , then I put my hand to my HEART for it beats against your PORTRAIT.

For what magic have you captivated all my faculties, all my conscious  existence. It constitutes a kind of DEATH, my darling. Since there is no survival for me except in you.  To live through EVERETT  that is  the story of my life!

There was a time when I prided myself on my COURAGE and sometimes envisioning the EVIL men might do to me, or the FATE DESTINY might hold in store for me.  I could contemplate the most unheard -of misfortunes without lifting an eyebrow, without so much as a sense of astonishment.

But today the thought that my EVERETT lie in a GRAVE, and above all, the CRUEL, the FATAL thought that he might not get JUSTICE,  blights my soul, congeals my blood, devastates me, strikes me down, deprives me of even the COURAGE of FURY or DESPAIR.  It is as if I were SUFFOCATING!

I bring my letter to a close my darling, my cherished one. My soul is sad. MY body is weary, my mind distraught. Those people that seperated me from you , revolt me. I have reason to detest them.

They seperate me from my heart. And my heart is my LIFELINE,  that will never keep us apart, not even in DEATH.

Sleep on Everett, I'm watching over you darling. I seal this letter with a KISS upon your HEART ....

                                              With all my Love,


Everetts website,


time line-photos (it explains everything)

           Added Poem,

People so seldom say I love you,

and then it's either to late or love goes,

so when I tell you I love you, it doesn't

mean I know you'll never go only that I

wish you didn't have to..............





8/3/08 Special Announcement




I am the Widow of Everett Hurst.

And I have a special request.  It has been 4 years since Everett's death.  Remember Everett spent 23 months in the county morgue in El Paso Texas because I demanded the Truth. I demanded the FBI step in , the dept of Justice to step in, the state attorney general to step in , and put this EVIL to an end.

No one has helped, nor , has anyone cared that my husband laid in a bed being tortured day and night , hour by hour, minute by minute,  in a death camp, owned by crooks , one in which is a hollucust survivor, can you believe that? My husband being forced to lay in feces, urine,  maggots and gangreen, with sores to his buttocks that caused the bone to protude out. That wasn't enough , no not at all, somebody went further and hit my husband in the forehead causing a severe dent in the middle of his head , causing severe hemoraging inside the skull., It is called FORCED BLUNT TRAMUA.  Which is Homiside in  criminal law.  

I was told by Special Agent In Orange County a woman at the FBI that the Hurst matter wasn't going to be discussed. I told her I would file complaints in Washington on her.

I was told by the State Attorney General's Office in CAlif. to go back to the F B I , but in L A, they would have to be involved, I was told this by special agents  that called me representing the sTate Attorney General's office. No body is going to help me , just yet.  I have not sought help from the L A  , FBI ,  because I don't have any faith in them  thus far.

We know everyone is being gotten to, and being tampered with in Everett's case, including the Coroner Dr. Corrinne Stern  that did the Autopsy in El Paso Texas.  Stern is under a GAG ORDER , not to talk, and she was fired from El Paso 's office, asked to leave, but that doesn't give her the right to never speak to "ME" the widow who requested the Autopsy of my husband, and all the paper work that I'm suppose to recieve.  The bottom line is , I 'm never going to get anywhere , where big bucks is floating around  and people in high places are sending memo's to one another , to keep there mouths shut................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what I want to do is this.  I  will have Everett's body "EXZUMED" ,  brought up from the grave, if a Special Forensic Scientist will come forward , and out of good faith, out of "the right thing to do" for somebody that was denied Justice, that was tortured and killed beyound comperhension, in order to get the "TRUTH". There should be one person out there in all of this world  somewhere that would examines Everett s body, do Cat Scans , MRI's, all the special forensic details to find out about this FORCED TRAUMA TO THE FOREHEAD.


                               OR  ANY



It has come to this people around the world , where I am calling out for the help of these two different individuals in order to get answers, justice, the truth. I am a christian , but I am even willing to discuss this with anyone other then a Scientist  in the medical field , that can shed light on this case.

So I will e mail,forensic Scientist, and Psyce Dectective's  and I will hope traffice comes to this writing, and one person out there will come forward and out of a good heart, for Everett's sake, a man that will never rest, nor his widow, until the Evil that was done to him, the person or persons who did it or found and brought to Justice.

Please write to me at


I thank you,  and God's peace be with you all.

