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CATHY VALENCIA -COOPER lit a candle on 03/15/2007: "I know someday you will be reunited with your love until that day I know he will be watching over you.Take care"
Lisanell Richey lit a candle on 03/14/2007: "Never fear, Rita, "Every hidden thing will come to light. These people will have to pay for what they did to Everett."
Bonnie Duncan lit a candle on 03/12/2007: "So sorry for your loss, no human should suffer the pain Everett suffered at the hands of others, may he rest in peace"
Bonnie Duncan lit a candle on 03/12/2007: "God Bless you Rita, so sorry about the loss of your husband, he will suffer no more pain"
Luca Bella Bridson lit a candle on 03/10/2007: "Mrs.Hurst, Your husband is watching over you and is proud of all you've done. God Bless You. He will be waiting 4 U"
Sam Reynolds lit a candle on 03/05/2007: "I viewed your site and it has brought tears to my eyes. You must never give up for Everett."
Just Passing By lit a candle on 03/03/2007: "I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you love. Everett smiles at you and want's you to know it's not your fault sweetie."
PD Cooper lit a candle on 02/26/2007: "As I sit here weeping for your loss and for Everett I am asking God to give you strength to never give up your fight."
Bill Edwards lit a candle on 02/14/2007: "Mrs. Hurst me and my family are praying for you. Everett was a good christian man."
Rita Hurst (the Widow) lit a candle on 02/14/2007: "Everett, Im thinking about you today. Im sending all my LOVE. Im reading your Bible. I love you Darling."
Carmen Bell lit a candle on 02/06/2007: "There is a "GOD",there is a "Jesus" and I believe you will win. No matter what happens. God's love be with you."
Betty Wilson lit a candle on 01/29/2007: "Rita why don't you start mass mailings and expose this corruption? God be with you."
Mrs. Dorothy Miller lit a candle on 01/23/2007: "Mrs. Hurst, I wished there was something I could do. I am truly sorry."
Neil Gardner lit a candle on 01/11/2007: "Mrs. Hurst I am a Christian. You and Everett will always be in my prayers. I pray for protection always for you."
Paula Steward lit a candle on 12/28/2006: "Rita I'm thinking about you and Everett, and I pray you get justice."
Mark Brown lit a candle on 12/18/2006: "Has anyone gotten Medicare investigators from Washington DC to close the nursing home down?"
Stella Jacobson lit a candle on 11/27/2006: "Rita I am so sorry. It makes me want to cry everytime I come here."
Patty Brewer lit a candle on 11/17/2006: "How many more Everett's are there dying in that nursing home right now? God's peace go with you."
Alan Pierce lit a candle on 11/15/2006: "Mrs. Hurst, I light this candle in honor of a man that has died a martyr. God bless you."
Someone Who Cares About Your Soul lit a candle on 11/01/2006: "There is One who knows everything-even our thoughts before we think them.You need to remember this."
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