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Rita Hurst (widow) lit a candle on 06/19/2008: "Everett,Your Widow,will make your case criminal, they won't get away with MURDER."
Rita Hurst (widow) lit a candle on 06/08/2008: "Everett, You were my husband,my father,brother,frien--d,everything in one. I honor you today.I love you and always will."
Robert Sean lit a candle on 05/14/2008: "Mrs. Hurst, I do hope your book comes out and I encourage to cont. your quest for justice. Blessings to you."
Sheila Marrs lit a candle on 05/08/2008: "Praying for your protection. God bless you and Everett. Keep going Rita."
Carol Wright lit a candle on 04/28/2008: "Rita I still follow your site, and wish you all the success and god's love go with you."
Passer By lit a candle on 04/10/2008: "Everett your light will always shine on. God bless you and Rita."
Rita Hurst (Widow) lit a candle on 04/06/2008: "Your widow relives your death on it's 4th anniversary. A tell all book soon will shock the country. I love you."
Victims Of Orange County Calif lit a candle on 03/31/2008: "Rita, please don't stop your quest for justice. We are all waiting for your victory to come."
Rita Hurst (Widow) lit a candle on 03/23/2008: "Everett, it's Easter 2008. 4 years since your death. I'm still mourning, still in grief. I love you Everett."
Mary Anne Bowles lit a candle on 03/14/2008: "Mrs. Hurst, sending you my prayers, and I will be buying your book. God bless you."
Drew Drake lit a candle on 02/22/2008: "Rita,if the case goes on 20 yrs. don't stop. Keep up the good work. We love you."
Scot Davis lit a candle on 02/20/2008: "Just watching and waiting Mrs. Hurst. Hope you keep up the fight."
Someone Who Follows This Site. lit a candle on 02/19/2008: "Rita don't stop. Keep going till you get to the finish line. Sending you blessings."
Rita Hurst (the Widow) lit a candle on 02/15/2008: "Everett it's now 2 yrs your in the ground & 4 yrs since your death. I Love you , I always will. Your Wife Rita"
Della Reaves lit a candle on 02/12/2008: "Just visiting your site and letting you know I admire your strength and courage Rita."
Ron Pierce lit a candle on 01/29/2008: "Rita you will never be forgotten. And Everett will forever be legend"
Jackie Jones lit a candle on 01/10/2008: "I am so sorry, Rita. Bless you and your dear sweet Everett. You are a very strong lady."
Debby Bodkin lit a candle on 01/06/2008: "God bless you for fighting for those who cannot do it alone. You and Everett are a gift to the world!"
Rita Hurst (widow) lit a candle on 12/25/2007: "It's 3 years now Everett & I Love You just as much today as I did when we married. I'll always love you."
Carl Jenkins lit a candle on 12/03/2007: "Sending you blessings Rita, don't ever give up. God loves you."
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