Rita Hurst

7/21/08 On July 10 2008 A New Site Was Launched

This new site will be a direct site exposing "ALL" the wicked and evil persons that stood behind Everett's death in some way, by covering it up in the courts, and / or their offices, and obstructing justice.

Either by in the "SHADOWS" or by direct  knowledge/ and /or hands on direct contack.



This shall serve as a WARNING that widows such as I , and those of loved ones whose deaths were unjust, are going to fight back and people that play dirty will be in fact exposed as dirty, and there real and true "EVIL" selfs will forever be known.

Justice for the dead must be honored at all cost...........


sign the widow of Everett Hurst,

Rita Hurst


5-14-08 UPdate: Justice For Everett Still Pending

Hello Everyone,

I'm the Widow of Everett Hurst, and in case you all have been wondering what has been going on lately. Well, all I can say is that it's just a very slow pace to get to the Victory Line.

This is a very complicated case as you all know, and it involves alot of people, so everything has to be just right when one proceeds for Justice. So please bear with me.

For all the defendants  that are , and will always be a part of this criminal , and civil case, well, let's just say, they can sleep easy for now. But, rest assured, it's not over................

I will be posting some intresting data later.

Thank you,

Rita Hurst,











2-19-08 Sheriff Carona Resigns Finally

Sheriff Carona of Orange

County resigned. He's outta

 of there.

New transcripts are out

revealing his role in the deep

rooted corruption. Oh boy,

 this man is going away. I

can hardly wait.

Everett my husband spent 23

 months in a county morgue

in El Paso Texas, because the

Sheriff , Carona , and his

deputys would not do an

investigation into the Murder

 of my husband inside a

nursing home in La Habra


Because of this, I had to fly

Everett to a place where a

Coroner would do an autopsy

 and give me the results. That

 ended up being El Paso


From there , Everett laid in

the morgue for 23 months

before he was burried, and

only this year Feb. 14 had

Everett been in the ground

only 2 years, after being

dead 4 years.

Shocking ! What a disgrace

this Coroner is to Orange

county and to the Victims

that had to endure the pain

and suffering of his crooked


For all of you out there who

read this site, the Book that

I'm writing  is in process,

there are still more and more

 chapters being added as

time goes on.

Cover Up Murder, Conspiracy,

 Obst. of Justice , and

more....... The book tells it



Rita Hurst

2-18-08 Everett's Widow Has A Comment To Make

People around the World,

I want to make it clear right now that I am not a "Jew Hater".  If it has appeared that way then I want to set the record clear now.

Yes a certain culture was involved  with much, and many of the details around my husband's death.

And I was and I am still very "HURT" by this, because I am a Christian and so I am to forgive my enemies the Bible says. But it doesn't mean that I have to let them get away with murder either.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He is a Jew of course. The Bible says, that in the end times the Jewish Culture would have scales over there eyes , and wouldnot acknowledge Jesus as the Mesaiah Christ.

I am a Gentile, I cannot help it , if they donot recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I have enough to worry about just being a Gentile here. I am not of the chosen race, I am not Jewish. I am White with being , Irish, German, and Cherokee Indian.

I don't consider myself supreme  to anyone or anything, and I don't believe anyone else should either.

I am not a Jew Hater. My husband was all about "LOVE". I donot want to tarnish or be remembered as a Jew Hater either. I want to be remembered when I'm dead as a person who gave as much "LOVE" as my husband Everett did. Because he was "LOVE" and nothing but that. Everett loved everyone, and he would be "sad " if people thought of me that way.

So , please as I go on forward with my journey in this life, and I  seek JUSTICE please try and focus on the LOVE I want to offer and give back to the public, not hate.

I appolgize for coming across this way, and I have taken out any words that might have labeled me as such.  Someday, I am going to reign with the Mightyest Jew in the heavens above, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. The Alpha and the OMega, the Beginning and The End. Where the streets are paved in Gold, and the Gates are made of Pearls. And I will be forever with the two people I love with all my heart , my beloved Everettt and the Lord Jesus Christ. The all powerful one , who is , and was, and whom is coming agin.........

God Bless You All,

Rita Hurst


Please Note,
I will begin these Christmas Letters each year for the rest of my life unitll, I am laid to rest beside my beloved Everett.
sign ,
Everett's Widow,
Rita Hurst

Dear Everett,

What makes life the sweetest?

The bestest and completest.

Not a big doll house, or a mickey mouse,

But the right somebody to LOVE.

Ice cream cake and candy,

May be fine and dandy,

But if you ask me, there not one two three,

With the right somebody to LOVE.

One you really care for,

And is yours to have and keep,

One you say your prayers for,

And your now I lay me down to sleep.

Thou your not quite seven,

What is most like heaven?

It's the JOY that's found, when your arms around,

Just the right somebody to LOVE........

Oh yes, Shirley Temple sung it so well, and made it so clear, that it didn't matter what age you were, that even a seven year old child could tell if you were a nice fella .

And so it was with Everett, he was older , no doubt, and the joy I found from that right somebody to love , was excatly that, just like heaven!!!
Ice cream , cake , candy , may be fine for most, but the right somebody to love is the sweetest. And so he made my life complete, I didn't need a big doll house, I had the RIGHT somebody to LOVE. And he was mine for keeps,
or so I thought. Untill, Orange County, stole him from me. Isn't it suppose to end in a fairy tale wonderful ending? In my case, it didnot........

My precious darling Everett, where ever I go, where I am , I sit and think about you. I speak about you all of the time, and I picture you sitting here with me.

They say it only hurts for a little while. That's what people tell me. Not so. My only wish is that you could come back to me.

Alot of people looked down at me because I didn't come from a wealthy family Everett since youve been gone. But I have something that no man can buy. I have LOVE. I LOVE you Everett. I do what I do for you, because I LOVE you. Your the only man that I can't forget. Your part of the best part of me.

Alot of people have walked on and stepped on me since you've been gone. I'm crying and I'm crying harder today then the day I said goodbye to you.
I have no home to hold onto. And the loving arms of Jesus is the only thing holding me together , until I'm strong enough to get back on my feet.

Yea, thou I walk throu the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I walk battered and scared, but I'm singing a melody as sweet as an Angel sings Everett.
The Touch of the Masters Hand, the Worth of a Soul.....................................

I close with one of your poems you said to me alot, and now I know why.

Love is like magic and it always will be,

for Love still remains lifes sweet mystery.

Love works in ways that is wonderous and strange,
and there's nothing in life , that Love cannot change.

Love can transform the most common place,
into beauty and splendor, strength and sweetness and grace.

Love is unselfish, understanding , and kind.
For it sees with it's heart and not with it's mind.
Love is the answer that everyone seeks,
Love is the language that every heart speaks.

Love can't be bought,
It's priceless and free,
For Love like magic is a Sweeeeet Mystery !!!

I Love you Everett, I always will.
Your wife,

p.s. I'll fight on for Justice, until the last breath is taken from me, that I promise you my darling. I Love you.
Nov. 10 2007 With Sheriff Carona Indicted, Justice Could Come Soon For Everett
It's been 3 and half long years since Everett's death. His cover up homicide inside a nursing home in Orange County. He died in Brea Hospital less then 24 hours after being sent there from Park Regency, 1770 w. La Habra Blvd. La Habra Calif.

I never dreamed, never knew my God in heaven would strike at a man this high in office. The Sheriff himself, Carona. A good old boy.

I cried for 3 and half years, and I m still crying for Justice. And as I ve waited I ve seen a Probate Judge that sentenced Everett to death, to the Death Camp, be removed from the Court Bench, forced into retirement as a acting attorney , a big drop in a salary then on the bench.
A dean of university U C I , was removed, or would been fired for his role in lying about having a doctor to treat dying liver patients which he never had on staff. He's now in the research the dept. and isn't get the big fat salary he got as a Dean.
And next we have a Sheriff , who was Sheriff over all of Orange County indicted for Corruption and is going to prison.

Each played a role in some way in my life, or Everett's.

Each, is feeling the Wrath of God, in whom they took for granted.

Each is being exposed for the pain and suffering Everett endured, and I endured thru this nightmare.

Never has there been such a county so Corrupt as the county of orange  in California. 

There are many people left out in this picture. Others should be indicted too. I hope F B I , sweeps all of the depts. County council, Ben Mayo, the entire Orange County Public Guardian's office , those lieing little mexican deputys that Orange county transfers every time we get close to do dipostitons on, they need to be indicted too.

Some of the acting deputy sheriffs inside the CORONERS  office need to be indicted also. Howard Serbin , deputy county council , he's another one. Thomas Gray, an attorney 
appointed for Everett in the Conservatorship . He lied and said Everett was in the wifes home at time of bedsores, when Everett was actually in the nursing home. He really needs to be indicted.

The doctor who signed the death certificate frauduently Nugyen Dang. And the skin heads that worked inside the Death Camp, illegally, the gang bangers who tortured Everett to death. They need to be indicted now. And the oweners to the Nursing home Jona Goldrich, Warren Breslow , the two Crooks, who are paying off everyone to shut down the lawsuit, and whom are in trouble with the IRS
and other enties. F B I, needs to investigate and indict them right now.
Then we have good old Larry Pleiss and Julie Hernandez from St. Joesphs hospital in Orange. There indictment should be at the top of list. He's an attorney who lied under oath, and Julie represents the hospital risk managment to hide , cover up potential lawsuits coming in, such was in Everett's case. They lied and got the illegal Conservatorship started on Everett when he was having his leg cut off in St. Joesphs hospital in Orange California.

Well at least 3 of the defendants are gone, prison, retired, fled the state. I'm not stopping till everyone of the defendants are held accountable for their role in my husband's death.

you can write to me ,


To refresh everyone here,
Back in 2004, when my husband died at Brea Hospital, less then 24 hours after leaving PARK REGENCY NURSING HOME in La Habra Calif. Before Everett was released from the hospital, I called  repeatedly for Corona to step in and demand his deputys in the Coroners office to do an AUTOPSY  on my husband.

I was told by the Sergt. and other deputys that nope they can't call Corona , and neither could I. "That he was GOD", the deputy sheriff told me. I faxed pleas to Corona's office.

For 2 weeks before my husband was flown to El Paso for the Autopsy , as he laid in the Riverside morgue, I tried to get Corona office to intervene  to have an autopsy performed in Orange County by there Coroner, but it never happened, and it was NEVER going  to happen.

This death was to be a COVER UP, AND HE WAS PART OF THE CONSPIRACY TO COVER UP AND HIDE MY HUSBANDS DEATH TOO.  I believe he knew my husband was a retired county employee, and I'm sure county council had told him all about my husband and his situation.

I am so happy that 3 and half years later, that Sheriff Corona is now going to be exposed, and his carear is  going  to be over.

One by one , these dirty Vultures are feeling the WRATH of GOD. I sit here, and watch in disbelief , shock, as GOD punishes them, for there roles in my husband Cover Up Homisde death .

So far , we have a Judge that has been removed from the bench,  a dean that was fired from a university hospital, and now the Sheriff over all of Orange County facing prison time.

This is just the beginning people. 

Woe unto you, who hurts a Widow, thus sayeth the Lord.......

Peace be with you all,
Rita Hurst


Larry Pleiss, the little worm, piss ant, attorney for Hoag Hospital is now going to be on his way fighting me to the U.S.
Supreme Court. I love it. This little bug is having to spend big bucks  from his wallet to make me go away.

People this defendant in my Civil Suit, Hurst vs. La Habra Convalescent ( but somebody renamed, Hurst vs. Frazee et.al)
Frazee being the Judge I got thrown off the bench in Orange County in the Probate Court that sentenced my husband to death in 2001 when it all begun.  This judge signed orders for my husband never to be removed from the Death Camp they
placed him in, in which later he was murdered. And they all got away with it for  the TIME BEING.......

Piss Ant, Worm , Pleiss is a Donkey's Ass folks.

Can you believe this Nut thinks he is going to get away with Conspiracy, Fraud, Cover Up , Perjury,  etc..............etc......

Him and his Donkey's Ass side kick , Julie Hernandez  will learn there fate by next year,  2008 and finally going to be the year this comes to a head. Where STINKY, hits the fan......

County Council, Ben Mayo of Orange County, Former Judge Richard Frazee, Deserea Davis from the Public Guardian Office, Susette Smith, and oh that Donkeys Ass Esmeralda Marquez, and Ken Johns.  A plate full wouldn't you all say?

Anyways, they got everybody paid off in Orange County, they got the Appeal moved out of Orange County over to Riverside, and there good old boys , Judges there, released back in there favor.  So now it goes to Calif.Supreme Ct. and I go on to U.S
Supreme Court. We all knew it would be Corrupted, and the only thing that would get me justice would be the tell all book.

And if one F B I   Agent could be found that was honest , maybe Criminal Charges would be filed some day against the Vultures.

People , that care about what happened here in this case, keep me in your prayers as I now persue a Criminal case in the coming months.  

Pleissey, and the other Asses, think they can sue me when I write the tell all book. 

But Im here to tell you all that it will be avail. on download from the internet, and a Publisher from another country is going to help me.

If anyone would like to get ahold of me, write to me,

Peace be with you,
Rita Hurst

Recently the Dept. of  Justice for the State of California called me, special agent, and his partner.

They  asked me if I were going to the F B I?

I said "YES".

I then asked him, her if they were going to investigate my husbands death as I asked and they said it was a F B I matter.

I said yes it is, but I want the State of California involved too. After all I did fax to Jerry Brown for help and his secretary hand carrried the fax personally to him  confirmed to me she did.

But now Im being told by her a different story, that she gave it to the public inquiry unit.

Well the special agents are saying that it was faxed to them, but not saying by whom.

Don't you all just get so tired of all this STINKY !!!

Here's what's going to happen on my end. When Im all done with all the courts and judges etc. and all the Lieing Vultures , attorneys etc. and everybody involved has played there roles , then my hiney will be in the office of the F B I , expecting for THERE HINEYS to be held accountable for Conspiracy and Cover Up, and Obstruction of Justice.

Im toiling with them, just as they are toiling with me. And when the time is right, folks I will be marching into the F B I's office with all the evidence THEY know I have , which makes them Stutter,
and Sweat for now.

Just you all wait and see and hear what I have for Evidence it is going to Shock the Public and will be quite embarassing for the Vultures that are Exposed.  I can't wait......

The book is taking time to write , because Im sitting the Stage for all the players, and the Chapters to finalize.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and support.

Rita Hurst,
the Widow
Aug 29 2007 The Book and Title Coming Soon...

The book is taking a long time to write because there is so much to say and when I 'm dead I want to make sure this is a tool for anyone to use that might go thru what I did. Hopefully  by then somebody in Washington will have made some changes, but I doubt it as people just don't care!!!

Aug. 16, 2007 About the Title To My Book

About The Title To My Book

Three are several titles coming to mind,

As soon as the last chapter is finished playing out the book will be finished and a publisher sought.  It will probally be one in another country, because I'm sure the Vultures will try and block it.  Make no mistake about it thou.  This book will be in print!!!

It will also be avail to download on the internet.  I myself will make sure that "no one" gets away with blocking it to be purchased. I will take out Bill Board adds, I will hire people to stand in front of book stores, where ever anybody can exercise their "freedom of speech" legally in this country!!!
















E V E R E T T    H U R S T ,  WAS A





CARE CENTER.(goldrich uses this

aka name, but it's really titled

la habra convalescent, not to

be confused with yet another

one named that , just down the

street, there's is owned by 

different people.)

D  E   A   T   H          C A M P S





Park Regency aka Sun Mar at Park

Regency, aka I H S (Intergrated Health

Services) 1770 La Habra Blvd. La Harbra




write to me,


3-28-07 UPDATE: NEW INFORMATION IN..JEW Jona Goldrich Has His Nursing Home Named La Habra Convalescent when One is Already Named La Habra Convales.

Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow are two of the owners of Park Regency Care Center, located at 1770 W. La Habra Blvd. La Habra California. (La Habra Convalescent is the true name). Attorney Garcia filed a class action against the nursing home and didn't use the true and correct name and Goldrich settled for 2 million dollars.  How did Jona Goldrich get away with this?

UPDATE: Regards , The Cover Up Murder Of My Husband

2 - 20 -07

I am very sad to tell the readers that I recieved  a short one word response back from the California Supreme Court.  DENIED......

I believe Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow had connections inside the California Supreme Court. It has been discovered that a Judge in California got $35,000.00 bonus for the case not to go to trial.  I know the Goldrich camp bought Board of Supervisors in Los Angeles regarding the Marina Del Rey project.

When I asked for help from the Governor's office in california
my Fed X's disapeard out of the computer system where mail is logged in.  Showed no record of it. I believe a "mole" was working with in.  Jerry Brown is governor as of this writing. I just wonder if that man ever got a brief on the "Hurst" matter, or if he's in the dark about it? Because somebody intercepted my mail going to him.

Somebody also inside the D A's office in Orange County California made my complaints disapear regarding having a homicde detective investigate the death of my husband. Those log in's are gone along with my paperwork mailed in.


FEB. 1, 2007 JUST IN.......





Orginal proceeding was  titled




Appeal No. 3 is Jona Goldrich and Warren Breslow the owners to Park Regency Care Center(nursing home aka
La Habra Convalescent.) Appeal No. 5 is Dr. Emilo Padre the nursing home doctor. Appeal No.6 is Dr. Nugyen Dang, the emergency room doctor who treated Everett at Brea hospital and who signed the death certificate fraudently.

People should read my Brief at the 4 th District Appealant Division, and my Petition to the San Francisco California Supreme Court.

write to me ,


Jan 29 2007 UPDATE

Appeals 1 and 2  are holding in the California Appeallant Court in Santa Ana .   The Petition for Review on Appeals 3, 4, 5, and 6  are in the California Supreme Court.

There  was  agin  tampering with Appeals , 3 4, 5, and 6 by inside clerk in San Francisco. 
There was also tampering with Appeals 1 and 2  at Superior Court  Santa Ana , Orange County by a Clerk.

I have learned that  a judge  in another case was given &35,000.00 bonus for the Civil case not to go to trial. I believe Judge Philip Hickok was given a bonus.

Judge Chief Sills made a "Monkey" out of my civil case, and made "Monkey" decision over it. I say , Judge Sills, your the "Monkey!
You gotta live with this the rest of your life!


Petition is before the California Supreme Court now.  And I won't get any "justice" for Everett here as well. There's no need to go any further to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Everybody turned a blind eye to this case.  How scary is that?


Everett Sacrificed His Life For Divine Justice Because Of The Barbarity Of Men

A  Statment  From  Everett's  Widow 


(footnote: Remember Christmas 2003 was

the last time I saw him alive)

This great "Torment" that Everett suffered, I

his Widow have endured this "Torment" as if

it were more then a thousand deaths!

It deserves both our "Compassion" and our


If we can make no other return for  so much

 "Love", at least let us give a few moments

this day to consider the greatness of these

sufferings by which I , Everett's Widow have

become "Queen of the Martyrs;" for my

suffering of great "Martyrdom" has exceeded

all of the "Martyrs." Mine being in the first

place, the longest in point of duration and in

 the second place, the greatest in point of

intensity! (Everett laid in the morgue for over

18 months waiting for justice)

My precious husband was a "Giver". And he

always gave with "Love". Everett was "Love."

I had a tremendous delicate "Love" for him

and it never mattered to him what happened

 in the day , he was always ready with a

"Smile" to meet me.

Today people have no "Time". They are so

busy. How will your love for one another

grow if you don't  take the time to "Smile."

Everett lived his life serving filled with a

"Heart" of "Love". He never asked for material

 things for himself but wanted them always

for others.

The act of "Faith" was noticed and it made

many people "Help" him willingly.

Both Everett and I , treated the "humiliation"

 of the "poor" with "Compassion" not "Pity."

Everett wants me to tell you all this. 

I have died a "Martyr" and has offered his

"Life" to God. You would have reason to


me if I died in "Punishment" of a crime; but

since I "DIE" for my religion and those left

behind in the "Death Camps" you should envy

 my "Happiness", for I only "Quit" the earth in

 order to reign eternally in "HEAVEN."

"And I say, Everett, I love you, I always will."


                     your wife,
UPDATE NOV. 15 , 2006


Judge Sills is corrupt. You won't get justice from this man. Anyone who has a problem with him write to me.  Lets get the signatures to impeach him once and for all.  He disregarded the life and safety of Evertt Hurst in a unlawful Conservatorship, and joined in on the band wagon with all the other Corrupt officials running Orange County. Judge Sills , you too, contributed to the death of my husband.  Your no good , Sir !!!

MisConduct,  in regards to the Hurst  vs  La Habra Convalescent
nursing home, in which , is titled in his court , Hurst  vs . Frazee et, all. 

Rita Hurst the widow asked to speak to Judge Sills by phone, in which his Secretary said he wasnot in, and that he was away on Vacation for 3 weeks.  And hung up the phone.  

Rita then called the Recpt. back named Sandra and she said Judge Sills was out to lunch and would be back in an hour to leave my number or call him back.

This clearly is evidence that there is tampering with the files of Hurst, and Federico in the Appeallet Divsion of Orange county calif.

Federico 's case is in the Supreme Court,  and Rita Hurst's Cival Appeal is before this Sills judge. 

My appeal was improperly handled by this chief Judge , 
David Sills of the Appealett Divison 4 th District Santa Anna Calif.

I will  file Judicary papers against this judge



                                                Oct. 22 2006

I  am the widow of Everett Hurst, my name is Rita Hurst. There is another lady in Norwalk court California fighting the same bunch of corrupt elite as I am. My case was moved to Norwalk court because I named Judge Richard Frazee as a defendant in my Civil case.

Michael Kunec was a victim of Orange County Public Guardian's office under a false conservatorship, like my husband Everett.  They held him hostage and killed him too.

They falsely arrested Doris Federico for helping Kunec who invented the heart lung machine.  She tried to save him, he asked her for help.  But they put out a all points bulletin and was arrested.  They took her property from her house and her grandbaby.  After a grand jury ordered it back, she never did get her property back from Orange County. And her grandbaby was held for over a year in there custody, which caused emotional trauma to everyone.

The orange county's public guardians office William Baker then,  had Kunec forceably drugged inside the nursing home where he couldn't speak. No vistors were allowed. And then they killed him 3 months latter.  Judge Richard Frazee probate court got away with it all. He gave them permission.

The  "Orange County deputys from the public guardian's office-some not even listed on any payroll for the county, some of them just newly hired, picked out the nursing home to kill  Kunec in .

Doris was cleared of all false charges from the D A' s  office as time went on.  They stole her property, ruined her name.  She was a supervisor at Bank of America, she couldnot go back there to work after this. They also stole and sold Mr. Kunec's propertys, while Doris was the legal owner of them all.  Three nice houses. Orange County did all of the Fraud. 
Of course Ben Mayo is there County Council attorney, and he is one of the defendants in my own lawsuit regarding the "Torture Death" of my husband , the cover up murder of my husband. He was in charge of everyone in Orange County , he's there attorney. County attorney chief.

In a published article at the Orange County Weekly newspaper, it states that  DA  Tony Rackauckas was a former Homicide prosecutor, and it also refers to different frame up jobs , he sent his hounds out on etc... and the  Connections he is associated with, if you know what I mean? He's still the current D.A.

Well, my husband was murdered , a cover up , a conspiracy went down inside this Goldrich Death Camp located at 1770 w. La Habra Blvd in La Habra Calif.  I  mailed and faxed letters to D A   Tony Rackauckas to open up a homicide case, to have his death investigated. 

But my letters disappeared , so his office says. No record of them. And his homicide investigator , says no one knows about my husband's death , nor wants to talk about it, laughs and tells me to go on to the grand jury what ever I think I want to do, and ignores my repeated request to open an investigation of Murder.  Says Mr. Hurst , my husbands death is a closed issue in Orange County.  D.A.'s  office has no record of anything.  But I do.

You all know why? 

Because all of Orange County is under an umbrella of coated protection, scratch my back , I'll scratch yours in every major  office thru out that entire county. Never have I seen or heard of corruption this bad as it is in Orange County California. There the "real criminals", because they are dirty, and they lie.

Doris and Rita, need to have Justice people!!!

The Grand Jury ordered the Orange County Public Guardian's office to return all of the property taken from Doris, and nothing to this day has been returned.

Rita is fighting the Jewish mafia, and public corruption in Orange County California. And let me tell you, I'm not backing down. I will get my story told on the internet, outside country publisher, whatever it takes. It will be told. They will be exposed.

I  personally ,would have liked to move the Civil case out of California into Federal court where there would have been less tampering , and corruption.

 I have also learned that Orange County purposely put my civil case before a former County Council for Los Angeles who was the judge over my case. Total corruption.

 The judge that is overseeing my civil wrongful death case said to me, Mrs. Hurst , you've grieved long enough. Times up. Why don't you hire one of these lawyers your sueing , they would probally do the case cheaper for you. Can you just hear that Judges voice right now, making a "joke" in front of me.  Laughing about it. Do you all see the injustice here. Do you get a hint of what I went thru in a Kangoroo court room?  That judge will be inpeached, removed before the last breathe is taken from my body before Im dead, I can promise everyone that. Judge Frazee lost his job, the judge I sued in this case. He had to step down, retire or face total embarsement.


OCT. 3 2006

UPDATE:  0CT.  2006

My Civil case is now before the Appeals court in Orange County California.  I'm not going to get any justice for Everet here either.

I told Mr. Tom Dressler in the State Attorney General's office in California about my problem  and nothing was done.  And he didn't tell Mary Jo Graves the criminal chief anything I said either.

Christians please say a prayer for me.


AUGUST 2 2006

                             UPDATE ON THE APPEALS

I'm Rita Hurst the widow of Everett Hurst acting in Pro Per in regards to the Wrongful Death Civil Suit I filed in Norwalk court, Los Angeles California.

Hurst vs. La Habra Convalescent (doing buisness as Park Regency Care Center) Norwalk Court California

Hurst vs. Frazee et; all  filed in the Appeallet division 4th district Santa Ana California.

I did win the second round in the appeals court. 

List of Defendants:

Orange County  County Council                    Ben Mayo
Orange County Public Guardian                   John Williams,

  Deputys working under the Guardian, Esmeralda Marquez, Susette Smith, Deseree Davis, Connie Drexler, Ken Johns.

Next,   Probate Judge Richard Frazee (Lubereoux Court Orange California).  By the way this judge signed Everett's "Death Warrant",  he ordered Everett held hostage inside the Death Camp.

Next,  Larry Pleiss attorney for St.Joesphs and Hoag hospital, and Julie Hernandez St. Joesph's  risk manager. (these two vultures started this whole mess)  Let me tell you all how I feel about these two liars.  I want them  like a Pig wants a Watermellon.  I want their jobs to be taken from them, I want their names destroyed.  I want them to suffer like they made Everett suffer.  I pray a curse on their lives forever....


Jona Goldrich,  Warren Breslow, Sal Kest, Bob Hirsch,  the owners to the Death Camp-nursing home. La Habra Convalescent, aka Park Regency Care Center.  Corp. name is Goldrich & Kest 5150 Overland Dr. Culver City, California. 


Thomas Gray,  the court appointed attorney ordered by Judge Crazie Frazie.  (this attorney is in for a big surprise). I have evidence  that he lied, and I can't wait for the day to come when I can reveal to the world what I have.  Believe you me, it will shock him so bad when he finds out, he won't know which way to turn, when I'm done with him.  The government may not do anything about all of these lies these Vultures have said, but Rita plans to release all of it in a future tell all book, and advertisements at the right time !!!  You'll see.


Gamila Youseff,  the phony social worker inside the Death Camp. She's a wanna be  social worker.


Dr. Emil Padre,  the Death Camp doctor who over seen Everett, you know the one with the license not as a internist, no , nothing like that, but a Doc. who came over here on a Camel and rigged up some kind of a license as a Psycatrist.  Imagne, treating patients in a acute care nursing home with life threathing illnesses, and all the man has is some kind of a phony Psycatrist license, he can't even get a bond of fide license as a real Doc. get real  or he'd have one.  This are the kinda of Vultures lurking behind closed doors taking care of your loved ones in these facilitys.  Because the owners hire them in there, and give them hush money , people!


Dr. Nugyen Dang,  the doctor at Brea hospital, who treated Everett when he came in from Park Regency nursing home, and the Doc. who signed the death certificate fraudently.  This is the Doc. who told the Process Server in front of me, the wife, (I was in a disguise), nope can't take that, I don't know Everett Hurst, never treated him, no record of him and turned and almost ran back into his office.  I took my disguise off and told him , you know who I am  don't you?  Rita Hurst !!!

There was a total of 50 defendants named in this lawsuit. I took them on myself, and I 'm not even a lawyer.   A widow lady who stood up to a bunch of cowards, thieves, vultures, killers, that nobody else would dare touch.   No , I didn't back down.  I am the one person who knows every dirty rotten trick and lie these Vultures are doing not only in my case, but how many other cases they have gotten away with.  Can the Vultures ever be stopped?




UPDATE JAN. 23 2006
As of this writing Jan. 23, 2006 , Everett's body still remains in El Paso Texas.
In a funeral home where it was moved illegally without my permission.

Orange county, county council, Howard Serbin  one of the evil culprits in this case, has resigned from the county of orange as the public guardian's county attorney.

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